Monday, October 7, 2013

Boots and Socks - Conversation with mom.

Malynne:  You told me to tell you if anyone needs anything and this is what Elder Wyatt says. "I need wool socks and boots." He says they are size 11. If you can find any he would love you forever!

Mom:  I am going to the Columbia outlet now.  What color boots?

Malynne:  He wants black ones. : 0
Also, there is a woman here in Lovell who has a sister that lives in Lehi. She is coming up to Lovell this week, and Sister Mayes says that if you need to send anything up here that you should let me know and she will get in touch with you within the week so that you will be able to save money on postage and stuff. :) I am sending some stuff home with her as well!

Mom:  I have the boots. Please have that lady call me.  I will get them to her and she will get them to you.

Malynne:  K, I am heading home actually but I will talk to Sister Mayes today and have her sister call you! :) You are seriously the best and I love you! And miss you! :) Have a great week! 

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