Monday, October 7, 2013

Nadings are good peeps. Lovell, Wyoming

So last Monday we went to Cody again. We went with a couple of the Elders and it was a fun car ride. We went and we ran through Walmart as fast as we could and then we got to go to DQ. YAY!!!! :) We came back and Sister Wing got a hair cut. She cut it to about my length of hair. so it is quite a bit shorter. Someday my hair will be long again! Later that night we had an awesome lesson with a member family and talked about missionary work with them. It was awesome! I love teaching member families. Then we ran down the street to go and invite a few people to the enrichment activity on Tuesday night. We ran into the Brands on the way. We haven't been able to see them for a few weeks, and it was good to just stop and talk. Their cat got stuck in a tree though, and we had to make a little tower of people to get it out...I am glad that we were there to help! :) We walked up the street a little more and we met with Scott Welch. He says that he just needs a break from organized religion. It makes me really sad! Gosh missionary work breaks your heart. He told us a lot about his son Kurk who just barely went to Turkey and now Scott is really freaking out. He let us pray with him this time though! :) Except for that when I finished he gave me a hug and I didn't know what to do.....I hope that Kurks missionary experiences helps to influence him to come back to the church!
On Tuesday We had district meeting like we normally do. :) We didn't go and sing at the care-center because we had an appointment right afterwards with Chris. Last Sunday we got a call from the Sisters in Powell, and they told us that Chris decided that he was going to leave the church. We called him and set up an appointment with him. We were pretty nervous about it and didn't really know what to plan to teach him. So he came and we had our lesson under the tree like we normally do. We talked and he told us that he was just sick of people not giving him the attention that he needs and answering the questions that he has. He was active, and then people stopped caring about holding onto him. He asked if we could just read out of the Book of Mormon for a little while. We did, and we were reading in Isaiah...which I don't understand. Chris didn't understand super well either, but we all felt the spirit. Chris promised that he was going to focus more on the Book of Mormon. I know that it will bless him and it will help him to go to church more frequently and prepare to serve his mission. :) We had another appointment with the Yeaman boys afterwards. We went and taught 2 of the boys about the Book of Mormon & also read it with them. We read about the story of Nephi and his brothers getting the brass plates from Laban. we didn't have time to finish reading about how they got it. We promised that we would come back and read it more with them later. Alex said something like "wow, I can't wait to see how this story ends!" It was super cute! We had dinner and then we ran to our appointment with Ruben. However, he answered the door and told us that he had to run and that we would have to set up another one...again. He seriously cancels all of our appointments all the time! But it's okay because we are teaching him later today. Then, we went to enrichment night, and we heard from an older Sister who just came back from Nauvoo. She talked about her mission and it made me so happy to be on one too! I love people and I love sharing the gospel with people! It makes me soo happy! :) We had an appointment with Paige Thomas right afterwards. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she is getting baptized on the 19th of October. She won't count as a convert because she is only 8, but it is fun to teach her and her family anyway! :)
On Wednesday we were invited to come and visit with a less active woman that I used to visit when I was serving in 1st ward. We visited with her and she told us about all of the things that she is going through. It was sad. I am glad that even though she is going through a lot that she is still relying on our Heavenly Father through it all! :) We ran over to the Yeamans after that in hopes that we would be able to catch all of the boys home together and teach them a lesson. Unfortunately there were only 2 of them at home, Alex, and Sam. We decided to teach the 10 commandments anyway and we would just go over it in a couple of days when we met with them again. We taught all the commandments and when we got to #9 we talked about how bearing false witness is also like gossiping and saying mean things about people. So Sam said "So, I shouldn't say something like 'oh my gosh Sister Wing has old lady shoes!'" We both just busted up and couldn't hold in our laughter! Man yep that's exactly what false witness is Sam! :) We then went to teach Ruben again, and again he canceled, so we rescheduled. We decided that in the mean time we would run over to the McKinnies and try to teach them a lesson. They grew a bunch of Asian pears and gave us some! YAY!!! :) Then we talked about life and the Plan of Salvation and how it fits in. It was good. We went out to the Wilkersons for dinner and we taught them a lesson about Nephi getting the brass plates. Sister Wing was Laban and she sat in a big chair and held a sword. The kids had to try to convince her to give them the candy and we had them 'cast lots' and pick straws and then give her the coolest toys in the house. Finally we had them sneak in there and kill her with the sword. All the kids came running back holding their candy in the air and cheering! It was soo funny. We read the story of Nephi while they were acting it out and then finished it. We have soo much fun going over there! :) I wish that their dad would let them get baptized. We ha an appointment with the Nadings. They talked about how they are still planning on going to the temple. However, they haven't really kept their commitments, so we committed them to reading the Book of Mormon again! They also promised that they would come to conference with us on Sunday and we would have a lesson and lunch in between sessions! :)
Thursday it was pouring rain and freezing cold. I had never bundled up tighter earlier in my life! Thank heavens there was a Sister serving here right before she left who is the same size as me and left me some new boots and a coat. :) YAY! tender mercies of the Lord. Well, we had umbrellas, and they kept flipping inside out and flipping all the rain on the top of us anyway so it didn't really matter. Nobody was home and we were kind of getting what do we do? we start singing at the top of our lungs any hymn that pops into our heads. Then we had a lot of fun! It was actually a really exciting day! We taught a lot of active lessons and we were in peoples houses for a long time because we were soo cold it was hard to go back out into it. But that night we had a lesson with Taylor Wolsey. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it was a really good lesson. She talked about how her Grandma died and she is going to see her again, and we taught it is only possible because of the Plan of Salvation. :) It was a really really good lesson! We invited her mom to the next lesson so that we can talk about setting a baptism date with her! YAY! :)
Friday morning we had another appointment with Kathy Johnson. We got to teach her the Plan of Salvation as well, and read a little bit out of the Book of Mormon. It is crazy that even since the last couple of days that we have seen her that she has already started to notice Gods hand in her life more! :) I love how the gospel can do that. Then, we had to run to the church because a couple of the Elders from the South Zone were coming up to practice a musical number we are doing at Zone Conference tomorrow. We all ate lunch together and it was fun. We went to the Mangus house afterwards and we were able to teach Michelle and she says that she wants to get baptized! :) We are going to set up a date the next time that we are teaching her. We also committed her to coming to conference with us. We went out to dinner with the Mayes. And Sister Mayes has a Sister that lives in Lehi and she is coming up this next week. If you need to send me anything let me know and we will have her get in touch with you and she will bring it up. I am going to send some stuff down with her! :) Tender mercy! :) We ran over to the Davis's after that and we taught the restoration. We invited Dot to take the lessons and she agreed! Yay new investigator! :)
Saturday was conference. We went up to Cowley (a small town outside of Lovell that the Elders serve in) because we were going to watch it with an investigator and his family who lives there. Except that they came and picked us up and then Max didn't come. :( It was stinky, but it was an awesome session! Between sessions the Elders invited us over to their house to have lunch with them and the lady that they live with. It was amazing food! And lots of fun. We came down to Lovell and the Elders watched conference with us and the lady that we live with. Then, they came with us to teach the Yeamans again. :) We taught the 10 commandments again, and talked about the law of tithing, and then invited them to conference. We promised that we would pick them up on Sunday. :) We had another appointment with Ruben Saturday night that again fell through. Then, Chris called and we went over to his house to see his baby guinea pigs and read the Book of Mormon with him. He also invited the other Elders to come over and have a lesson too. It was pretty fun! :)
Sunday was great, except that the Nadings didn't come to conference...:( Annie got a job and she was working. We watched the session and then had lunch with the other Sisters, and then we went to pick up Michelle and the Yeamans. The Yeamans also fell through and weren't at home. But Michelle and River her little sister were ready. We took them to conference with us. I now understand what it is like when people say that they get nothing out of a meeting because of their kids. It was insane! We were chasing them around and trying to keep them entertained with Bingo and coloring books and stuff but it wasn't working. Then Elder white showed them how he could draw frogs and they just watched him draw frogs for the last hour...I am glad that he was there! :) We finished the meeting and we played what time is it Mr. Fox to see if we could run off some of their pent up energy. Then we went to dinner with the McArthurs. We were talking about missionary work with them, and their son Mysen got all emotional. He says that everyone says that he is too good and he said that is scared to be a missionary because people already don't like him because of it. He got all emotional as we read scriptures about missionary work and sharing your testimony, and then he said "I just don't want to stand alone." It broke my heart a little bit because I know that he loves the gospel he is just a little scared. So we talked about it and invited him to come and teach a lesson with us. It ended up being an awesome lesson and we really felt the spirit. That night we went over to the Nadings and we were able to talk to them and set up a regular time to come over and visit with them! :) It was good that we got to see them, and they promised that they would watch conference this week.
Well, that was my week! It was also an awesome one! :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! :) and I hope that you have a great week too. I am so thankful that we have a living prophet today! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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