Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The worth of "SOULS" is Great!

Text Mom received from Bishop Wolsey/Lovell, Wy

Bishop W: Sister Erbe has holes in her shoes. Mom please help. From Bishop Wolsey

Mom: there are a pair of boots on the way. Sending them out tomorrow. She has not said anything to us. Thank you for letting us know. Can you find out if she needs shoes....what kind of shoes?

Bishop W: What boots are you sending? From your daughter.

Mom: I bought a pair for her and her to follow. Does she still need shoes? I will go get some tomorrow if she does.

Bishop W: Now she tells me she is kidding. She says she is proud of them. We are keeping them busy.

Mom: do you have a Payless Shoe Store there? Tell her to use the money in her account and go get some new shoes. Does she think the new “cute” boots are ugly? Too bad!!!! They are coming anyways. Love my girl!!!! Thank you for taking care of her and for keeping her busy.

Bishop W: We do not have any clothing type stores here. She likes the boots but not the holey shoes. Winter is coming anyway
She is proud they have holes in them but she thinks they are ugly.

Mom: I will get some shoes and send them too. Tell her to watch for a package on Saturday.

Bishop W: I told them and they were excited. They are fun to work with. She thinks you are the best!

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