Monday, November 11, 2013

Halfway......What?????? Plains, Montana

So God decided to celebrate my 9 month mark with me just to see how patient I really have become on my mission...It's been a crazy week. :P
So, I have been sick as you all already know. So I finally got permission to go to the doctor. We went and he told me that I have really bad bronchitis and that I needed to take these pills and an inhaler to help me get over it. I went and I got them and the pills make me so drowsy I can't even stay awake. We were also told to stay inside until I was finished with the pills. I can't drive on them so we had to get permission from our car guy for Sister Wallace to drive. We couldn't get a hold of him, and we had to drive to we figured let Sister Wallace drive and ask forgiveness later. (We have permission now so don't worry.) We then ran out of gas. Our gas card got shut off because a receipt was missing from our monthly report and so it's fixed now, but we didn't have gas for like 3 days. Then, the heat went out in our trailer and we had to move in with a member. The members who own the trailer we live in were really upset and offended that we moved. Then lots of rumors started and lots of people were mad them and at us and we had to fix things. Then Kelli, the member that we are living with, her heater shut down and had to be condemned for safety reasons. So, we are living with space heaters and blankets. It's okay, it's definitely sufficiently warm in here. :) 

We learned about a lot of the work that we have to do, and there a lot of internal struggles in this branch. We decided that the best way to get things rolling was to work on the branch from the inside out. The plan for now is to make 20 appointments with less actives and investigators a week and then to make 20 appointments with the members. Thus we will be fulfilling all of the things that we need to with working with the members, and the other people that we need to at once. ;) I am so excited to be able to get out and execute this plan, but for now we are having to stay inside. We are going to go and start working for a few hours every night, but hopefully nothing to make my cough worse or to make me feel worse. Anything is better than nothing! 

I hit my 9 month mark on Wednesday. I didn't really do much to celebrate or anything I just kind of tried to pretend that it wasn't happening. Today right now I am closer to the end of my mission than I am to the beginning and that makes my brain hurt. How on earth did I sneeze and 9 months go by? I love being a missionary, I am not ready for it to be over any time soon!!!!! It's okay I have 9 months.

Well, that was my update for the week, not much of an update, but I didn't do much this week to report on. I still love it, and I am just getting antsy to get out and work!  Thanks for all of the love and support and prayers of each of you, I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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