Monday, September 23, 2013

"You need to act in the dignity and decorum that you have been called to."

Dear Malynne,
I know you do not get a lot of time to write, but if you could please make it a priority to write to Makenna I would appreciate it and she would LOVE it!  She has made numerous comments about not receiving a letter from you for a very long time.  She misses you emmensely and needs to hear your testimony.  She needs to know that attending YW when there are not "Friends" there is still a good thing.  She needs to know that you have gone through things that she is currently going through.  Please, please write to her.
This week was a week full of sadness, heartache and forgiveness for me as the RS President.  I divulged a confidence that I should not have and it came back to bite me in the butt.  I have had many many sleepless  nights because of this.  In a nut shell I told Lisa that her visiting teachers (said their names) had requested a change because Lisa was so rude to them, would not let them come, stood them up etc.  Lisa contacted her VTers who contacted me.  One of them was like "whatever, she needs to know that her actions effect others, and she needed to be told".  The other one was very hurt that I divulged her feelings to Lisa and is mad at me.  I am doing my best to rectify these relationships.  This morning I talked to the Bishop about it and he told me to stop worrying about it.  He told me to stop worrying about Lisa, that any relationship I build with her will not be strong, ever and that she will sabatoge it.  He told me to instead concentrate on my relationship with the other sister that I hurt.  I just have to say that I love our Bishop.  He says things that make you know that the atonement is real, that it is not hard, that it benefits everyone that believes, asks and acts.  Where or where would we be without it?
Did I tell you that I signed up for a photoshop class? I have been twice and am learning so much.  I am so excited about it.  It is taking me away from RS one night a week, but I figure it is OK.  My councelors are doing visits on Wednesday nights for 5 weeks and I am doing them on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Do you remember Downton Abbey?  There is another series that was made before it that I LOVE.  It is called Larkrise to Candleford. When you get home I will rewatch it with you.  It doesn't have the scandals that Downton does.  It is much lighter, but I LOVE it. Gretchen turned me on to it and we talk about it all the time.
I am excited to hear who your new companion is and how that is working out.  Jenny Nelson went to Wyoming last week and she called me and told me that she was only about an hour from Lovell.  I started to cry.  It is hard for me to think that you are closer to me than Disneyland.  It is hard for me to think that I could, but won't, get in my car and drive to Lovell and home in one day and that Lovell is so small that my chances of finding/seeing you would be high.  I won't because if I did I would not be able to resist getting out of my car, crying, and giving you the biggest hug you have ever have.  I honestly knew I would miss you, but never this much.
I am so proud of you.  I love you.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  You will be kept in my prayers always.
Love YOU.

Dear mom,

I am sorry that this week was so hard for you. Being in a leadership position like that is hard, and I know that you are trying. I am sorry that Lisa is being stinky, Erica is the same way remember? It is hard and it's not very fair I know that. I would agree with the bishop and what he said. She is going to just continue being manipulative and someday she will have to figure that out. But you definitely need to rectify the relationship with the other Sister. I know that being a missionary (or relief society president) people hold you to a standard of perfection and when you don't reach that people feel like they can criticize and point out how to correct you. I think that this is human nature to be upset when someone doesn't live up to our expectations. I am realizing now that this is often times why I was so upset with Ryan, because he would not live up the high expectations that I had no right to set for him. But, I now know that as we listen to the Lord and obey his counsel it is truly the only way that we can change anyones opinions. Words don't matter. As we hold ourselves high, and overcome our mistakes we can be clearly identified as a servant and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. President Mecham has a saying "You need to act in the dignity and decorum that you have been called to." Dignity of your calling and being able to represent yourself with decorum to represent that dignity as well. I know that he is a man that has been called of God and as I try to represent myself with dignity and decorum in all situations I have regained that trust that people have in me. Sometimes being a leader doesn't mean running to try to fix a problem, sometimes it means walking away so that you may maintain your standards in another place. Think of all of the examples of this in the scriptures, Lehi leaving Jerusalem, Alma leading the people to the waters of Mormon, and even Christ himself holding his peace and walking away. I know that being a leader sucks. But I truly believe that as you go to this sister, and truly apologize and repent for you actions and then show her by your actions not just what you say that everything will be okay. I am grateful that I have a knowledge of the gospel and know that whatever happens and no matter how hard things get, that I will be blessed by being obedient to the laws and commandments of the gospel, and by living up to the covenants that I personally have made in the temple. 

I am excited to be able to watch the rest of Downton Abbey that I didn't get to see, and all of the other movies and shows that I missed. As well, as seeing that other show with you ha ha. :) Don't worry, I am going to be home in like 10 months. It is going so fast! I have already been out for almost 8 months! I am almost halfway done!!! Man I can't even believe it. Oh, my new companion is named Sister Wing and she is 23 from Lubbock Texas. She reminds me a lot of Courtney and we have already had a lot of fun together! :) 

I also want to say something about Makenna. I have been thinking a lot about her this week and I am planning on writing her a letter. I know that she is having a hard time, and I know that she thinks that her life is really hard right now. So...put her to work. The only thing that is going to save this world is work. Help her serve. Make her serve others on a regular basis. Share your testimony of the book of mormon and relate stories that she is going through back to the book of mormon as much as you possibly can. Just anyway that you can share your testimony of the Savior. Don't shove it down her throat, just make sure that she knows that you believe in God. The only thing that is going to help her is work. Also start doing family history. I don't care how much you want to it. And you need to make sure that all of my siblings do it as well. We were promised by a servant of the Lord that if we needed help, if the world was getting to heavy, if we needed more of the spirit, if we just wanted to be happier that we needed to go and find our ancestors. We all have that responsibility and as we look for them and spend time every week we will be blessed. Start with something small, do indexing. And then, find the ward family history consultants and bring them in to help you too. Do it as a family home evening. Then, as a family go to the temple and do the work for the names that you find. When I get back I will be working my butt off to find all of my ancestors, and you better be working before I get home. Also, have her read Alma 22:18. God only let him have a testimony, he only filled him with that testimony after he was willing to sacrifice. He sacrificed all his sins. We need to sacrifice anything that is keeping our will from being in line with Gods will. Whether that be gossip, pride, anger, hurt feelings, or laziness we need to give it up and give it to him. Because he is definitely going to take much better care of all of that crap than we can. So...that's my lecture for you.

I miss you a lot too! I will love to see you on August 6th of next year in the airport. :) Or even on Christmas this year when we get to skype. I love this gospel mom. I truly have never been happier in my entire life and it is because I am serving the Lord and bringing his children home. I love my brothers and sisters here and it makes me happy to be able to share what makes me happy with them. :) I know that I am truly meant to be here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I miss you tons too, but the good thing is, that this is a really really short period of time! :P I can't wait to bring you all up here to meet everyone here that I love!!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Dear daughter.  I am at work, but i need to ask you two things. Do you need anything and i want your mission home phone number incase of an emergency.  Love you tons.

Malynne:  I don't think that I need anything, just letters. :) and I will get it to you, just not right now because I don't have it with me. :( I love you too! 

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