Monday, October 28, 2013

Transfer Conversation with mom. Lovell, Wyoming to Plains/Thompson Falls, Montana

Mom:  Malynne,
On Thursday, November 1st we are going to go on a little vacation to a cabin with all the Schraders.  We are going to celebrate my mom and dads 50th Wedding anniversary.  The gift they wanted was for the entire family to be together for a few days.  You will be the only one missing :(  I want to ask you to RIGHT NOW write them a little letter.  It will mean the world to them!!!!  If you email it to me I will put it in an envelope and give it to them when we are up there.  We are all writing time a letter, so yours will not be the only one, but with you not being there it may be the most cherished.  You were their first grandchild and you will always hold a special place in their hearts.
I love you and will write you a letter too.



Malynne:  I did write it...I just have to send it out still. I will send it today! 

Mom:  Mail it today or we won't get it in time.  Do you need me to send you more stamps?  Are you getting transferred?????  I have a pkg to send!

Malynne:  Read my letter. :) and nope I am good on stamps. And yes I will send it today. :) 
Oh, did you get my pictures ever? 

Malynne then sent her letter.  Read the letter for week to see where she got transferred to.

Malynne:  Well if you didn't figure it out then that stinks for you.

 Mom:  Yes, I got the pictures.  I need to read your letter.  Are you going to be there for a minute?

Malynne:  Yep I will be here for a few minutes. : 0

Mom:  So are you ready to transfer?  Where are these places?  Do you know anyone going there?  Who will your companion be?

Malynne:  Yep mom you probably won't believe this, but I really am good. I knew I wouldn't be here forever. It will be weird to not be here in Lovell, but I know that I am not dying and that I will be back here in about 9 months. :) I am really actually excited to go so don't worry. The hardest part(s) packing...and saying goodbye after that, it will be awesome! :) Oh, and it is almost in Canada.

Malynne:  I am ready to go...except I need to pack and say goodbye! They are close up by Canada. I am going to the Kalispell zone and I am sure there will be a few missionaries there that I know. And my companion will be Sister Wallace and I am going to be finishing her training. :) 

Mom:  How long of a travel is it from where you are to where you are going? 

Malynne:  About 12 hours. I will be staying over night in Billings most likely then going the last 10 or so hours up there. :0 

Mom:  I have heard of Sister Wallace.???  Where from I do not know.  Tell me how you feel about this?  Are there others going up there with you?  Where is your companion going?

Malynne:  Sister Christensen is going up there with me. We have been together since the MTC why stop now! :) And she is from California I am pretty sure. Sister Wing is staying here another Sister will finish up her training. :) Mom, I really do feel great about it. It feels right for me and I know God wouldn't send me somewhere unless I was needed. I am ready to go and fulfill my promises that I have made to the people in Plains and Thompson Falls. :) 

Mom:  Dad is in a meeting a work.  He wants me to tell you that he loves you.  You need to write some letters to your family!!!!  Dad, Makenna, Makayla and Connor are all feeling neglected.  NOT ME!!!   I am feeling loved!

Malynne:  Ha ha I am sorry. Things here are insane! I haven't gotten letters in a long time either though. I do have a couple of letters ready to send home I will finish them up today! 

Mom:  Schmoo, I really want to talk to you.  I am at work.  I am so glad that you are happy about this one, unlike the first transfer.  We have been praying for you, praying that you would know that you would be sent where you are needed.  We all love you!!!  I will keep checking back to see how you are doing.  I do have a question for you ever hear from Ryan?  Is he OK?  Does he know that we love him regardless of what is going on in his life?  I do not know what is going on, just know we haven't seen or heard from him or of him for a long time.

Malynne:  we are in the same boat. I haven't heard from him since May. I am trying to not let it distract me or make me upset. I know he was always the worst at communicating and I hope that's the only thing that's going on...I really miss him though, it makes me sad. Have you heard from JJ? How is he doing? 

Mom:  JJ's girlfriend came home the day after he did.  I have seen posts of them together, I do forsee him returning to his mission.  I heard that Ryan was told he can not go on a mission and can try to reapply in 6 years.  I do not know the truth to that, and I am sure the reason he is staying away is because he thinks we will be mad.  I also heard he is moving to St. George to go to school and that he and Tanner and going to be roommates.  Do not worry about them.  Both of them will be fine and do what they think is best for them.  You are doing what you KNOW is best for you.

Malynne:  Ryan is my best friend. I am sad.

Mom:  Ryan is my best friend. I am sad.

Malynne:  I am going to write to him. I just don't know what is even going on. It is crazy that all of a sudden he won't tell me things, like he always told me things. Even when he was having trouble communicating. Remember that night he showed up at our house at 3 in the morning because his dad was going crazy? I do. And he told me everything like didn't hold anything back and I thought that I knew him really well. I just am worried because all of a sudden he isn't telling me or anybody else anything and he is going to explode.

Mom: I have been tempted to write him a letter.  Should I or should I not?  I love him!  Sometimes when people won't share with you it is because they either don't want to hurt you, disappoint you, or afraid they will be judged and will be out of your good graces.  Tread lightly!  
Makenna got a job!!!!  She will be working at the Carters outlet for the Christmas season.  She is so excited.  I am so worried.  She struggles so much in school and this last week we got 4 classes up from F's to C-'s.  I hope we can stay on top of the homework.  We did transfer her out of her hard math class and got her into an easier one and that will help!!!

Malynne:  Yes write him a letter and then make him cookies and take them over to him. :) Just talk to him and tell him how much I love him too! And I am glad Makenna got a job. Tell her that I say that she just has to make it through this year and then I will be home and can help her with her homework! :) 

Mom:  Malynne, Any skirts you don't want you need to send home!!!!  We can use them and they will be new to us.  If you need to give the boxes to someone in your ward that you trust, ask them to have them weighed and we will mail a check to pay for the shipping......What can we do to help get those boxes home?  Did you ever send one home with those people from Lehi?  The ones that took a box to you a few weeks ago?

Malynne:  Nope I didn't they left the next day and I never got a chance since they just dropped it off at my house. I have one big box that I can send and it is going to be like $50 to send home since I have neglected to do it for a long time. I was planning on taping it up and picking it up next August when I come back. Do you want me to send it home? 
The other missionaries say to send it home and have you pay for it at the post office when you pick it up...? Can we do that? 

Mom:  Yes, take it to the post office and have them do that.  We will pay for it.  Good call.

Malynne:  K sounds good. :) We will get that done today! :) I will also send letters home in the box! LOVE YOU SOO SOO MUCH! But we're gonna head out. LOVES!


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