Friday, April 26, 2013

Desperate - Conversation with Mom. Being transferred away from Billings and Sister Letalu. Not Happy.

Malynne:  Mom, please be there!!!!!

Mom:  Hello

Malynne:  Hi mom!
So President called in our whole house this morning for interviews because the other Sisters in the house have been fighting a little bit this week. So we all went in for interviews and he interviewed me last and he pulled me in his office and just asked me how everything was going. I told him how I finally love the work and that we finally have a teaching pattern down and that I love Billings. Then he said "Well that's good, but I got a prompting last night and you are going down to Wyoming." He couldn't wait two weeks for transfers to happen so that I could stay with Sister Letalu? Also, I am not just leaving Billings, I am leaving the whole state of Montana! :(

Mom:  What have you been fighting about?

Malynne:  I just feel like he is wrong! Like I have been praying about what is going to happen for transfers just because Sister Letalu is leaving, and I don't feel like my work in this ward is done. He is slowing down the work in that ward and hindering it and I feel like it is just more for convenience for him rather than he really actually had a prompting about it. I just feel sick about it, it's not right!

Also, I wasn't fighting, it was the other Sisters. Sister Letalu is one of my best friends and we were just hoping that we could finish out her mission together. We only had two weeks left!

Mom:  And after your mission you two will have years!  It is OK!  What were the fights about and who was fighting?

Malynne:  Well in our house, sister Tukavatu was sick and her companion was upset because she didn't want to go tracting, so we got caught in the middle of that. Then the Sisters down in Wyoming, my new companion Sister Wood doesn't get along with like any sisters very well I guess she says that "We are on the Lords time" and she is very very very serious about her call and doesn't like Sisters who want to let loose and be themselves. So now I am worried because I don't want to not be myself that's stupid. I am sure Jesus Christ had a personality...God has one. So as representatives of Jesus Christ why shouldn't we just relax and be ourselves while we are working hard and serving the Lord? I just don't want to go.

I don't remember...I just blocked out most of what he said because I was crying. I told him that I thought that he was wrong too. He asked me to be honest and I told him. I think in Lovell, because that is where there are Sisters mostly. They are sending me down there and bringing Sister Woods companion up here because they were fighting so they are splitting Sister Letalu and I up.

Sister Woods companion is coming up to be with Sister Letalu and I am going to Wyoming to be with Sister Wood and the other Sisters in our house got split up today too, but they are staying in Billings.

Mom:  Have you meet Sister wood?  You need to give her a chance.  You also need to remember that you are on the Lords time and it is precious.  In 14 months from now you will look back and ask yourself where did all the time go?  You do not need to give up your personality, but you do need to be a friend to everyone, including your companion. 

Malynne: she should have done the same and now Sister Letalu and I are getting split and I am loosing the people and place that I love because she wouldn't work with her comp. I am just so so so so sad! I get a few days to say goodbye but it almost would have been easier if I had left today instead of Tuesday. :(

Mom:  Then you would miss Wyatt's baptism, right?  It is good that you get to stay for that.  Do not say anything negative about the transfer.  Just tell people how much you will miss them, cry and cry somemore, but nothing negative about anything.  You don't want your last impression to be a negative one on the people you love most.  Get lots of names, address and phone numbers so when we go visit you will have contact info.  
Have you used any of the stickers I sent to you?  If not then in your next area use them.  You have a loving personality and if the other sister is so focused on work, you be focused on LOVE.  You can be the missionary that everyone remembers because you LOVED them!  That, LOVE, is the Gospel of Christ!
Did you get the pkg I sent?
I have another to send!  YOU WILL LIKE IT ALOT!  Where should I send it?  Or, should I hold on to it and wait until you send me a new address?

Malynne:   am going through these waves of just being so heartbroken and then really upset and then I feel bad for being upset because the work is the same even if it is under different circumstances. I just don't feel like this is a prompting from God. I really really really really don't...there is a possibility that things will change, sometimes he changes his mind last minute so says Sister Letalu. However, it is likely that it won't happen. With the package I am not leaving until Tuesday, so it will probably get here in time. Also, I will send you the new address so that you will have it. I am really praying that it gets changed and I really won't have to leave. I am glad I get to be here for Wyatts baptism, but then I have to speak and will probably just cry a lot...

Mom:  Find some awesome scripture and use it as a resource in a letter to your mission president to plead your case.  Find one about loving the people and serving the people with all your heart and then tell him that you want to stay :)  Just an idea :)

Malynne:  Ha ha he pulled me in for my interview and I had no idea what was going to happen. I told him straight up that this was the worst thing that he could be doing to these people. He said "I know someone will love them as much as you do." Then I said "Well I don't think the ward will open up to them like they did to me." It took us a long time to get this ward up and running with missionary work and he is just ruining it. He is having me leave and then a Sister will only be here for 2 weeks before Sister Letalu leaves and there is no way that Sister will know enough about the members or the area to be a good missionary for a yeah I am going to just keep telling him that I need to come back here. ha ha

Mom:  Think of the song "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord...." Those words may bring you some solace.  Remember you are not doing this for yourself, not for your companion, not for your Mission President, but for the Lord and for the people that need the gospel.

Malynne:  Ha ha, I know and I will go when it comes down to it...but I definitely am not going to be happy about it for a while.

Mom:  Maybe farther down the road you will come back.  Maybe the people will have missed you so much that they will ALL come to church and all committ to baptism because you came back.  We need to remember that people need to come to church, get baptized, and committ to the gospel for themselves, not for some missionary that they like, for a friend, for a boyfriend etc.  The committment needs to come from within themselves.  I am not saying that you have no part it that, but you don't want someone to committ to the gospel because of YOU.  Right?  You can have a major influence on peoples lives, but Christ should have the most influence.  You will have so many memories, good memories.  Write in your journal about this experience.  Look back in 2 months and see if you can then see the hand of the Lord in this decision.

Malynne:  yeah I agree. It is just hard when you feel like you are building a tower with blocks and just when your tower starts to pick up off the gets kicked down again and someone has to restart. It is really really detrimental to missionary work, and I just can't believe that he white washing the area twice withing 3 months! It is really hard on everyone. I know eventually it will pick up just in time for someone to kick the tower of blocks down again...If they could have a steady tower, more work would get done, more referals would get contacted, and missionaries would be less stressed out all the time. 

Mom:  I feel the same way.  I think you are right about that, but for some reason this is the way missions are.  The Lord has a reason for doing things the way he does.

Malynne:  I am honestly truly wondering if I feel like this move is so wrong because it will be short. Transfers are coming and they could move me back up here in two weeks. I really just feel like I have more work to do here, so I really hope I come back soon! In the end, I am going to go to Wyoming if that is what President asks of me...I just really pray that he is doing this for the right reasons. I love you lots, but I gotta go, we have dinner and i have to go say goodbye to the hrubes family. :( Love you, I will talk to you soon!

Mom:  I think this might make you smile.  (It is a picture of Courtney at the MTC with the other Sister Missionaries)

Malynne:  Ha ha I love her and miss her a lot! I got her letter from the MTC and it made me miss her! 

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