Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Okay so today (Wednesday) is my P-day because we went up to Billings and we got i-pads. Yes everyone I now have an i-pad! They are going to be amazing tools for the work, and I am excited to see them be used. We have our daily planners on them, our entire ward list in both wards, and our area books that we can update as we are walking around and stuff. Pretty crazy stuff, I am excited about it though, it will be nice when we are at someones house like "who are they again...oh wait let me pull up all this information up on my...I-PAD!" yep it's gonna be SWEET!
So update on some of my favorite people. The Wilkersons! We had an appointment with them on Friday. They are such an amazing family! We went over the first vision, and then had a testimony meeting. We let everyone have a turn to share their testimony about the gospel or Joseph Smith. One of my favorite testimonies was Rowen the 6 year old. He said "I love Heavenly Father, and Jesus, and the missionaries, and everything else that makes me warm and happy inside" Then he started to cry. Man little kids have the best testimonies! They are still on date for November 9th, but they haven't asked their dad permission yet, and we just found out about some concerns that Sean has that have never been resolved. So, we will work on that...if you have time, pray for the Wilkerson family okay? After we taught the lesson we spent some time carving pumpkins. Anna bought Sister Wing and I our own pumpkins and it was soo much fun! I carved a cow into mine. I will send a picture later. Anna gave us a ride home later that night, and told us that we were always welcome over at her house especially when we are homesick. She said "We may not be your family, but we will be as close as we can." I love her soo much! 

On Wednesday we taught the yeamans about the law of chastity, and the Word of Wisdom. Well, they are ages 10 and 12 and I wasn't really sure exactly what they knew about chastity. So, I just kind of threw it out worked ha ha they knew what we were talking about and they knew why it was important. It definitely was almost an awkward lesson. Then, we went over to teach Amber, and Lupe. Amber has had a lot of concerns that she hasn't brought up until they kind of all exploded all at once. It was kind of crazy but we were able to resolve her concerns using the Book of Mormon. She just kind of needed to vent. 

On Thursday we asked Annie Nading to give us a ride to Cody so that we could get a flu shot somewhere where our insurance covered it. Which was in Cody 1 1/2 hours a way. It was a good trip, and we talked about her being a visiting teacher, and she agreed. Yay Annie, taking steps! :) We went back to Amber and Lupe's that night just to check up on them, and we talked about patience and grattitude. They agreed to start writing in a gratitude journal every night I know that it will help them, it helped me. :) 

On Friday (I don't know why this paragraph has turned gray...) We went out and it was a nice day, but the wind chill dropped the temperature down a lot, so it was pretty cold. We tried as many people as we could think of, spent a couple of hours knocking doors and tried everyone that we had planned to visit the entire day, except a family who lived 3 1/2 miles out of town. Well we were freezing, and decided that it definitely wouldn't hurt to call around and see if we could find a ride out of town. We called a woman in our relief society presidency, and she told us that she could take us out, but we were on our own coming back. It just so happened that we had a family coming in from out of town to teach a lesson with us a couple of hours later, so we figured it would be no big deal getting home. We got our ride out, and were able to receive a referral on the way out, when we got to the house the Sister giving us a ride promised that she would wait to make sure that we would get in the house before she left us. We got out of the car, said a prayer and then knocked on the door. However, the Sister in the family we were going to see was really sick. We talked at the door for a minute then headed back to the car...except that the Sister had left us. We were now stranded 3 1/2 miles out of town with no way to get home but on foot. So like every good missionary, we started walking and singing as we walked because we were so cold and miserable it would have just been way worse if we hadn't. Well we walked like 1/2 a mile down the road and decided to go and visit with a family that we never get to see. They were home! They had just gotten back from their deer hunt and were making dinner. We got to talk with them and share a scripture with them, and it was soo awesome! Seriously not a coincidence that we got stranded out of town. Also, Sister Angle gave us a ride home so we didn't have to freeze our tails off while we walked! :) 

Saturday we were invited to go to an appointment with the Elders because they were going to give a single lady a blessing and couldn't go without us. It is a woman that we kind of double team with named Lisa. She really loves the Sisters, and she is okay with the Elders, but would prefer Sisters. So, the Elders compromised with her that if we could come over once a week, then they could to. She is awesome, and has lots of faith, just has made some bad decisions in her life and is now trying to fix those. She is actually up in Billings getting surgery to help with her cancer. So, anyway we went over with the Elders to give her a blessing before she left. She has a little cat named spazz, and we had lots of fun playing with (kind of torturing) it. It is a crazy cat! It was pretty fun. It ended with an awesome lesson, and a wonderful blessing from the Elders. It was a good lesson. That night we got to go to a baptism for a beautiful 8 year old girl we have been teaching. :) Her story is kind of crazy. Her and her brothers grew up in Texas, and their mom died. Because of some stuff that happened with their dad, their grandparents got custody of them, and then adopted them. So since they have been with their Grandparents they have had lots of the gospel since they are awesome active members in our ward, but there were some gaps that they wanted to make sure were filled. So, we got the privilege of going and teaching Paige all the lessons. She got baptized on Saturday, I will send you a picture of that as well. :) 

Sunday night we didn't have dinner, and then Holzers invited us over to their house. When they brought out dinner, they handed me a plate with no food on it, but just with a couple of folded up pieces of paper. I opened them, and they got their patriarchal  blessing recommends. :) I was soo happy I teared up a little bit. The Holzers have come a long way and they are going to be sealed next April, so I can't leave Lovell until then. :) I love them soo much I am so proud of them! 

Monday would have been P-day, but we went to Billings to get and be trained on our i-pads. I have already told you, they are sweet! :) Then, we went to Wendys and came home just in time to go to bed. :) 

Well, that was my week. :) I will tell you about yesterday next week! :) I will also be sending pictures soon! :) Thanks for waiting until today for my update! :) I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH! Have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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