Monday, October 28, 2013

Conversation with mom Lovell, WY Transfer

Mom - On Thursday, November 1st we are going to go on a little vacation to a cabin with all the Schraders.  We are going to celebrate my mom and dads 50th Wedding anniversary.  The gift they wanted was for the entire family to be together for a few days.  You will be the only one missing :(  I want to ask you to RIGHT NOW write them a little letter.  It will mean the world to them!!!!  If you email it to me I will put it in an envelope and give it to them when we are up there.  We are all writing time a letter, so yours will not be the only one, but with you not being there it may be the most cherished.  You were their first grandchild and you will always hold a special place in their hearts.
I love you and will write you a letter too.

Malynne - I did write it...I just have to send it out still. I will send it today!

Mom - So are you ready to transfer?  Where are these places?  Do you know anyone going there?  Who will your companion be?  

Malynne - I am ready to go...except I need to pack and say goodbye! They are close up by Canada. I am going to the Kalispell zone and I am sure there will be a few missionaries there that I know. And my companion will be Sister Wallace and I am going to be finishing her training. :)                                                       

Mom - Have heard of Sister Wallace.???  Where from I do not know.  Tell me how you feel about this?  Are there others going up there with you?  Where is your companion going?

Malynne - Sister Christensen is going up there with me. We have been together since the MTC why stop now! :) And she is from California I am pretty sure. Sister Wing is staying here another Sister will finish up her training. :) Mom, I really do feel great about it. It feels right for me and I know God wouldn't send me somewhere unless I was needed. I am ready to go and fulfill my promises that I have made to the people in Plains and Thompson Falls. :)              

Mom - Schmoo, I really want to talk to you.  I am at work.  I am so glad that you are happy about this one, unlike the first transfer.  We have been praying for you, praying that you would know that you would be sent where you are needed.  We all love you!!!  I will keep checking back to see how you are doing.      

Mom - Makenna got a job!!!!  She will be working at the Carters outlet for the Christmas season.  She is so excited.  I am so worried.  She struggles so much in school and this last week we got 4 classes up from F's to C-'s.  I hope we can stay on top of the homework.  We did transfer her out of her hard math class and got her into an easier one and that will help!!!

Malynne - I am glad Makenna got a job. Tell her that I say that she just has to make it through this year and then I will be home and can help her with her homework! :)   

Mom -  Makenna is planning big for you when you come home.  She misses you tons.  She wants to move out with you and go to school with you, and go on vacations with you.  She is already planning her senior family vacation, A VACATION TO THE BEACH!!!!

Malynne - It is funny that she is already planning all of that because I have been planning on when I come home and all of the trips I am going to take all my siblings on with me. I am going to get a car, and then I am going to take all of them up to Montana and Wyoming with me, and we are going to go to Disneyland just for no reason at all just because I can. I miss herr and love her too and I can't wait until I can call and talk to all of you at Christmas!


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