Monday, December 2, 2013

A week in Thompson Falls

Well, life is good. I am a little cold right now because I just crawled out from under the heated blanket to write this email! :P Ha ha yep my feet are freezing! Well, I am doing much better. I got a little sinus infection, but now things are back to normal, I kicked that ones butt fast! This week we spent up in Thompson Falls. :) It was really nice to be able to get up there. The members love missionaries and they love seeing them everywhere they are just the cutest! It was a really awesome week.
Tuesday we went to district meeting and then we were driving back and realized something horrible! We ran out of allotted miles on our truck 5 days before the end of the month....we had to get up to Thompson Falls somehow though. So, we called our relief society president and she came and picked us up and drove us up there. We were up there for the entire week without a truck and it was really cold! Sometimes when we were soaked it was miserable, but it always ended up to be for the best. :) We got to have dinner that night with the Dahlkes and she made us heaty rice packs made out of old jeans. She stuffed the pockets of them and made us little pocket warmers to go in our coats, and then she made a big one for our inventions ever!!!!! :) 

Wednesday we had plans to go and to visit a lot of people and have a lot of lessons...but we made the mistake of going over to Al Mcguigans first. He is awesome, but he is kind of paranoid and I don't really know what he is talking about half the time. Every time that we go over there he always feeds us, and he really does love us and our Savior. But, we mentioned him coming to church and he told us that if he had known what he knows now about the church he would have never have been baptized. He thinks that his records have gone public completely and that everyone can see them. He is a veteran of like WWII or something, so he thinks that everyone is after him. After hearing his stories, he must have done some amazing things to protect our country, even putting himself and his family in danger to do it. But, I don't think people are after him now and they aren't going to track him down through the church. :P Well, that's Al and we spent most of the afternoon over there just letting him tell us stories and make us macoroni and cheese. :) Then, we ran home to put all of his left overs he gave us in our fridge. Well, we got a call from Thompson Falls that our car wasn't supposed to be parked on the right side of the street it was supposed to be the left or something like that. So, we had to run our key to a little shop called the mangy moose on the outskirts of town and try to get it to a lady in our branch in Plains who works there. We made it there, but then the sister we were going to have dinner with came and picked us up because we were 3 miles from her house and it was really cold!  We had dinner with her and she is a total sweetheart and I love her. She has gone through a lot of trials, but she is an amazing faithful woman! After dinner with her, we invited her to come with us to go and to teach a lesson to an investigator that we have named Neeka. She came with us, but Neeka told us it wasn't a good time and to come back sometime during the day. So instead, she drove us around and showed us where everyone lived and gave us a lot of really good contacts. :) Then, we went home. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving! :) We were invited over to the Campbells house. Well, they are our branch president and his wife, and we live in their garage, they have a little apartment set up for us in the back. So we were invited into the house to have a thanksgiving lunch and pie with them. but, they made breakfast instead which is totally okay with me! :) We had a nice visit with them, and enjoyed delicious pancakes then we had about 30 minutes before thanksgiving dinner. Well, Thanksgiving isn't the best day for proselyting since people just kind of want to be with their families. But, we were invited over to have dinner with the Vaneks and their family. They are an awesome couple, but all of their kids are less active. So, we got to eat with them, and get to know them. It was a really fun thanksgiving, they are really sweet and funny people. One of them works in the Emergency room in Seattle and so they even sat around and told funny hospital stories like we do when we hang out with dads family! :) It was sweet. Although, it was the first year I haven't had turkey....we had steak which work I guess. I am pretty sure they shot it themselves! Ha ha these funny Montana hunters! 

Friday We went went out and we walked over to a bunch of less actives. They weren't there and we couldn't catch them. We finally tried to go and find a former investigator that sounded like they still had some great potential. But, we couldn't find them, and all of a sudden we ended up at Neekas house. So, we decided to knock on the door. Well, she wasn't there, but her brother Cole and her sister Jeselyn were there and they invited us in. Cole is actually a member of the church and he joined 2 years ago, but has gone less active in the last year. So, we had some great discussions and we were able to teach Jeselyn part of the restoration, and she wanted to learn more! :) So we were able to get a new investigator. We invited her to church, and she said that she would love to come! Yay! Sometimes following the spirit means that you are just looking for anybody it just doesn't matter who. :P Then, we walked over so that I could meet our relief society president, Sister Lay. She is blind, and she has a cane and stuff, but she is awesome! :) They gave us a ride over to the Loucks who we were having dinner with. :) They are super cute too and we got to talk to them and show them where to find Mormon messages and stuff. I love Mormon messages, if you don't watch them, you should start....they are like the spirit packed into a punch to punch you in the face and make you feel better about life! :) Okay, that was a weird description. We were there for a while with them, we helped do a service project and then we went home. :) 

Then, on Saturday, Sister Wallace woke up pretty sick. She has a hard time sleeping sometimes and sometimes it just catches up to her. She was sooo tired I felt bad. I let her sleep for a while, and then she woke up and asked if we could walk to the store so that she could get some soup and medicine. We walked to the store and it was really really cold! So on our way back one of the members pulled over and gave us a ride home. :) They are so nice! So we got back and Sister Wallace was feeling a little bit better. So, we went out and we started visiting with people. We met a non-member that missionaries have been trying to teach for a long time. Her name is Joyce. She is nice, but not interested at all, she likes her church and the congregation, and the people and has no intentions to change any time soon. She is nice, but I don't think she will change this life. :) That's why God gave us the spirit world! After her house we walked over to visit a less active named Alicia Creekmore. She is really sweet, she studies her scriptures faithfully, and does a lot with her family, she just won't come to church. So, we invited her to come. :) Then, we walked arund to try more people, but being out that late in the middle of a town in the mountains...there have been enough bear and wolf attacks that we knew that we needed to go home. So that's what we did, we went home and got warm and ate dinner at about 8:00. 

Then Sunday came. ;) We got up and we went to church, and guess what! Cole and Alicia were there! :) Unfortunately Jeselyn didn't come, but they did. So I know that God is working on them and their change of heart as well. :) It was a really good sacrament meeting and then we had a good Sunday school class on the law of chastity. it just makes so much more sense why we all need to be chaste once you understand the gospel and how special we are. :) Then we had a lesson on the power of Christmas. It kind of made me a little homsick for all of our dorky but awesome traditions that we have. But, I am glad that I am out here for Christmas I realized. I don't have to worry about all of the traditions and stuff I get to focus solely on my Savior and on the meaning of Christmas and that means that this is going to be an awesome Christmas. Also, I get to call my family in like 23 days. Not that I'm counting down or anything like that. :P After church we got a ride home with a Sister in our ward in Thompson Falls. :) We got back, and we had to figure out how to get our truck key back from the member who moved our truck. He told us that he had it in his store, but we couldn't get into his store and he wouldn't answer the phone. In the mean time we walked to the post office to check the mail for the first time in a week & I had a package from Sister Wing. :) She sent me some of the things that I had left there and a letter and guess what! I found out that Alex one of the sweet twins that I taught in Lovell, just got baptized last weekend! I was soo happy and a little sad because I wasn't there. :) But, I am so proud of him. I will forward the picture of him to you! Then she told me that Anthony Nading has been ordained a priest, and that Cheryl now has a primary calling and is coming to church faithfully, and that Michelle is choosing a date to be baptized, and that everyone still loves me. :) Which is good because I still love them, and miss them a lot! Then we came over to Kelli's because we couldn't do much until we knew when we could get the truck key. We then decorated for Christmas! :) We had Motab playing Christmas music in the background and it was soo awesome! We finally got our truck keys back and we went and picked them up. We then were able to drive the 6 miles over to Paradise Montana and have our appointment with Bill Mcfadgen. He is on date to be baptized on December 21st and he is the most golden investigator of my life! I know I have already told you about him and stuff, but seriously he is amazing! We taught the Plan of Salvation and if he doesn't understand he will stop us and ask questions and then relate it to his life so that he understands better. AMAZING! When it came to the atonement, we read it out of Luke 22 which is my favorite thing to do! :) We read it and discussed it and then told personal stories to help him understand it and the spirit was so strong. Then we talked about the spirit world and resurection and we got to share testimony and we cried a little bit, but think about it. We know the truth, like we know that we can be with our families forever and we never have to worry about not being with them. How merciful is that? You know like how much does our Father in Heaven love us to have given us that information, and with that how much does he loves those who don't know it? Like he loves them just as much as us and they deserve to know it too. :) Man I love the Plan of Salvation, and I love teaching it! :) It's awesome! 

Then this morning. We got a call from our Branch president up in Thompson Falls. He had just taken Sister Lay to the hospital because her husband was taken in an ambulance. He had memory loss and couldn't walk and they thought it might have been a stroke. President Campbell couldn't stay because his wife had a doctors appointment in Missoula since she is having knee surgery in a few days. So, we finished studies and went and bought them chocolate milk and donuts since they probably hadn't had anything to eat, and then called some of the brethren from the ward to give him a blessing. We got there and were there for about an hour and they told him that it was just all the medication the doctor had him on. He was hallucinating and still didn't have the best memory. The Brethren came, Brother Thompson, and Brother Wood, and they gave him a blessing. Then he asked them when they were going to give him a blessing. So, they gave him another one just to help him remember. Then they had to leave. Since Sister Lay is blind she had to wait for the Dahlkes to come and pick them up and drive them home, and so we waited in the waiting room with them. Brother Lay thought that there were little mice running all over the room and even reported it to the front was a really interesting morning.They made it home safe, and have an appointment to see his doctor so that they can sort everything out soon. Keep them in your prayers! 

Well, that was my fantastic week! It really has been a great week, and now that I am doing better I can go out and be a part of it again! YAY! :) Yep the work will continue to progress, and I just get to be here for a while! Well, I love you all very much and I hope that you have an amazing week! LOVES! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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