Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missionaries DON'T make good popsicles!!!!!

Alright, let's start at the beginning of the week...Monday. I don't remember Monday.

Tuesday, We had a meeting in Missoula. We woke up at 5:00 and had to drive down to a little town called Elmo where we were picked up by a transfer van and taken to Missoula. We went down there and had a really awesome meeting. We talked about purposeful prayer and how much of a blessing it is. I got to see loads of people from Wyoming that I love, so that was awesome! :) 

Wednesday, Oh Wednesday! :) We had district meeting in Polson on Wednesday so we drove over there. We had a long district meeting, and then ate lunch as a district. We came back from district meeting and had a few appointments with some of the Sisters in our outlying area. We came back and we grabbed a sister named Sister Mc Christian who was going to come out with us. Well, she talked to us the whole way there about the most random things. She told us a story about rainbows and it made no sense...then there just so happened to be a rainbow in the sky and she was so happy she started to cry a little bit. We went and visited the first Sister and she showed us her poetry...it was so interesting. Then she randomely asked "Sister Erbe are you Samoan?" As I sat next to my Samoan companion....I told her no and then she asked what nationality I am. I told her that I am German mostly and that I have some Welsh and native american in me. She got so excited and started telling me all about my native american ancestors.....I guess. The next Sister that we went to was someone that She had visit taught a while ago and so they were already friends. They started talking about this 'sacred land to the indians'. Sister Mc Christian said "Oh, Sister Erbe you might want to listen to this, this involves your family as well." Well, they talked about this big white wolf that lives on their friends land. She lives on the land that is sacred to the Indians. Sister Mc Christian said "Well, I just know that this wolf is a spirit of the indians to protect this land, and if she ever does anything bad to that land...it will destroy everything!" Then she continued seriously without breathing, and said "Once, these 3 men came up to her in her apple orchard. They were dressed in traditional clothing, and they were very short. They came up to her and asked if they could have some of her apples. She said 'yeah sure take as many as you want' so, they did, and then they started to walk away. But as they did, they turned around and said 'this land is sacred to us and these apples are magical healing apples given to us from the land. You need to protect it' Then, they walked away, and as they did, they got really tall and just disappeared...and you know, I just know that those men were the three nephites!" um...because they don't have the priesthood they need magical healing apples! :P Then she started talking about how when the day passes away where does it go? She told the Sister that there are different dimensions and that there is a heaven and hell for days just like there is for people...it was weird! Definitely an interesting day! 

Thursday. We got to go out and do service for this super sweet lady named Carol. She is a methodist, and she really needed her leaves raked so....da da da! Here come the LDS missionaries! :) We raked her leaves and we ate lunch with her and invited her to take the lessons. She said no for now, but then she said we can come back and talk about Christ if we want to. She is seriously awesome! We got to go over to a Sisters house named Pat England and make cookies for her and her mom. :) It was loads of fun, and it shows that they trust us a lot to tell us where everything and give us free reign of the kitchen. Then, we headed out to Thompson Falls. We drove all the way out there, and moved into our house for the next few days. We live in the garage they have a room built into the back and a bathroom addition, so it's all good. :) Then, we went out and we met a cute little old man who is less active named Al. :) He loves the missionaries, but not the Elders he thinks that they are rude and he won't tolerate them. But, he loves the Sisters and wants to help them and feed them and make sure we're taken care of. He is like 80+ years old and soo adorable. He made us eggs, bacon, and toast just because he wanted to make sure that we were fed.

Friday. We went out to another little town 30 miles away from Thompson Falls called Trout Creek to see if we could find some of the less actives out there, and visit with a referral/potential investigator. Well, our gps led us down this scary little road. It was really sketchy and there were loads of trees everywhere. It also had been raining and we were on this muddy little road, we had to put it in 4 wheel drive in order to make it. It was like living the Indiana Jones ride!!!!! We almost hit a tree, but we didn't and we survived so that's good. We ended up just going home after that. 

Saturday. Sister Wallace got really really sick and she started throwing up. We had to stay inside most of the day and we slept, and studied, and watched the Joseph Smith movie. But that night Al called us again and told us he was making dinner for us, and that he wanted us to come over and have dinner with him. By that evening Sister Wallace was feeling better, and we decided to go and have dinner with him. He made soo much food. I think he thinks that there were actually going to be like 8 people for dinner instead of just the 2 of us. We ended up taking home so much food that we couldn't carry it all and he had to find a tub and carry it that way. :) Sister Wallace got sick again that night and started throwing up again...so it was a rough night. 

Sunday. It was the first time that I got to go to the Thompson Falls Branch and see the members there. They are seriously soo cute. Our ward mission leader told us that he couldn't give us a hug, but here was one anyway. He gave us these little hersheys hugs things and it was so cute. All the lessons were about missionary work and doing good to other people and helping them. We came back after church, and had to start laundry because we weren't going to have any time on Monday. 

Monday. We went to Glacier national park! :) It was seriously the most beautiful place. As we were walking through it, it made me wonder how on earth can people see things like this and still not believe that there was a God who loves us enough to give us things that are beautiful like that. We got to go on a trail and walk to a waterfall. I was so gorgeous, and we took lots of pictures. We hiked up a little further and we got to see the lake and all the mountains. I loved it! After we were there for a couple of hours we got really cold and the hike back was not as much fun as we had on the way back. We all came back to the Shaws and just like died. We were so tired, that we grabbed blankets, and we just curled up and started a fire and we all just laid wherever we could find room in their living room. It was really nice. We hung out and had a family home evening and then we came back. It was an awesome day...until we got home. The heat in our trailer was out and we had no where to go. We froze all night long and it was not very fun! We made phone calls and tried to fix things, but we are so exhausted from everything it's been a rough day. 

In conclusion...missionaries don't make good popsicles. I am telling you that right now so you never have to try it out for yourself. I hope that we can get things fixed soon and not have to worry about anything any more and just be able to focus on the work because it's been pretty rough lately. 

Well, I love you all very much, and I hope that you have a great week. Know that I think about you often! Loves! :) 

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