Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun letter to Malynne and back to mom.

He he he. the one on the left is for dad, and the one on the right is for Connor. ;)

 Okay, I am totally jealous that you are going to the MOTAB Christmas concert. That is one of my favorite things to do for Christmas. :) Have fun, and tell Jenny Nudd I love her face. :) I am sorry I didn't label the pictures I got pressed for time, I will resend you the email with names and stuff. :) I am going to miss you too, but I am so excited to be out in the field for Christmas, I know that I will be taken care of, and I will also get to skype you all for Christmas which will be the most awesomest thing in the world! :) Also, I am jealous that you are having mexican food for Thanksgiving....Iam jealous that you are all eating mexican food at all! I haven't got any in a really long time. If I have one request the day I get home I am begging you to please just make green chili cafe rio pork burritos okay? For Thanksgiving we have 3 dinners lined up and we are going to try and get more. President Mecham told us that he doesn't care if we throw up we just need to make sure we spend as much time as we can with as many people as we can that day... :P Ha ha so we are trying for 4 or 5 dinners...hopefully I don't throw up! I loved the box soo much! Mom, it was the best box. :) I loved the scentsy frog...I hold it when I fall asleep just so I can smell it :P It smells sooo good! I loved all the sweaters as well I am wearing the purple one right now. :) I wore the blue one last night and it kind of smells like onions because we had dinner and they made onion stuffing and it was good, but we smelled like onions pretty bad. ha ha. Um, I am going to send a box home at the beginning of the month of December with lots of stuff I have collected from people and just what I can and I am probably going to send home a bunch of stuff people have sent me. It's not because I don't like it, I just only have so much room and I need to make sure I can fit stuff home. Okay, I just tried to do that math on the phone and it says that I am probably not going to be released until like the 7th of July, or like the 14th of August. so, I don't know when because I only have 13 transfers on the mission and I am almost done with #7 and so I am all kinds of confused. Hopefully they send you my trunky papers pretty soon or like right after my year mark. Also, my other request is that when we all come back from my mission that you will let me drive. Trust me, it is such beautiful country and you will all want to see it. I see it every day, so you should be able to see it while you are here. ;) Call the mission home and just see if they can give you an estimate, I am sure they would love to help you. Sister Wing asked where you like to eat because she wanted to say thank you for the boots ha ha. Chilis isn't in Wyoming, so I have no idea how she got that gift card for you...but she's not gonna use it ha ha :P Um, and that's so funny that dad kept forgetting to turn them in... It sounds like dad. :) Well, I hope that you have a good day. Oh, I was going to tell you...this is a secret because it's dad and connors Christmas present, but I want to tell you because it's funny. I will also send you a picture! I got them both bolo ties!!! :) How Montana is that? A member asked if we needed Christmas presents and he makes them and made a couple of them for us. :P Soo funny! :) Also, they are going to wear them to church at least once okay? :)  I kill myself I'm so funny! :) oh, and by the way, it's been a much better week. I am feeling better and we got to go out and work, and we also got our heat fixed well fixedish it's warm enough to sleep. :) And we got 2 new investigators and have 2 investigators on date to be baptized! :) YAY! good week. :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

Dear Daughter of mine,
So my first question is do you want me to stop emailing you and start mailing you letters?  I have been organizing your letters and as I do so I read them.  It is quite fun.  However, over and over I see that you are requesting that I write you letters.  Many times you have asked for letters.  Do you want letters?  If they will help you in any way I will mail you letters instead of emailing.  I do not ever ever want you to think that you are forgotten.  I miss you so much!!!  I knew I would miss you, but never as much as I do right now.  I think as the holidays get closer I will miss you more and more.
So a few fun things that are happening.  We got tickets this year to attend the MOTAB Christmas Concert.  Remember how last year we went stand by to see Alfie Boe?  This year we got tickets!!!  But only 4.  That means that one of us will need to go standby and the others will save a seat.  Cool eh? We will miss you.
We are celebrating Thanksgiving at Grandma Marilyns tomorrow (her traditional Sunday Thanksgiving). Grandma started that because there was always someone who would not be there on Thursday.  Now, everyone can be there on Thursday, but Grandma wants to keep it on Sunday.  So now everyone wants to get together on Thursday too.  We will be having a Mexican Thanksgiving on Thursday at our house.
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  Know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love remembering all the things that I have to be thankful for.  Mostly I am thankful for the gospel, the Savior, my family, and friends.  Where we would be without the Gospel?
Did you get your box????  Did you like it?  When I sent it I thought that it would be a fun box to open!
How is the housing situation playing out?  I hope you are warm!!!!! If you are back in the trailer make the best of it.  Think of it as an extended camping trip!
Malynne, I don't want you to think about coming home, but do you know when you will be coming home?  We are trying to plan a few things and if we knew that information it would make planning easier.
Sister Wing sent us a Thank you note and a $20 GC for Chilis.  I sent it back to her.  I did not expect any form of payment.  I told her to think of you when she is eating chips and salsa.  Do you think you will keep in touch with all your companions after you come home?
Funny:  Today we had tithing settlement.  Our statement said that we owed a bunch of money to your account.  I said that that is wrong, we have never missed a payment.  The Ward Clerks said that they would research it and get back to us.  When we came home dad went to the closet and pulled out a bunch of tithing envelopes and said, "I'll be right back".  Lets just say that we do not owe any money in your account!!!!  Dad just had not been turning the money in!!!!
Dear daughter, I love you.  I pray for you always and I miss you so much!
Keep working hard and keep listening to the spirit.
our little urns...yep that's all I got. :P  Plains, Montana

Good News - "Little does he know that he will read the Book of Mormon and then get baptized!!!!!! :) Plains, Montana

I am finally feeling better! After a really long time of being sick, all I have now to deal with is a stupid cough. But, I am doing loads better! Also, we got an infrared heater that blows hot air in our trailer and we have been able to stay there since it is warm now. :) It was definitely a better week. However it was a week of many meetings.
On Wednesday we found out that we had a surprise meeting with President Mecham in Polson that we had to drive to. We drove all the way there then found out that he was going to be about an hour late or so. So, an hour and a half later we were able to have an interview. I just got to talk to him about how I was feeling about everything and he counseled me to read D&C 121 because I felt like I was in my own personal carthage jail. So I spent some time studying that this week. After I talked to him and just got his wisdom I just felt like a load was off my chest. I am so thankful for him and that he is able to counsel us and direct us to what we need to do. I honestly can't remember what happened after our interview...we drove home and then I am sure that we did something, but I can't remember...
Thursday we went out and we helped Pat England and her mom get ready for their Bazarre that they are doing. Pat is less active and she is awesome! She is such a sweet heart. She gave me a fish is literally a fish. :P We helped them for most of the morning and they fed us potatoe soup with is like the most amazing soup ever! And then we headed out. We went to dinner with a sister and she gave us more soup. I never knew I loved soup so much. It was an awesome day full of soup!

Friday we had zone training. we left at 6 and met the Elders in Elmo and then they drove up to Kalispell. We were there until 5:30! It was crazy! It was a good meeting and it ended at 2 but then one of the Elders we were riding with got their i-pad and they had to set it up and it was just such a long process....Sister Christensen came with us to go on exchanges so she was working with us for a couple of days. We squished in the car like little tiny sardines and it was really funny! :) We got back and drove as fast as we could up to our branch president house because he had his counselors and they had a really fancy dinner taste testing the casserole for the Christmas dinner. It was a good casserole and we were able to talk about people in our ward that we were working with and those that they would like us to work with. On our way out President Egbert asked us if we had been given our 'earnings'. What he really meant was 'urnings' and since he owns a funeral home he gave each of us an urn......never been given something that weird on my mission. Ha ha I will send you a picture.
Saturday we went out and worked most of the day. We went to super saturday and made picture blocks with images of the savior on them. Then we ate pizza with all of the sisters there. :) They are such awesome people I just love them. Then we thought that Pats bazarre was across the street at the alliance church...well it wasn't and the alliance church is the one that is most anti-mormon in the whole town. We didn't know that til later luckily! ;) We went over there totally oblivious and we just walked around and talked to all of them and invited them to the Christmas party. Ha ha it was good! Then we found out that her bazarre that she was at was actually over at the fairgrounds so we drove over there and we met with her and then we walked around and just talked to so many people. People are so creative up here they just know how to work with their hands and make beautiful things. I wish that you could see it all. :) That night we went to the Shears, a less active family that we visit sometimes. We went over to their house and we talked to them. They invited us over to dinner so we went and ate with them and it was awesome food. They are such good people I love them. :)

Sunday we went to church and guess what...there were 2 new potential investigators there!!!!!! :) After church we went home and had lunch and then we got to go and teach one of them. He is like the most golden investigator of my life. I have never taught someone who is so riveted to what you have to say that they won't break eye contact. Also he accepted a baptism date and has already started to read the Book of Mormon....:) Yeah GOLDEN! After that we walked next door to visit one of our investigators and his dog. His name is Shorty and he is like 80 years old and he is going blind and he is rather deaf. We have to talk really loud and his dog is like his child. It was the funniest dog ever! He climbed up on all of our laps and just laid there then decided he wanted the couch and crawled behind us and kicked us off! :P It was soo funny. Then we taught Shorty the message of the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date as well. Then we were able to go to a sister in our ward who has a boyfriend who was the other investigator at church. his name is John Savage and he is a practicing catholic and totally awesome. He made us dinner and it was the bomb! Then we found out he is a professional chef and it made loads more sense...We got to teach him a little bit and he invited us back just to learn what we believe...little does he know that he will read the Book of Mormon and then get baptized!!!!!! :) Yep that was my whole week! It was an awesome one.

Well I love you all, thank you for your prayers! I am finally feeling better...YAY!! :) I hope htat you have an awesome week and that you can look for missionary opportunities as well! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Longest Walk

Dear Malynne,

You will only see this when, someday, you are reading this book.  I saw this article and immediately thought of you, of how you have grown, of how your testimony has strengthened, of what a beautiful spirit you are developing.
Just want you to know I love you, I am sooo...proud of you.
Love, Mom

The Longest Walk

Last night after a long stretch of meetings I got in my car and headed over to a townhouse in a nearby neighborhood.  When I got there I was greeted by a small group of teenagers preparing to say goodbye to the 18-year-old young man I had come to see.
This would the last night he’d spend at home for two years.
After visiting for a few minutes I gave the young man a hug and shared with him how I felt about his decision to sacrifice 24 months of his life to serve others.  I invest a great deal of myself in these young men.  Witnessing them decide to go is gratifying.  Saying goodbye is incredibly difficult.
This morning this young man’s parents, sisters, and some close friends took him to the Phoenix airport.  They helped him check in his suitcases and walked with him to the deepest spot in the terminal that security would allow them to go with him.  There they waited until the last possible moment before his flight departed before they said their tearful goodbyes.
It is at that moment that most young men and women in the LDS culture face The Longest Walk of their lives.
As they turn to head into the security line and eventually make their way down the concourse to their gate they leave behind those they love, the place they call home, their hobbies, their jobs, their possessions, their schooling, and every comfort of life.
These are the hardest steps they have ever taken.
No friends or family will accompany them on this journey.
They must do it alone.
Nothing is scarier.  Nothing is more intimidating.  Nothing is harder.
These young people are, literally and symbolically, turning and walking away from everything and everyone they have ever known.
The Longest Walk is the rawest emotional experience of these teenagers’ lives.
It takes every ounce of faith they can possibly muster to move their feet and continue to walk.
And yet in every step the transformation deepens.
The focus on self fades.
The dependency on deity grows.
The discovery of courage previously untapped is made.
The distractions of the world dissolve.
There is no moment in these young people’s lives when they feel weaker than when they begin The Long Walk.
There is no experience that could make them stronger than those steps.
I am grateful for my decision many years ago to make The Longest Walk.  It changed me.  Forever.
There have been other Long Walks since then in my life.
I am certain others await me.
I have come to realize these Walks are in many ways the defining moments of this mortal experience.
It’s no wonder the ultimate examples throughout history were tasked with making The Longest Walks in places like the wilderness of Sinaithe garden at Gethsemane, and on the dusty roads of Carthage.
I do not believe we were sent to Earth to sit and be comfortable.  We are here to be refined.
The transformations our maker desires in each of us happen when we have the faith, courage, and commitment to take The Longest Walks.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Missionaries DON'T make good popsicles!!!!!

Alright, let's start at the beginning of the week...Monday. I don't remember Monday.

Tuesday, We had a meeting in Missoula. We woke up at 5:00 and had to drive down to a little town called Elmo where we were picked up by a transfer van and taken to Missoula. We went down there and had a really awesome meeting. We talked about purposeful prayer and how much of a blessing it is. I got to see loads of people from Wyoming that I love, so that was awesome! :) 

Wednesday, Oh Wednesday! :) We had district meeting in Polson on Wednesday so we drove over there. We had a long district meeting, and then ate lunch as a district. We came back from district meeting and had a few appointments with some of the Sisters in our outlying area. We came back and we grabbed a sister named Sister Mc Christian who was going to come out with us. Well, she talked to us the whole way there about the most random things. She told us a story about rainbows and it made no sense...then there just so happened to be a rainbow in the sky and she was so happy she started to cry a little bit. We went and visited the first Sister and she showed us her was so interesting. Then she randomely asked "Sister Erbe are you Samoan?" As I sat next to my Samoan companion....I told her no and then she asked what nationality I am. I told her that I am German mostly and that I have some Welsh and native american in me. She got so excited and started telling me all about my native american ancestors.....I guess. The next Sister that we went to was someone that She had visit taught a while ago and so they were already friends. They started talking about this 'sacred land to the indians'. Sister Mc Christian said "Oh, Sister Erbe you might want to listen to this, this involves your family as well." Well, they talked about this big white wolf that lives on their friends land. She lives on the land that is sacred to the Indians. Sister Mc Christian said "Well, I just know that this wolf is a spirit of the indians to protect this land, and if she ever does anything bad to that will destroy everything!" Then she continued seriously without breathing, and said "Once, these 3 men came up to her in her apple orchard. They were dressed in traditional clothing, and they were very short. They came up to her and asked if they could have some of her apples. She said 'yeah sure take as many as you want' so, they did, and then they started to walk away. But as they did, they turned around and said 'this land is sacred to us and these apples are magical healing apples given to us from the land. You need to protect it' Then, they walked away, and as they did, they got really tall and just disappeared...and you know, I just know that those men were the three nephites!" um...because they don't have the priesthood they need magical healing apples! :P Then she started talking about how when the day passes away where does it go? She told the Sister that there are different dimensions and that there is a heaven and hell for days just like there is for was weird! Definitely an interesting day! 

Thursday. We got to go out and do service for this super sweet lady named Carol. She is a methodist, and she really needed her leaves raked so....da da da! Here come the LDS missionaries! :) We raked her leaves and we ate lunch with her and invited her to take the lessons. She said no for now, but then she said we can come back and talk about Christ if we want to. She is seriously awesome! We got to go over to a Sisters house named Pat England and make cookies for her and her mom. :) It was loads of fun, and it shows that they trust us a lot to tell us where everything and give us free reign of the kitchen. Then, we headed out to Thompson Falls. We drove all the way out there, and moved into our house for the next few days. We live in the garage they have a room built into the back and a bathroom addition, so it's all good. :) Then, we went out and we met a cute little old man who is less active named Al. :) He loves the missionaries, but not the Elders he thinks that they are rude and he won't tolerate them. But, he loves the Sisters and wants to help them and feed them and make sure we're taken care of. He is like 80+ years old and soo adorable. He made us eggs, bacon, and toast just because he wanted to make sure that we were fed.

Friday. We went out to another little town 30 miles away from Thompson Falls called Trout Creek to see if we could find some of the less actives out there, and visit with a referral/potential investigator. Well, our gps led us down this scary little road. It was really sketchy and there were loads of trees everywhere. It also had been raining and we were on this muddy little road, we had to put it in 4 wheel drive in order to make it. It was like living the Indiana Jones ride!!!!! We almost hit a tree, but we didn't and we survived so that's good. We ended up just going home after that. 

Saturday. Sister Wallace got really really sick and she started throwing up. We had to stay inside most of the day and we slept, and studied, and watched the Joseph Smith movie. But that night Al called us again and told us he was making dinner for us, and that he wanted us to come over and have dinner with him. By that evening Sister Wallace was feeling better, and we decided to go and have dinner with him. He made soo much food. I think he thinks that there were actually going to be like 8 people for dinner instead of just the 2 of us. We ended up taking home so much food that we couldn't carry it all and he had to find a tub and carry it that way. :) Sister Wallace got sick again that night and started throwing up it was a rough night. 

Sunday. It was the first time that I got to go to the Thompson Falls Branch and see the members there. They are seriously soo cute. Our ward mission leader told us that he couldn't give us a hug, but here was one anyway. He gave us these little hersheys hugs things and it was so cute. All the lessons were about missionary work and doing good to other people and helping them. We came back after church, and had to start laundry because we weren't going to have any time on Monday. 

Monday. We went to Glacier national park! :) It was seriously the most beautiful place. As we were walking through it, it made me wonder how on earth can people see things like this and still not believe that there was a God who loves us enough to give us things that are beautiful like that. We got to go on a trail and walk to a waterfall. I was so gorgeous, and we took lots of pictures. We hiked up a little further and we got to see the lake and all the mountains. I loved it! After we were there for a couple of hours we got really cold and the hike back was not as much fun as we had on the way back. We all came back to the Shaws and just like died. We were so tired, that we grabbed blankets, and we just curled up and started a fire and we all just laid wherever we could find room in their living room. It was really nice. We hung out and had a family home evening and then we came back. It was an awesome day...until we got home. The heat in our trailer was out and we had no where to go. We froze all night long and it was not very fun! We made phone calls and tried to fix things, but we are so exhausted from everything it's been a rough day. 

In conclusion...missionaries don't make good popsicles. I am telling you that right now so you never have to try it out for yourself. I hope that we can get things fixed soon and not have to worry about anything any more and just be able to focus on the work because it's been pretty rough lately. 

Well, I love you all very much, and I hope that you have a great week. Know that I think about you often! Loves! :) 

Conversation with Mom - Transfers are hard, I am cold, in Plains Montana

Malynne:  mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here!

Malynne:  MOM!!!!!

Mom:  I am here daughter.  Tell me all about it! (Just got off the phone with dad.  He is MAD!!)  Tell me what is going on.

Malynne:  (forwarded message she sent to dad)
I don't know. Things are soo messed up right now! Well, last week it went out. Nobody came to fix it for a while, then they finally did and we moved back in. Then it went out again later that night, so we moved back out. We had our ward mission leader come in with the member who owns the trailer and they looked at it. We went over and they lectured us on soo many things. There is a leak in our fridge and it froze so we had to clean it up. We didn't have enough room for everything, so we have been living out of our suitcases and it is not the cleanest place in the world. There were plastic bags under the sink that we were using for garbage bags. Also, we had a couple of space heaters that were 'hazardous' and also ran up the electricity. So, they concluded that it was our fault because we ran too many things at once and blew a fuse. They showed us how to check them and change them. Then we left. They called us back later and told us that they had taken our space heaters and that we needed to get everything cleaned up this week. So, the heat went out again last night and we slept in the freezing cold, seriously dad my fingers are still cold. We both woke up and were so cold we didn't want to move. We finally moved and rolled up in as many blankets as we could to study. But then we were so cold we started to cry and had to call the Shaws (They are like our mission mom and dad out here since we are so far away from the mission home) and they were mad and made a bunch of phone calls, and now we are over at a members home and just thawing out. Yep, this has been a really hard transfer! :( 

Mom:  Will the Shaws help you find a better living condition?

Malynne:  I have no idea what is going to happen to us. It is just a hard thing. Yeah, and there is just lack of space and also we live in Plains, and then pack everything up and move to Thompson Falls for a week. We just never unpack because we just are always moving and it sucks! :( The Shaws don't like the idea of the trailer and I don't know if we are going to be staying there permanently or if this is just a temporary solution until they can find us a better place to stay. 

Mom:  I realize that this is not the most ideal situation, especially without heat.  I think it is important to remember that you are a missionary.  Think of the first missionaries for the church.  They often times did not know where they were going, where they were going to stay, but they did know God was with them, and that they had a mission to bring others to Christ.  I really can't imagine the situation you are living in, so don't think I am judging you.  I want pictures of it!!!!  For you to remember the hard times.  I want pictures of your companion.  I want you to try hard to be happy.
I think in a few months you are going to say that this is the best area ever!!!!!

Malynne:  I hope so! I better not get transferred because I haven't even been able to do anything yet! That's what I want to do is bring others to Christ just my body hasn't been able to. :( I do have some pictures...but I haven't taken any of the trailer because I kind of want to forget about it. But, I will take some for you. Elder Shaw told us something that made a lot of sense though. He told us that "missionaries have to have a place where they can feel the spirit. If it is to cold the spirit can't be there because we can't focus on the promptings of the spirit we can only focus on getting warm. If it has all of these things wrong with it we can't be effective missionaries like we should be while we stay there. The place we stay has to be set up and set apart as a place where the spirit can reside." Right now, I know other missionaries are living in huts and washing their clothes in buckets, but it really isn't safe for us to be there with it as cold as it is you know...I just would like heat.

Mom:  Tell me about your trip yesterday?  Was it beautiful?  I was nervous to the point of an anxiety attack waiting for your letter.  The typhoon in the Phillipines, and all the unaccounted for (now accounted for) missionaries was on the top of my mind all week, then when I did not hear from you my mind went a little crazy.  I imagined all kinds of bad things happening to you.  I am so glad you are safe and cold. :)

Malynne:  It was sooo beautiful! We left to go up to Kalispell really really early, and then we drove and picked up the Elders. We got there at like 9:30ish. Then we went up to glacier we all carpooled. We parked and then we just walked up this trail. This trail was covered in snow and slush and it was loads of fun to try to walk in the Elders footsteps, we were all slipping around a lot, and chuckin' snowballs at each other, and were bundled up pretty tight. :) Then, we hiked up to this trail and followed it for a while, and came out at this gorgeous waterfall! There were canyon walls all around it, and just like the most gorgeous river and waterfall with trees was awesome! Then we hiked back out onto the main trail and we went up to the lake to eat lunch. The lake is gorgeous too. I think I got a picture of that too. It was there that the wind picked up and we all started freezing. We hiked back, but it wasn't as much fun because we were all really tired and hiking in snow is really hard especially with wet heavy boots! So, we made it all the way back to the cars and we drove over to the Shaws. We all were so dead, we stripped off our shoes and socks, broke out the blankets, started a fire, and then were all just dead lying all over their living room. Nobody was moving or talking :P Sister Shaw thought it was so funny that she pulled out her camera and took pictures of all of us dead missionaries. We hung out and just played games and goofed off until the sun went down, then we went to Walmart and drove the Elders home. We got home at like 9:00 so that's why we didn't email...we were dead tired! 

Mom:  I am so glad that you had fun.  I have heard that Glacier National Park is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I need to know of a physical address to send stuff to you.  Do you have one?  Also, Elder Wyatt....tell me about him.  Does he have good family support?

Malynne:  Yes! I love glacier, I am excited to go to it as a family...we are adding that into our vacation plans right? Nope we don't have a physical address up here, just the P.O. box. You will have to see where everything is when you come up here. And Elder Wyatt...well he is from Washington. He is 6 hours younger than me. He is waiting on his visa to go to Brazil. He has lots of family support, but if you want to 'adopt' my evil twin feel free. He is awesome! 

Mom:  Who is your evil twin? Is their another missionary we can adopt?  Do you need anything?  I have two cardigans to send you.  want a picture?

Malynne:  Elder Wyatt is my evil twin. Ha ha :P I am the older twin and we are different in every sense of the word, but he has become one of my best friends. :) Any other missionaries you can adopt...yes! 1-Sister Wilburt. She is a new missionary and she is having a really hard time transitioning into missionary life. She is 29 years old, and from Southern California. She is definitely different and could just use some extra love. 2-Elder Wright. He is also a newer missionary in my district. He is 19 years old from Kentucky. He is having a hard time because he made lots of mistakes growing up and has just had a hard time feeling like he is forgiven. I know that he struggles sometimes, and could just use some extra love. :) If you want more Sister Lasson and Sister Wing are the best and would love letters and stuff too! :) Um, I was going to ask for something. I would seriously love it if you would send some cd's that are approved. specifically the forgotten carols and stuff that you already own so you can just have dad rip it to a new cd and send it to me please! The list was in my box, and now I only have 2 approved cd's. Anything motab unless it's patriotic, or from broadway should be okay. :) And if you can some more stamps, I am all out. Also, I am soo excited for cardigans! :) yay! They are much needed. And yes, I would love a picture if you can send it! 

Mom:  Well, I am going to need address for all those missionaries.  We will all start writting to them.  And....I was going to mail you some CD's for Christmas - you greedy child!  :)  I will get the Forgotten Carols mailed immediately with the cardigans (did you get the picture?)  Do you like them?  Stamps are also coming.  What kind of a picture do you want?  A water pitcher?

Malynne:  Ha ha, you are so funny! Sure, you could send me a water pitcher if you want to. :P Well, I am glad that I am getting things for Christmas! YAY! Also, the only address I can give you for them all permanently is the mission home address. I love them! I am so excited for them! :) I did get the picture. and I am thankful for stamps, and I want a picture of our family! :) 

Mom:  I need to run to the store.  are  you sending a big letter?  You can talk to Makenna for a little bit.

Malynne:  Yep, and yes I would love to talk to Makenna for a minutes. :) 

Makenna:  Hey Malynne. It's Makenna. I read the letter about your transfer. I'm really sorry that you were so cold! I'm really cold right now too but it's cause I'm sick. We don't know what's wrong with me, but every morning when I wake up, and before I go to bed, I get really sick. I'm fine during the day but really sick otherwise. SO.... I got a job.

Malynne:  I know I heard from mom! :) How is that going?

Makenna:  It's going good! I miss you a lot! But I've gotten really really close to Connor since you left and It's nice. We've started calling him Butt loaf. It's seriously the funniest thing in the world!

Malynne:  Ha ha dad told me about that! :) What happened to Makayla, I thought that you two were always tight? 

Makenna:  She's too hormonal right now. She's so bipolar. We're so close one minute and then the other minute she'll just burst into tears. Ugh. Is that how it was with me? Cause if it was I TOTALLY get it now. Lol

Malynne:  Yes ma'am it was. Ha ha :P but it's okay...hopefully you've grown out of it by now. I know Connor and I got pretty close before I left and I miss him a lot. I also miss you a lot because I have always been closest to you. Well, now I am close to all of you, but we were always tight. :) I mean, we're still tight ha ha :P but yeah I miss you too.

Makenna:  We're still pretty close! I miss you too. I just have trouble writing. Ugh.

Malynne:  writing things for school or like typing? 

Makenna:  Lol no writing letters to you 

Malynne: Oh yea...seriously what the heck!? Just kidding ;)

Makenna:  Haha I don't know. It's just hard for me. Nudd and I have made deals to write to you, but for some reason, they don't happen.

Malynne:  Well, make them happen. I am holding your letter hostage from now on! Okay just kidding I wouldn't do that. But I wish that you would write me more! 

Makenna:  I can see it now. My letters pinned to the wall helplessly. Just kidding haha

Malynne:   Yes that's right. and whenever I get mad I will put another pin in them!

Mom:  Hey, this is mom.  I am back.  I had to run to the store for onions.  Chicken Noodle soup for dinner tonight baby!!!

Malynne:   Woo hoo! :) I am sending home pictures right now. : )

Mom:  went to Smiths and bought you one more sweater.  Want a picture???

Malynne:  Yes please! :)   Yay, it's cute! Thank you soo much! :) 

Mom:  Did you get the picture?  Makenna really likes it and I think she thinks I only buy things for you.  I might keep that one for her....maybe I will go get another.  What color would you like...grey, black, tan, red, beige?  You need to tell me who is in teh pictures.

Malynne:  beige will be awesome! :) I will have to go through and tell you who they all are next week. :) LOVE YOU! We gotta go and figure stuff out with out heating. Have a great week. LOVES!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Glacier National Park

Hey mom, it's me. :) Well, I am going up to glacier park so I won't be emailing until later today. I am really excited, it is going to be awesome, but cold. I am doing okay, I have definitely had a hard time in this area just because I have been so sick and haven't been able to work as much as I have wanted. I am definitely being really hard on myself, and feel like I am a bad missionary lately. I have recommitted to living missionary standards even if I can't go out and work as much as I would like to. I am doing better though, we got to go out and work more. I am glad that you are doing better :) I have been worried about you, and about Makenna...not sure why though. Well, I am going to write more later. I will probably be on at like 6 or 7ish so wait for me. :) I will send you an email answering all of your questions too.  LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

(FYI:  Malynne did not write back this day.  Made mom sad....must wait for one more week for a letter.  Hope she had a wonderful time.)

Glacier National Park Pictures

Sister Erbe & Sister Christensen 

Sister Wallace
Sister Wallace
 Sister Wallace, Sister Christensen, Me, and Sister Wilburt
Left to Right:   Sister Wilburt, Sister Wallace, me, sister Christensen, and sister Crooks. Then the 2 in the back being weirdos are Elder Denslow on the right and Elder Jackson on the left. Then the bottom one is just a closer shot of all of us sisters. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halfway......What?????? Plains, Montana

So God decided to celebrate my 9 month mark with me just to see how patient I really have become on my mission...It's been a crazy week. :P
So, I have been sick as you all already know. So I finally got permission to go to the doctor. We went and he told me that I have really bad bronchitis and that I needed to take these pills and an inhaler to help me get over it. I went and I got them and the pills make me so drowsy I can't even stay awake. We were also told to stay inside until I was finished with the pills. I can't drive on them so we had to get permission from our car guy for Sister Wallace to drive. We couldn't get a hold of him, and we had to drive to we figured let Sister Wallace drive and ask forgiveness later. (We have permission now so don't worry.) We then ran out of gas. Our gas card got shut off because a receipt was missing from our monthly report and so it's fixed now, but we didn't have gas for like 3 days. Then, the heat went out in our trailer and we had to move in with a member. The members who own the trailer we live in were really upset and offended that we moved. Then lots of rumors started and lots of people were mad them and at us and we had to fix things. Then Kelli, the member that we are living with, her heater shut down and had to be condemned for safety reasons. So, we are living with space heaters and blankets. It's okay, it's definitely sufficiently warm in here. :) 

We learned about a lot of the work that we have to do, and there a lot of internal struggles in this branch. We decided that the best way to get things rolling was to work on the branch from the inside out. The plan for now is to make 20 appointments with less actives and investigators a week and then to make 20 appointments with the members. Thus we will be fulfilling all of the things that we need to with working with the members, and the other people that we need to at once. ;) I am so excited to be able to get out and execute this plan, but for now we are having to stay inside. We are going to go and start working for a few hours every night, but hopefully nothing to make my cough worse or to make me feel worse. Anything is better than nothing! 

I hit my 9 month mark on Wednesday. I didn't really do much to celebrate or anything I just kind of tried to pretend that it wasn't happening. Today right now I am closer to the end of my mission than I am to the beginning and that makes my brain hurt. How on earth did I sneeze and 9 months go by? I love being a missionary, I am not ready for it to be over any time soon!!!!! It's okay I have 9 months.

Well, that was my update for the week, not much of an update, but I didn't do much this week to report on. I still love it, and I am just getting antsy to get out and work!  Thanks for all of the love and support and prayers of each of you, I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

20/20 Progam, Plains, Montana

Dear Malynne,
Today was Eddie Tilley's homecoming.  While I was sitting in sacrament meeting I got a very strong impression that I want to share with you.  I was thinking about all the things I have to do, about people I am concerned about in our ward, about bills that need to be paid, people I need to call, Christmas Shopping, oil changes that are needed on which know, all the stuff I should not be thinking about during Sacrament meeting, but stuff that just kept running through my head.  I said to myself I wish there was a time that I did not have to worry about these things, and instead focus on the things that really matter, that so often I put on the end of the list, "the back burner".  Then I thought of you.  This is your time to totally focus on those things that are of the most importance.  You are so blessed to take this opportunity, to not only bring others to Christ, but to build your own personal relationship with Christ.  Take advantage of the time you have and be ready to teach me when you return.
I want to know what is your favorite scripture today.  (I am sure that your favorite scripture changes often).
So just want to let you know that you made everyone's day on Thursday when your letters arrived!  We all felt the love.  Thank you!!!!  I gave your letter to the Bishop this morning and he smiled big and said, "tell her I love her".
Then on Friday your big box arrived!!!!  Sorry for sending you so much crap!!!!  I will only send you stuff I know you will use.  I must say that I am surprised that you sent the black and brown skirts home.  I have a blue one and I LOVE it.  It keeps me warm in the winter!!!  Kira loves my blue skirt.....I am going to love wearing the brown one and I am sure the black one will get worn also.  Did you get the new skirt?  Do you like it?  I have one exactly like it and I love it!!!!!  Do you need shirts, or sweaters?  Send me colors and I will send you what you want.
Schmoo, I love you.  I miss you.  I am so proud of you.  I hope you are well, physically, mentally and spiritually.  I hope you love your companion.  Pacific Islanders have a culture all their own and are so loving.  I am sure you will love her if you don't already.
I am excited for your letter tomorrow.

I saw that Eddie got home and my brain exploded. I can't believe that he is home already!!!! I can't believe I am officially closer to the end of my mission than I am to the beginning. It is the most amazing time when I don't have to worry about anything except these wonderful people that I am working with. :) God is gracious and he takes care of me and everyone that I love and I know that the blessings that come from me being here will never end. Don't feel bad, but I wrote dad another letter, and it is like the longest letter I have written. I miss him soo much and I was feeling very homesick for my dad so I wrote him a letter. I am glad that I have such an awesome family. I have committed to writing home more to everyone. :) 
I am soo glad that my box made it home. :) Ha ha yeah it was a big box, but mostly I sent a lot of it home because I accumulate a ton on my mission and members give me things that the thought of not having them with me makes me sad. :P I do love the brown and black skirts, but I love my other skirts more and figured that you could use them. :) One thing that I definitely need is more white shirts. I know I just asked for some, but I seriously wear those like every single day because they go with everything and they are easy to accessorize and they are just my favorite thing. I have had some shirts that I took out with me on my mission that have now lasted 9 months. They are no longer white...they are like a grayish color and they are ripping in strange places. Also sweaters. Like plain sweaters from target or something that don't have like flowers or crazy prints, just colorful ones that I can throw on with my outfits and it will be simple. That's really the only thing that I really need right now. Oh, and stamps if you can that would be awesome, now that I have moved I have a lot more people to write. :P Oh, and yes I love the skirt. I loved the whole box it made me happy. I loved Makaylas giraffe that she drew me. I got tons of compliments on my outfit at church this week. It was awesome! (I wore your skirt you sent me.) 
Oh, and as far as my favorite scripture goes, it hasn't changed in quite a while actually. My favorite scripture is Alma 19:10 "And Ammon said unto her; blessed art thou because of thy exceeding faith. I say unto thee, Woman, there has not been such great faith among all the people of the Nephites." Everything starts with faith, conversion starts with faith, miracles start with faith, growth in the gospel starts with faith. Ammon is speaking to King Lamoni's wife and when he tells her what happens she believes him and is converted. I want someone to look at me and see how much faith I had and how much I have and for them to be able to recognize the trust I put in the Lord. Not just faith in my areas and faith in my missionary work, but being able to apply my faith and be patient through trials knowing that i will be okay. Be faithful through everything and to always be looking ahead and believing and trusting in my Savior and in his promised blessings. That's my favorite scripture and the explainaton thereof. :) 

I am definitely doing better than last week, but it has been a crazy week. How many things can happen in one week? Don't know but definitely had like 10 crazy huge things happen. I will send you my long email about it. Mom, thank you so much for everything that you do. You are so awesome, and I am so grateful for everything that you do. :) I love you! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom - What color of sweaters do you want?  Do you want cardigans or pull over type?  Pull over type are easier to find in your size.  Hope you are still there.  I am at work, but will watch for your response.  Also how is yor companion?  What is her name?

Malynne - I am here still. :) My companion is Sister Wallace, she is awesome and I love her. I want cardigans, but just like any bright colors that you can get me. Mostly like blues and greens, and maybe a black one, but yeah just bright.

Mom - Tell me about your area.  Is it beautiful?

Malynne - Yes it is seriously gorgeous! I never knew a place could have so many trees and gah it is beautiful. There is definitely a different missionary style here than there was in Lovell and I don't like it. I am changing it to the way it is supposed to be ha ha :P The ward it having a lot of internal struggles so basically we have to work from the inside out and then we can move on with missionary work because we can't do much without the members. I am sick of staying inside I am ready to work! There's lots to be done! 

Mom - Are you still sick?  I have been sick with a dumb head cold for over a week.  Tired of it!  Tell me what you are doing to straighten up the members?  I could really use some advice on how to get the sisters "Missionary minded".  We have been asked to step up the missionary work within our ward and I feel like I am only one that knows and cares about the less actives (not trying to brag, but I think I do OK in that area.....better than most.  I am not afraid to meet others and be friends to those that don't go to church).

Malynne - Yeah, I am still sick. I finally got to go to the doctor and he told me I have a really severe case of bronchitis and that I have to take these pills that make me really drowsy and an inhaler to help with my wheezing. He also doesn't want me to be outside more than i have to because the cold air makes me cough more and coughing is what they are trying to avoid with me right now. So slow steps to get me better we are going out for a couple of hours every day, but still have to send a lot of time at home! :( And, with the members I am doing a 20, 20 program. We make 20 appointments a week with less actives or investigators and then we are making 20 appointments with members and taking them to those lessons. Once they catch the spirit of missionary work it will help with the lazy internal struggle that they are having in their ward and also it will help them get the spirit and want to be better missionaries. And, if they tell me no they don't want to go out, well I have been called and set apart to call them to repentance and I will. And I will be very blunt about it. You are not going to tell me no you are not going to keep your covenants, I am not putting up with that.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

First week in Plains, Montana

Okay, well this week has not been the best. I have definitely had some struggles. I am now in Plains and I haven't even gone up to Thompson Falls yet. We live in a camping trailor. We have 5 minutes of hot water total per day, and so we have become masters at 2 minute showers. I also have been really sick and not able to do much. I came out here, and have been really sick for about 3 weeks now. My person who tells me if I can go to the doctor or not told me that I would be fine. When I got up here to Plains I had a member ask if he could listen to my lungs since he was a doctor. My bronchitus has started to develop into pneumonia and so he put me on some medicine and I have been inside for like 4 days. It is hard not to do anything as a missionary. Also, the last sets of missionary have been horrible. There are no records and no addresses. There are no less actives anyone is working with, and no investigators. We are building from the ground up. There are a lot of excuses as to why the work in this area has been horrible for the last 7 1/2 months, but I guess we will just have to start where we are at.
On top on all of that my heart aches for the people that I left. I have gotten so many facebook messages, and I miss them a lot. I know I will see them soon, but it is still hard to not be able to be with them. I love them soo much! I think once I get out and working I will be able to feel better about things hopefully. I also hated saying goodbye to everyone, that was miserable. 

Alright, I guess a quick lo down of my week sorry for all the complaining I just had to get it out to someone since I can't really say anything to anyone here. Alright Monday. Monday was Elder White's 21st birthday. All he wanted to do for his birthday was tour the sugar beet factory with all of us. So, we decided to go. We had to wear street clothes because we would smell horrible afterwards, and we had to wear hair nets and hard hats that were bright red. They also gave us all ear plugs ha ha. We went through the whole factory and he let us eat all this random stuff and showed us how to make sugar out of beets. :P We were getting towards the end, and it was really really loud, so they piled all of us into this one little room that could probably fit 3 people in it comfortably. It was soo squishy when they shoved 15 of us in there...never been that close to the Elders in my life! Soo awkward, and then it was just hilarious! :) Then, they showed us these big huge spinny things that dry the sugar and then it spins really fast and washes left over stuff down the drain. Well, a bunch of us were looking and it squirted all of us with nasty water, it was actually super funny! :) That night I went and said goodbye to the Savages, and to the Mickelsons. We got a ride out of town and we went and said goodbye to the Holzers. They are going to be sealed in the temple in March and I am praying I will be allowed to go! Then, we went and said goodbye to the Wilkersons and they all cried when they heard I was leaving. Heartwrenching! I am going to miss them soo much! Well, I already do miss them soo much! 

On Tuesday it was a really big long day of saying goodbye. I had to pack that morning though. This is a really funny story actually! The last couple of weeks Sister Wing and I have seen this little mouse running around. We put our poison and traps and haven't been able to kill it. Well, I was packing and it ran in our room and then took of running the other way. Well, after like 5 minutes it was forgotten. Sister Wing was going from our room to our front room and stopped like dead in her tracks in the hallway, and she started like sputtering out unintelligible words "um, I think, Oh mmmm... Sister Erbe, IT'S DYING!" So I went in there, and there was this little mouse writhing on the floor. It was dying of poison and we just watched it turn over, twitch, and then die. Sister Wing was mortified and was like "Oh my gosh I am going to throw up!" What is it with me and mice? :P I got to say goodbye to the Nadings, and Cheryl Wardell, I said goodbye to a lot of people acutally and then it was almost time to go. I was going to say goodbye to the Jolly's and Sister Wilson called and asked "Where are you right now?" I told her and she came flying around the corner in her car and parked in the middle of the street and jumped out and gave me a hug. She was crying soo much and was soo sad that I was leaving. I hadn't really gotten emotional about it until then because I love her soo much and I am going to miss her. She just hugged me for a really long time and then drove us to the church and waited with us for the transfer van. She is one of the most amazing women that I know and it broke my heart to see her so sad. I can't wait to go back and see her. The rest of the night was just one long transfer van ride up to Billings, and we spent the night with one of the Senior couples, the Sears.

Wednesday was a really long ride in the transfer van up to Helena. We got to Helena and from there Elder Shaw another senior missionary up here in the kalispell zone picked us up in his truck. There were 4 missionaries and him. He is kind of like the mission President up here since we are the zone farthest away from the mission home, he is kind of in charge of us up here. I like him a lot, he is awesome. We drove from Helena to Columbia Falls and there I met with all the other missionaries except for my companion. She was clear down in Frenchtown by Missoula and the zone leaders were bringing her back up. I got to hang out with Sister Owens and talk about life back down in Lehi! :) I love her it was soo good to see her. Then we talked to the Shaws and we found out that there has been a lot a lot of talk about splitting the mission. Once the mission reaches like 250 missionaries then it is about time to split so they are predicting that if they did create a new mission then we would be in it. If they did do that, I would have a new mission President for the last 2 months of my mission, and that would be weird...Oh well. Well, the zone leaders finally made it up to Kalispell and we had to leave columbia falls and go down to Kalispell and pick up my truck and my companion. Yes I have a truck, be jealous! Well, we ran to walmart so that I wouldn't starve of hunger, and then we headed home to Plains. We got here at almost 9:00 and just went straight to bed.

Thursday was Halloween and it was the first day that I really got to look at the area books. It was horrible to see that this poor area has had some of the worst missionaries. I am also sad to say that one of them was one that I trained. which makes me feel even worse about things! She was not that way when she was with me...:( We got to go out and meet some of our members here, and we got to meet a less active. We went to the trunk or treat and got to meet a few more members. The members in this branch are awesome, like they are so warm and loving and I hope that I can love them as much as I do the people in Lovell! Well, after the trunk or treat we went to our branch presidents house because he goes all out for halloween and needed help passing out the donuts. He runs a funeral home and he gave out donuts, apple cider, hot chocolate, candy, frisbys, and a tour of his freezer. Luckily there wasn't any dead bodies in there. That night was the night the member asked if he could listen to my lungs and told me that I was starting to develop pneumonia. I was sent home with pills. 

The next day I met an awesome member named Kelli she is letting us stay with her so she can make sure I get better and that we can have hot showers for a few days. I have pretty much been inside ever since just trying to get better. I am feeling loads better now and I just want to go out and work, but I have to stay in for now. :( Oh well, we will go out and take this place by storm tomorrow. There is soo much work to be done! 

Well, thanks for all of your love and support and prayers, they have been much needed and much appreciated this week. Seriously thank you! I love you all and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Conversation with Mom

 Mom - Makenna is planning big for you when you come home.  She misses you tons.  She wants to move out with you and go to school with you, and go on vacations with you.  She is already planning her senior family vacation, A VACATION TO THE BEACH!!!!

Malynne - It is funny that she is already planning all of that because I have been planning on when I come home and all of the trips I am going to take all my siblings on with me. I am going to get a car, and then I am going to take all of them up to Montana and Wyoming with me, and we are going to go to Disneyland just for no reason at all just because I can. I miss herr and love her too and I can't wait until I can call and talk to all of you at Christmas! My new address is:  My address is:
P.O. Box 261
Plains, Montana 59859.
I am in Plains I haven't made it up to Thompson Falls yet, we are going up there on Friday. My companion is Sister Wallace, she is Samoan, and totally laid back. a little bit too laid back sometimes, just nothing matters and that is a little frustrating. I think that being obedient matters, and she just is really laid back. I am training her, but she was trained for 6 weeks before I got her. She is awesome, but her trainer was super trunkey and just ready to go home, and so she definitely wasn't trained up to parr. I am trying to fix things, but I have been really sick. I have been sick for about 3 weeks now. It started down in Lovell, and it has just gotten worse and worse, I developed some serious chest congestion and a horrible cough, and was having trouble sleeping and eating and just doing normal people things. Our medical coordinator lady told me I was fine and just to suck it up, and so I have been, but I just have felt miserable. When I got up here to Plains it was really bad, and I was having a hard time. We went out and did normal things I met with some of the people in the branch and it was good to meet them. It was halloween and so we got to go to the trunk or treat, and then we went to our branch Presidents house and helped him pass out donuts. There was a member who is actually a doctor he asked if I was okay and I told him that I would be I just needed a little bit of time. He asked if he could listen to my lungs and I told him sure. He did, and told me that because I hadn't done anything to be taking care of my bronchitus it was now starting to develop into pneumonia. It was a really slight case, but I definitely had fluid in my lungs. So he put me on some medicine and I have been inside pretty much ever since. We tried to go out and work on Friday, but then he found out and sent me back home. I am staying with an awesome member in our ward who is letting us stay with her and making sure that I take my meds and stuff. I haven't told the medical lady, I am just going to let her think that she is right because she wouldn't let me go to the doctor and almost killed me. I am kind of mad about it, and also going stark raving mad just being inside all the time. I am doing a lot better though, and I am going to go out and work tomorrow as much as I can.

Mom - Hearing that does not make a momma happy.  You need to take care of yourself.  Do I need to call a mission president?????  I know you can't do what you need to be doing if you are sick.  I love you.  This weekend, when all the family was together except you was super hard for me.  I really miss you.

Malynne - No, don't bother President Mecham, I am getting better. I had a really hard time this weekend too because I miss you too, and have been having a hard time. I really love it out here, but it is just the adjusting that is hard. I will hopefully be okay by next Monday after we set 3 baptism dates since that is my goal for this next week. I really am getting better physically I just think emotionally now because I haven't been able to do anything that is where I am having a hard time now...