Monday, November 4, 2013

Conversation with Mom

 Mom - Makenna is planning big for you when you come home.  She misses you tons.  She wants to move out with you and go to school with you, and go on vacations with you.  She is already planning her senior family vacation, A VACATION TO THE BEACH!!!!

Malynne - It is funny that she is already planning all of that because I have been planning on when I come home and all of the trips I am going to take all my siblings on with me. I am going to get a car, and then I am going to take all of them up to Montana and Wyoming with me, and we are going to go to Disneyland just for no reason at all just because I can. I miss herr and love her too and I can't wait until I can call and talk to all of you at Christmas! My new address is:  My address is:
P.O. Box 261
Plains, Montana 59859.
I am in Plains I haven't made it up to Thompson Falls yet, we are going up there on Friday. My companion is Sister Wallace, she is Samoan, and totally laid back. a little bit too laid back sometimes, just nothing matters and that is a little frustrating. I think that being obedient matters, and she just is really laid back. I am training her, but she was trained for 6 weeks before I got her. She is awesome, but her trainer was super trunkey and just ready to go home, and so she definitely wasn't trained up to parr. I am trying to fix things, but I have been really sick. I have been sick for about 3 weeks now. It started down in Lovell, and it has just gotten worse and worse, I developed some serious chest congestion and a horrible cough, and was having trouble sleeping and eating and just doing normal people things. Our medical coordinator lady told me I was fine and just to suck it up, and so I have been, but I just have felt miserable. When I got up here to Plains it was really bad, and I was having a hard time. We went out and did normal things I met with some of the people in the branch and it was good to meet them. It was halloween and so we got to go to the trunk or treat, and then we went to our branch Presidents house and helped him pass out donuts. There was a member who is actually a doctor he asked if I was okay and I told him that I would be I just needed a little bit of time. He asked if he could listen to my lungs and I told him sure. He did, and told me that because I hadn't done anything to be taking care of my bronchitus it was now starting to develop into pneumonia. It was a really slight case, but I definitely had fluid in my lungs. So he put me on some medicine and I have been inside pretty much ever since. We tried to go out and work on Friday, but then he found out and sent me back home. I am staying with an awesome member in our ward who is letting us stay with her and making sure that I take my meds and stuff. I haven't told the medical lady, I am just going to let her think that she is right because she wouldn't let me go to the doctor and almost killed me. I am kind of mad about it, and also going stark raving mad just being inside all the time. I am doing a lot better though, and I am going to go out and work tomorrow as much as I can.

Mom - Hearing that does not make a momma happy.  You need to take care of yourself.  Do I need to call a mission president?????  I know you can't do what you need to be doing if you are sick.  I love you.  This weekend, when all the family was together except you was super hard for me.  I really miss you.

Malynne - No, don't bother President Mecham, I am getting better. I had a really hard time this weekend too because I miss you too, and have been having a hard time. I really love it out here, but it is just the adjusting that is hard. I will hopefully be okay by next Monday after we set 3 baptism dates since that is my goal for this next week. I really am getting better physically I just think emotionally now because I haven't been able to do anything that is where I am having a hard time now...

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