Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Conversation with Mom - Transfers are hard, I am cold, in Plains Montana

Malynne:  mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here!

Malynne:  MOM!!!!!

Mom:  I am here daughter.  Tell me all about it! (Just got off the phone with dad.  He is MAD!!)  Tell me what is going on.

Malynne:  (forwarded message she sent to dad)
I don't know. Things are soo messed up right now! Well, last week it went out. Nobody came to fix it for a while, then they finally did and we moved back in. Then it went out again later that night, so we moved back out. We had our ward mission leader come in with the member who owns the trailer and they looked at it. We went over and they lectured us on soo many things. There is a leak in our fridge and it froze so we had to clean it up. We didn't have enough room for everything, so we have been living out of our suitcases and it is not the cleanest place in the world. There were plastic bags under the sink that we were using for garbage bags. Also, we had a couple of space heaters that were 'hazardous' and also ran up the electricity. So, they concluded that it was our fault because we ran too many things at once and blew a fuse. They showed us how to check them and change them. Then we left. They called us back later and told us that they had taken our space heaters and that we needed to get everything cleaned up this week. So, the heat went out again last night and we slept in the freezing cold, seriously dad my fingers are still cold. We both woke up and were so cold we didn't want to move. We finally moved and rolled up in as many blankets as we could to study. But then we were so cold we started to cry and had to call the Shaws (They are like our mission mom and dad out here since we are so far away from the mission home) and they were mad and made a bunch of phone calls, and now we are over at a members home and just thawing out. Yep, this has been a really hard transfer! :( 

Mom:  Will the Shaws help you find a better living condition?

Malynne:  I have no idea what is going to happen to us. It is just a hard thing. Yeah, and there is just lack of space and also we live in Plains, and then pack everything up and move to Thompson Falls for a week. We just never unpack because we just are always moving and it sucks! :( The Shaws don't like the idea of the trailer and I don't know if we are going to be staying there permanently or if this is just a temporary solution until they can find us a better place to stay. 

Mom:  I realize that this is not the most ideal situation, especially without heat.  I think it is important to remember that you are a missionary.  Think of the first missionaries for the church.  They often times did not know where they were going, where they were going to stay, but they did know God was with them, and that they had a mission to bring others to Christ.  I really can't imagine the situation you are living in, so don't think I am judging you.  I want pictures of it!!!!  For you to remember the hard times.  I want pictures of your companion.  I want you to try hard to be happy.
I think in a few months you are going to say that this is the best area ever!!!!!

Malynne:  I hope so! I better not get transferred because I haven't even been able to do anything yet! That's what I want to do is bring others to Christ just my body hasn't been able to. :( I do have some pictures...but I haven't taken any of the trailer because I kind of want to forget about it. But, I will take some for you. Elder Shaw told us something that made a lot of sense though. He told us that "missionaries have to have a place where they can feel the spirit. If it is to cold the spirit can't be there because we can't focus on the promptings of the spirit we can only focus on getting warm. If it has all of these things wrong with it we can't be effective missionaries like we should be while we stay there. The place we stay has to be set up and set apart as a place where the spirit can reside." Right now, I know other missionaries are living in huts and washing their clothes in buckets, but it really isn't safe for us to be there with it as cold as it is you know...I just would like heat.

Mom:  Tell me about your trip yesterday?  Was it beautiful?  I was nervous to the point of an anxiety attack waiting for your letter.  The typhoon in the Phillipines, and all the unaccounted for (now accounted for) missionaries was on the top of my mind all week, then when I did not hear from you my mind went a little crazy.  I imagined all kinds of bad things happening to you.  I am so glad you are safe and cold. :)

Malynne:  It was sooo beautiful! We left to go up to Kalispell really really early, and then we drove and picked up the Elders. We got there at like 9:30ish. Then we went up to glacier we all carpooled. We parked and then we just walked up this trail. This trail was covered in snow and slush and it was loads of fun to try to walk in the Elders footsteps, we were all slipping around a lot, and chuckin' snowballs at each other, and were bundled up pretty tight. :) Then, we hiked up to this trail and followed it for a while, and came out at this gorgeous waterfall! There were canyon walls all around it, and just like the most gorgeous river and waterfall with trees everywhere...it was awesome! Then we hiked back out onto the main trail and we went up to the lake to eat lunch. The lake is gorgeous too. I think I got a picture of that too. It was there that the wind picked up and we all started freezing. We hiked back, but it wasn't as much fun because we were all really tired and hiking in snow is really hard especially with wet heavy boots! So, we made it all the way back to the cars and we drove over to the Shaws. We all were so dead, we stripped off our shoes and socks, broke out the blankets, started a fire, and then were all just dead lying all over their living room. Nobody was moving or talking :P Sister Shaw thought it was so funny that she pulled out her camera and took pictures of all of us dead missionaries. We hung out and just played games and goofed off until the sun went down, then we went to Walmart and drove the Elders home. We got home at like 9:00 so that's why we didn't email...we were dead tired! 

Mom:  I am so glad that you had fun.  I have heard that Glacier National Park is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I need to know of a physical address to send stuff to you.  Do you have one?  Also, Elder Wyatt....tell me about him.  Does he have good family support?

Malynne:  Yes! I love glacier, I am excited to go to it as a family...we are adding that into our vacation plans right? Nope we don't have a physical address up here, just the P.O. box. You will have to see where everything is when you come up here. And Elder Wyatt...well he is from Washington. He is 6 hours younger than me. He is waiting on his visa to go to Brazil. He has lots of family support, but if you want to 'adopt' my evil twin feel free. He is awesome! 

Mom:  Who is your evil twin? Is their another missionary we can adopt?  Do you need anything?  I have two cardigans to send you.  want a picture?

Malynne:  Elder Wyatt is my evil twin. Ha ha :P I am the older twin and we are different in every sense of the word, but he has become one of my best friends. :) Any other missionaries you can adopt...yes! 1-Sister Wilburt. She is a new missionary and she is having a really hard time transitioning into missionary life. She is 29 years old, and from Southern California. She is definitely different and could just use some extra love. 2-Elder Wright. He is also a newer missionary in my district. He is 19 years old from Kentucky. He is having a hard time because he made lots of mistakes growing up and has just had a hard time feeling like he is forgiven. I know that he struggles sometimes, and could just use some extra love. :) If you want more Sister Lasson and Sister Wing are the best and would love letters and stuff too! :) Um, I was going to ask for something. I would seriously love it if you would send some cd's that are approved. specifically the forgotten carols and stuff that you already own so you can just have dad rip it to a new cd and send it to me please! The list was in my box, and now I only have 2 approved cd's. Anything motab unless it's patriotic, or from broadway should be okay. :) And if you can some more stamps, I am all out. Also, I am soo excited for cardigans! :) yay! They are much needed. And yes, I would love a picture if you can send it! 

Mom:  Well, I am going to need address for all those missionaries.  We will all start writting to them.  And....I was going to mail you some CD's for Christmas - you greedy child!  :)  I will get the Forgotten Carols mailed immediately with the cardigans (did you get the picture?)  Do you like them?  Stamps are also coming.  What kind of a picture do you want?  A water pitcher?

Malynne:  Ha ha, you are so funny! Sure, you could send me a water pitcher if you want to. :P Well, I am glad that I am getting things for Christmas! YAY! Also, the only address I can give you for them all permanently is the mission home address. I love them! I am so excited for them! :) I did get the picture. and I am thankful for stamps, and I want a picture of our family! :) 

Mom:  I need to run to the store.  are  you sending a big letter?  You can talk to Makenna for a little bit.

Malynne:  Yep, and yes I would love to talk to Makenna for a minutes. :) 

Makenna:  Hey Malynne. It's Makenna. I read the letter about your transfer. I'm really sorry that you were so cold! I'm really cold right now too but it's cause I'm sick. We don't know what's wrong with me, but every morning when I wake up, and before I go to bed, I get really sick. I'm fine during the day but really sick otherwise. SO.... I got a job.

Malynne:  I know I heard from mom! :) How is that going?

Makenna:  It's going good! I miss you a lot! But I've gotten really really close to Connor since you left and It's nice. We've started calling him Butt loaf. It's seriously the funniest thing in the world!

Malynne:  Ha ha dad told me about that! :) What happened to Makayla, I thought that you two were always tight? 

Makenna:  She's too hormonal right now. She's so bipolar. We're so close one minute and then the other minute she'll just burst into tears. Ugh. Is that how it was with me? Cause if it was I TOTALLY get it now. Lol

Malynne:  Yes ma'am it was. Ha ha :P but it's okay...hopefully you've grown out of it by now. I know Connor and I got pretty close before I left and I miss him a lot. I also miss you a lot because I have always been closest to you. Well, now I am close to all of you, but we were always tight. :) I mean, we're still tight ha ha :P but yeah I miss you too.

Makenna:  We're still pretty close! I miss you too. I just have trouble writing. Ugh.

Malynne:  writing things for school or like typing? 

Makenna:  Lol no writing letters to you 

Malynne: Oh yea...seriously what the heck!? Just kidding ;)

Makenna:  Haha I don't know. It's just hard for me. Nudd and I have made deals to write to you, but for some reason, they don't happen.

Malynne:  Well, make them happen. I am holding your letter hostage from now on! Okay just kidding I wouldn't do that. But I wish that you would write me more! 

Makenna:  I can see it now. My letters pinned to the wall helplessly. Just kidding haha

Malynne:   Yes that's right. and whenever I get mad I will put another pin in them!

Mom:  Hey, this is mom.  I am back.  I had to run to the store for onions.  Chicken Noodle soup for dinner tonight baby!!!

Malynne:   Woo hoo! :) I am sending home pictures right now. : )

Mom:  went to Smiths and bought you one more sweater.  Want a picture???

Malynne:  Yes please! :)   Yay, it's cute! Thank you soo much! :) 

Mom:  Did you get the picture?  Makenna really likes it and I think she thinks I only buy things for you.  I might keep that one for her....maybe I will go get another.  What color would you like...grey, black, tan, red, beige?  You need to tell me who is in teh pictures.

Malynne:  beige will be awesome! :) I will have to go through and tell you who they all are next week. :) LOVE YOU! We gotta go and figure stuff out with out heating. Have a great week. LOVES!

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