Monday, May 13, 2013

Transfering to Lovell!!!!

So this morning I woke up and we just went about our usual P-day stuff. We made food and we just did laundry and stuff, and we were waiting for transfer calls. Well the Sisters in Lovell called and told us what was happening with them, and then They said "Well, we know what is happening to you, but we can't tell you." We got super mad and called the ZL's and they said "Well that sucks that no one has called you yet, we can't tell you what is happening." So we seriously had no idea what was happening, and we didn't want to email before we knew what was happening. So we waited until we got the transfer calls. The AP's finally called us, and told Sister Wood that she was going to be the new Sister trainer coordinator, and I am headed to.....Lovell. I really didn't think that either of us were going to be doing anything other than just staying here in Burlington for at least a transfer. My situation is super weird, because I am going to Lovell and I am finishing Sister Davis's training, but I am going to be junior comp. Yeah I have never heard of the trainer not being senior comp either, but I guess what ever works! So yeah I will send you my address in Lovell as soon as I get it. :) Don't send the Spanish stuff to the address you have now, wait until I am in Lovell to send it ha ha. :) I will let you know! Love you all!!!!! LOVES!

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