Monday, November 4, 2013

First week in Plains, Montana

Okay, well this week has not been the best. I have definitely had some struggles. I am now in Plains and I haven't even gone up to Thompson Falls yet. We live in a camping trailor. We have 5 minutes of hot water total per day, and so we have become masters at 2 minute showers. I also have been really sick and not able to do much. I came out here, and have been really sick for about 3 weeks now. My person who tells me if I can go to the doctor or not told me that I would be fine. When I got up here to Plains I had a member ask if he could listen to my lungs since he was a doctor. My bronchitus has started to develop into pneumonia and so he put me on some medicine and I have been inside for like 4 days. It is hard not to do anything as a missionary. Also, the last sets of missionary have been horrible. There are no records and no addresses. There are no less actives anyone is working with, and no investigators. We are building from the ground up. There are a lot of excuses as to why the work in this area has been horrible for the last 7 1/2 months, but I guess we will just have to start where we are at.
On top on all of that my heart aches for the people that I left. I have gotten so many facebook messages, and I miss them a lot. I know I will see them soon, but it is still hard to not be able to be with them. I love them soo much! I think once I get out and working I will be able to feel better about things hopefully. I also hated saying goodbye to everyone, that was miserable. 

Alright, I guess a quick lo down of my week sorry for all the complaining I just had to get it out to someone since I can't really say anything to anyone here. Alright Monday. Monday was Elder White's 21st birthday. All he wanted to do for his birthday was tour the sugar beet factory with all of us. So, we decided to go. We had to wear street clothes because we would smell horrible afterwards, and we had to wear hair nets and hard hats that were bright red. They also gave us all ear plugs ha ha. We went through the whole factory and he let us eat all this random stuff and showed us how to make sugar out of beets. :P We were getting towards the end, and it was really really loud, so they piled all of us into this one little room that could probably fit 3 people in it comfortably. It was soo squishy when they shoved 15 of us in there...never been that close to the Elders in my life! Soo awkward, and then it was just hilarious! :) Then, they showed us these big huge spinny things that dry the sugar and then it spins really fast and washes left over stuff down the drain. Well, a bunch of us were looking and it squirted all of us with nasty water, it was actually super funny! :) That night I went and said goodbye to the Savages, and to the Mickelsons. We got a ride out of town and we went and said goodbye to the Holzers. They are going to be sealed in the temple in March and I am praying I will be allowed to go! Then, we went and said goodbye to the Wilkersons and they all cried when they heard I was leaving. Heartwrenching! I am going to miss them soo much! Well, I already do miss them soo much! 

On Tuesday it was a really big long day of saying goodbye. I had to pack that morning though. This is a really funny story actually! The last couple of weeks Sister Wing and I have seen this little mouse running around. We put our poison and traps and haven't been able to kill it. Well, I was packing and it ran in our room and then took of running the other way. Well, after like 5 minutes it was forgotten. Sister Wing was going from our room to our front room and stopped like dead in her tracks in the hallway, and she started like sputtering out unintelligible words "um, I think, Oh mmmm... Sister Erbe, IT'S DYING!" So I went in there, and there was this little mouse writhing on the floor. It was dying of poison and we just watched it turn over, twitch, and then die. Sister Wing was mortified and was like "Oh my gosh I am going to throw up!" What is it with me and mice? :P I got to say goodbye to the Nadings, and Cheryl Wardell, I said goodbye to a lot of people acutally and then it was almost time to go. I was going to say goodbye to the Jolly's and Sister Wilson called and asked "Where are you right now?" I told her and she came flying around the corner in her car and parked in the middle of the street and jumped out and gave me a hug. She was crying soo much and was soo sad that I was leaving. I hadn't really gotten emotional about it until then because I love her soo much and I am going to miss her. She just hugged me for a really long time and then drove us to the church and waited with us for the transfer van. She is one of the most amazing women that I know and it broke my heart to see her so sad. I can't wait to go back and see her. The rest of the night was just one long transfer van ride up to Billings, and we spent the night with one of the Senior couples, the Sears.

Wednesday was a really long ride in the transfer van up to Helena. We got to Helena and from there Elder Shaw another senior missionary up here in the kalispell zone picked us up in his truck. There were 4 missionaries and him. He is kind of like the mission President up here since we are the zone farthest away from the mission home, he is kind of in charge of us up here. I like him a lot, he is awesome. We drove from Helena to Columbia Falls and there I met with all the other missionaries except for my companion. She was clear down in Frenchtown by Missoula and the zone leaders were bringing her back up. I got to hang out with Sister Owens and talk about life back down in Lehi! :) I love her it was soo good to see her. Then we talked to the Shaws and we found out that there has been a lot a lot of talk about splitting the mission. Once the mission reaches like 250 missionaries then it is about time to split so they are predicting that if they did create a new mission then we would be in it. If they did do that, I would have a new mission President for the last 2 months of my mission, and that would be weird...Oh well. Well, the zone leaders finally made it up to Kalispell and we had to leave columbia falls and go down to Kalispell and pick up my truck and my companion. Yes I have a truck, be jealous! Well, we ran to walmart so that I wouldn't starve of hunger, and then we headed home to Plains. We got here at almost 9:00 and just went straight to bed.

Thursday was Halloween and it was the first day that I really got to look at the area books. It was horrible to see that this poor area has had some of the worst missionaries. I am also sad to say that one of them was one that I trained. which makes me feel even worse about things! She was not that way when she was with me...:( We got to go out and meet some of our members here, and we got to meet a less active. We went to the trunk or treat and got to meet a few more members. The members in this branch are awesome, like they are so warm and loving and I hope that I can love them as much as I do the people in Lovell! Well, after the trunk or treat we went to our branch presidents house because he goes all out for halloween and needed help passing out the donuts. He runs a funeral home and he gave out donuts, apple cider, hot chocolate, candy, frisbys, and a tour of his freezer. Luckily there wasn't any dead bodies in there. That night was the night the member asked if he could listen to my lungs and told me that I was starting to develop pneumonia. I was sent home with pills. 

The next day I met an awesome member named Kelli she is letting us stay with her so she can make sure I get better and that we can have hot showers for a few days. I have pretty much been inside ever since just trying to get better. I am feeling loads better now and I just want to go out and work, but I have to stay in for now. :( Oh well, we will go out and take this place by storm tomorrow. There is soo much work to be done! 

Well, thanks for all of your love and support and prayers, they have been much needed and much appreciated this week. Seriously thank you! I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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