Monday, October 28, 2013

Read between the Lines. Transfers!!!!!

Ha you probably think I am going to tell you at the beginning of my email...but I am going to hide where I am going somewhere in here, so you'll just have to read it all to find out.>:)

This week went by so crazy fast. I seriously can't even believe how fast this week went by. I just emailed you on Wednesday, so I don't have tons to report, but I do have some to report. On Thursday we had an appointment with a Less Active we have been working with, and we had our ward mission leader and his wife coming with us. Except that she totally forgot that we had an appointment and wasn't there. We were pretty bummed, but we got to go and visit with another less active family so that was good. The family that we visited were the Jollys and they are such a great family. Their kids love climbing on us like we are trees, and then running around us in circles. They are so much fun, I really love them a lot. :) We had dinner that night with an active family and had a seriously great lesson with them. We taught the first vision and asked them how his one prayer changed the world, then we asked how one of their prayers can change the world.Plains and Thompson Falls. It was so great and they really had to think about their answers and then we did the dinner prayer list, and they were pretty excited about it. :) Such a great lesson. Oh, funny story, the oldest boy in the family reached out his hand and introduced himself and said "Hi, I'm Alex." Then Sister Wing introduced herself and said "Hi, I'm Paige." I cracked up because she didn't even realize that she had done it. Yep she is the best! :)

On Friday we had an appointment, but they weren't there again. We stopped by at our ward missionaries house to finish up the details for the baptism on Saturday and we got to teach them a lesson. Then, we decided to visit another less active in 4th ward before we went to 5th ward. Because we decided to do that we were able to visit with the family who missed their appointment. They forgot, and they felt soo bad. We told them that we would still be there to pick them up on Sunday for church and that we would set up another appointment for the next week. Plains and Thompson Falls. That night we had dinner with our relief society president in 5th ward, and then got to have a really great lesson with a part member family. It is a woman named Dot, and she has taken the missionary discussions previously, but was dropped because she wouldn't make commitments. But that night she committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it was true. Her husband started to cry because he knew that she was sincere, and the member that we were with who has known them her entire life was pretty emotional as well. It was a really great lesson.

On Saturday we got to go to baptisms! :) We went to one in the morning for a man in 3rd ward who is moving into 4th ward. It was such a great baptism, and they were talking about eternal families, and his wife was pretty emotional. Plains and Thompson Falls. It was so beautiful, and the spirit was so strong. Oh, and Sister Taylor was here for that day anyway. :) After the baptism we went and did service with all the other missionaries ripping out a couple of fences. It was fun, and it was such a beautiful day, perfect for doing a project like that. :) That afternoon we finished with the last minute details of Sams baptism and then went to it at 5. Right before the baptism happened there was a lot of panic because the primary president forgot about it and didn't come, and we couldn't get a hold of her...which meant no baptismal clothing. Then his brother who was supposed to give the closing prayer didn't come either. And the pianist didn't come as well, so we asked Sister Steck to help us out on that one which worked out. Then Bishop Caturia had a key to the clothing, and I said the closing prayer. It all worked out, but it was pretty stressful getting to that point! We got to go to the baptism that night for a family that I worked with in 2nd ward. It was so awesome to see them and to see Zach get baptized! I love that family with all my heart! :) YAY baptisms!

Well, thanks for everything that you do for me! I love you all soo much! :) Especially my mom. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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