Monday, November 25, 2013

Good News - "Little does he know that he will read the Book of Mormon and then get baptized!!!!!! :) Plains, Montana

I am finally feeling better! After a really long time of being sick, all I have now to deal with is a stupid cough. But, I am doing loads better! Also, we got an infrared heater that blows hot air in our trailer and we have been able to stay there since it is warm now. :) It was definitely a better week. However it was a week of many meetings.
On Wednesday we found out that we had a surprise meeting with President Mecham in Polson that we had to drive to. We drove all the way there then found out that he was going to be about an hour late or so. So, an hour and a half later we were able to have an interview. I just got to talk to him about how I was feeling about everything and he counseled me to read D&C 121 because I felt like I was in my own personal carthage jail. So I spent some time studying that this week. After I talked to him and just got his wisdom I just felt like a load was off my chest. I am so thankful for him and that he is able to counsel us and direct us to what we need to do. I honestly can't remember what happened after our interview...we drove home and then I am sure that we did something, but I can't remember...
Thursday we went out and we helped Pat England and her mom get ready for their Bazarre that they are doing. Pat is less active and she is awesome! She is such a sweet heart. She gave me a fish is literally a fish. :P We helped them for most of the morning and they fed us potatoe soup with is like the most amazing soup ever! And then we headed out. We went to dinner with a sister and she gave us more soup. I never knew I loved soup so much. It was an awesome day full of soup!

Friday we had zone training. we left at 6 and met the Elders in Elmo and then they drove up to Kalispell. We were there until 5:30! It was crazy! It was a good meeting and it ended at 2 but then one of the Elders we were riding with got their i-pad and they had to set it up and it was just such a long process....Sister Christensen came with us to go on exchanges so she was working with us for a couple of days. We squished in the car like little tiny sardines and it was really funny! :) We got back and drove as fast as we could up to our branch president house because he had his counselors and they had a really fancy dinner taste testing the casserole for the Christmas dinner. It was a good casserole and we were able to talk about people in our ward that we were working with and those that they would like us to work with. On our way out President Egbert asked us if we had been given our 'earnings'. What he really meant was 'urnings' and since he owns a funeral home he gave each of us an urn......never been given something that weird on my mission. Ha ha I will send you a picture.
Saturday we went out and worked most of the day. We went to super saturday and made picture blocks with images of the savior on them. Then we ate pizza with all of the sisters there. :) They are such awesome people I just love them. Then we thought that Pats bazarre was across the street at the alliance church...well it wasn't and the alliance church is the one that is most anti-mormon in the whole town. We didn't know that til later luckily! ;) We went over there totally oblivious and we just walked around and talked to all of them and invited them to the Christmas party. Ha ha it was good! Then we found out that her bazarre that she was at was actually over at the fairgrounds so we drove over there and we met with her and then we walked around and just talked to so many people. People are so creative up here they just know how to work with their hands and make beautiful things. I wish that you could see it all. :) That night we went to the Shears, a less active family that we visit sometimes. We went over to their house and we talked to them. They invited us over to dinner so we went and ate with them and it was awesome food. They are such good people I love them. :)

Sunday we went to church and guess what...there were 2 new potential investigators there!!!!!! :) After church we went home and had lunch and then we got to go and teach one of them. He is like the most golden investigator of my life. I have never taught someone who is so riveted to what you have to say that they won't break eye contact. Also he accepted a baptism date and has already started to read the Book of Mormon....:) Yeah GOLDEN! After that we walked next door to visit one of our investigators and his dog. His name is Shorty and he is like 80 years old and he is going blind and he is rather deaf. We have to talk really loud and his dog is like his child. It was the funniest dog ever! He climbed up on all of our laps and just laid there then decided he wanted the couch and crawled behind us and kicked us off! :P It was soo funny. Then we taught Shorty the message of the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date as well. Then we were able to go to a sister in our ward who has a boyfriend who was the other investigator at church. his name is John Savage and he is a practicing catholic and totally awesome. He made us dinner and it was the bomb! Then we found out he is a professional chef and it made loads more sense...We got to teach him a little bit and he invited us back just to learn what we believe...little does he know that he will read the Book of Mormon and then get baptized!!!!!! :) Yep that was my whole week! It was an awesome one.

Well I love you all, thank you for your prayers! I am finally feeling better...YAY!! :) I hope htat you have an awesome week and that you can look for missionary opportunities as well! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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