Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break - Conversation with mom

WE ARE heading home right now.  We are just leaving elko nevada.  I am in the car writting this sso there may be lots of mistakes as I am typing with my thumbs on my phone.  We had a nice visit with grandma erbe.  She too is getting old and not in the best of health.  She kept calling your dad john and I will forever be jacqueline.  When she prrayed she referred to us as "that other family".  We stayed in a hotel and o.nly spent a few hours at susans house....whixh was good, we had a much beter, less stressful visit than last time.  Rachel was still rachel....socially awkward, and very rude.  She never stops putting others down and talking about how she can do, say, be...everything better.  When makayla was loading the dishwasher after a big carne asada dinner, rachel (who at this point had done nothing to help clean up dinner...even pushed a paper plate that needed to go in the trash away from herself so as not to put it in the trash can) came over and said that she is the expert dishwasher loader and that Makayla was doing it allwrong.  I told Makayla that since rachel was the expert that she could fix all the work she had done and that rachel would finish the dishes.  Rachel immediateately back peddled and said Inll just inspect...yep she is doing fine and can finish.  I made Makayla go outside with me.  I know rachel has problems, but her biggest problem is that she knows how to manipulate...especially her parents.
How are you?  Did you get the package?  What are you sending home?  I hope that if you have skirts that don't fit that you send them home for your sisters.  They can use them.  I will try to write more as soon as I get home.  It is hard to type with my thumbs abd I am getting car sick.  Loves loves and more loves.

Malynne:  HEY MOM! I LOVE YOU!

Mom:  Malynne, I need you to tell me some of the experiences and miracles you have seen on your mission. I have to give a missionary update on the 20th, so I need you to do this for me on the 14th.  I also want you to bear your testimony......I may read all of it, part of it or none of it, but I need some materials to go off of. Please do this ASAP.
Love you,
See letter. That she wrote to help me out.  Sent a picture of the kids in the car.

Malynne:  Yes I am here! connor is a monster! Holy crap!

Malynne:  Hey mom, I want to thank you for sending those boots to Elder Wyatt. He is going to write you a thank you card! :) this week. Sister Wing would like to know if there is anyway you could send her a pair of black boots too that are size 7 1/2 to 8. coming from Texas she really didn't have that many options and we are worried about snow coming any day. Thankfully so far it has just been raining so we are hoping it will hold off for a little while longer. :) I have like a ginormous box to send home to you and I can hopefully send it hope all at once if not, I will have to send smaller packages at a time, or just leave it here in Lovell so we can pick it up on the way home. :P

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