Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finally a letter. Jaden Birch goes to Mexico MTC. Conversation with mom.

Mom:  Where are you? It is five o clock and there are no e-mails.
This email was sent on the 21st, Monday, Malynnes normal P-Day.  She did not write and mom was so sad!
Malynne:  I was getting and i-pad. :) 

Mom:  Hey mom, are you there? It's me!

Malynne:  Yes i am here.  

Mom:  Are you still in Lovell?

Malynne:  Yes I am, we get transfer calls on Monday. Today is our P-day because we got to go up to Billings on Monday to get i-pads...yes I have an i-pad! 

Mom:  So you are writing a letter, right?  There are many people wondering where, how you are.  So you did not get transferred?

Malynne:  We don't know until Monday. And yes, I am writing a letter right now! :) I will let you know on Monday what happens. 

Mom:  I am with Gretchen and her sister, at Zuppas.  Gretchen put Jaden on the mission plane today.  She is a little sad.  I need to know places that I can get GC's for you for Christmas.

Malynne:  I am with Gretchen and her sister, ay Zuppas.  Gretchen put Jaden on the mission plane today.  She is a little sad.  I need to know places that I can get GC's for for you for christmas.

Mom:  This is the letter I wrote to her on October 20, 2013.  
Dear Malynne,
Today I had to give a mission update on you.  It made my heart stretch with pride (good pride).  I am so proud of you and your willingness to serve the Lord. Thank you for your beautiful example.Today was also Jaden Birches farewell. he is leaving Wednesday to report to the Mexico City MTC, and then will be sent back to the states to serve in the Detroit Michigan mission.  He gave a wonderful talk and will be a great missionary.
Today Courtney came over to visit us.  I thought she had moved back up to Idaho as she was talking about school on her FB page.  She is looking for a part time job and I tried to give her a few updates. She misses you!!!  However, she told me that she has been chatting with you??????  Is she taking my time?  We have not had a good chat for awhile. it allowed?
On November 1-4 we are going with all the Schraders to a cabin in Park City.  We are going to be celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary.  Josh is coming in town, Dal and Sara are coming as well as everyone else, the usual:  us, Eric, Corene, and Kira and families.  We have each been asked to write a tribute to my parents.  They would LOVE one from would be a special surprise. Can you do one within the next ten days and send it to me?  Either email or mail, which ever you choose. Today before Sacrament meeting I talked to Debbie Troutman.  With tears in her eyes she told me how much your letters have meant to her.  She is on the Malynne mission list and I send every email to her.  She had back surgery in April and has had a long, very hard recovery.  She said that one of the things she has looked forward to is your letters.  She wants to get something that you NEED and she would like to know what the need is?  She LOVES you!  If you have a minute to send her a quick little note I know it would mean the world to her.  
Tomorrow night Makenna has a choir concert, and Tuesday evening Makayla has an orchestra concert. Wednesday night is my RS night and on Thursday evening dad and I have to attend a district meeting on "Hastening the Work".  What do you think it will be about?  My guess is missionary work. 
Today in church as I already told you, Sacrament meeting was dedicated to Missionaries...first your update, then Jadens farewell, even sang the song Called to serve.  Then dad and I substituted for Tiina Smith and taught Sunday School.  The lesson was "How to invite others to come unto Christ".  Then in RS the lesson was lesson 19, again on Missionary work.  I think that somehow all of this is testament that the time is NOW to "Hasten the Work".  I hope that we are doing enough.  
This Saturday is Super Saturday and one of the classes being taught, to fill in empty space, between classes is going to be on indexing. I want you to be proud of me....I am going to get the computer set up before Saturday and I am going to somehow try to squeeze it into my schedule.  I think even if I do an hour a week it is better than nothing.   Right?  
Malynne, I love you.  I am proud of you.  I can't believe you have almost been out for 9 months.  It has really gone by so quickly.  
Love Mom  
PS. I have another pair of cute shoes and some other little surprises to send to you.  I want to know when your transfer date is?  Will you be getting transfered?  I want to mail this package ASAP, so PLEASE answer this question!!!!  DO YOU NEED ANYTHING??????

Malynne:  You are the best! :) Okay, so all the missionaries in our district say "Sister Erbes mom is the best" Because you send them shoes and stuff that. They all enjoyed the jelly-beans that you sent. :) We are going to use them in lessons too! Like "sometimes Satan makes things look enticing, but we know it's bad as soon as we do it." They are great for little kids! I loved that picture of all of you at the jelly-belly factory. You are beautiful! Seriously mom, you are gorgeous I hope I look half as good as you when I grow up! My district also agree, they say that you are beautiful as well! And Makenna, when did she grow up? She looks amazing, so different than when I left. She is beautiful too! Connor looks old now, not like the little brother I left.Thus far (and much to my relief) Makayla looks quite the same so that's good! :P I am proud of you mom. You are so amazing, and I am so blessed to have had you as my mom. You are an amazing faithful woman, I have been blessed to have your example in my life. I am also blessed to know that you are a covenant keeper. I know that generations of people will be influenced because of your willingness to keep your covenants and follow the Savior. I love you more than I can say, and especially more than I can type! Thank you for you! LOVES!

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