Monday, September 23, 2013

Transfers - I am not leaving Lovell and I get Sister Wing.

Hello everyone!
As you know I didn't leave Lovell! :) I get to stay here. I am training right now, and my new companions name is Sister Wing and she is 23 years old from Lubbock, Texas. She is also awesome and I love her and we work really well together already. :) She also says ya'll a lot. :P Ha ha. 

So, on Monday we went to a members home in 4th ward named the Mayes for dinner. They have 2 sons named Hunter and Connor and it reminded me of Hunter my cousin, and Connor my brother. :) We had pancakes and waffles and it was super fun, and then they really wanted to show me their fort that they made in their back yard. It was a sweet fort that they built with their dad. So we were up there looking at it and then they wanted to go back inside so we could have a lesson. They didn't have a railing for the ladder though, and all of us were waiting in line to go down. So I just grabbed onto the door frame and started to go down so that I didn't fall to my death. But then, Connor (yeah I know ironic right) shut the door on my fingers. I was like ready to scream but I didn't want him to feel bad, so I calmly asked him to open the door. My fingers are pretty bruised, and cut open in different places, but they are not broken so that's good. :) 

On Tuesday we went around with Sister Lasson so that we could say goodbye to everyone since she was leaving that night. We had a lot of lessons and she shared her favorite scripture and her testimony. Then we ran home and packed and had a lesson with the Yeamans. We taught them the plan of salvation and they have been reading the book of mormon and stuff and it was awesome! :) We ran home and the Holzers came and picked us up and drove us to the church to wait for the transfer van. It had been pouring rain all day, and we were soaked and so at the church it was no different. We were all waiting with all the missionaries in the pouring rain for a good solid hour. It really sucked to say goodbye to all of the Elders I have been serving around that are now some of my best friends, and it sucked even worse to say goodbye to Sister Lasson. Since we were soaked nobody could tell if I was crying or if it was just rain all over my face. (I was crying.) That night Sister Huskey who was another Sister waiting for her companion was my companion. We went and got pizza because we hadn't eaten anything. We ate some pizza then went and taught Kenny and Linda. It was good, but we were definitely ready for bed. 

On wednesday Sister Huskey got to go out and teach the Nadings who I absolutely love. :) they are less active and they want to come back to church and take the missionary lessons again. When we went over there, both of them had read the Book of Mormon and both of them had prayed at least a little bit. :) Man I was so happy. We taught them the plan of salvation, and then asked them to commit to choosing a date to be sealed in the temple and to coming to church this Sunday. They chose October 3rd of 2014 as their date since that is the day that they met. :) It will be good because I will be able to go and watch them be sealed! I am soo excited for them. Then we ran out of town to visit with keylmynie and Nicole and TJ. We talked a little bit to Keylmynie about taking the lessons. She says maybe she will. I think that the best thing to do with her is to set something up with her mom, and then just make sure that she is there when we come over to teach. :) Then, we ran over to dinner and we taught the restoration to a family out of town. We came back and went straight to the church to meet our new companions. That was the night I met Sister Wing. :) I took her back to our house and straight out teaching. :) It was good, we were able to meet with Brother Brimhall and his wife (the ward mission leader in 5th ward). Then we came home and went to sleep because we were tired. 

The next day, I literally had no food in the house. Sister Wing also didn't have any food either. We had planned on just skipping breakfast, and then going out and getting lunch, but we got caught up in doing stuff. We pretty much just went straight out and started working, and we were starving! Not the best first day a missionary could've had ha ha I felt bad. We taught a bunch of lessons, but we were starving. We had called dinner earlier that day and they didn't answer, so we left them a message. they called us back probably 7 or 8 hours later and were really mad at them for not giving them fair warning. They took us out for dinner at one of the only restaurants here in town and chastized us like the whole time. I was tired and hungry and then I was grumpy. The only thing that could make it better? Teaching the Wilkersons. We went out to their house and taught them about the title of liberty and helped them make their own. :) They are the best family and I love them! We came home and went shopping really quick so it didn't happen again and then we went to bed. 

Friday was awesome! :) We ate breakfast! and then we went out and we taught a bunch of lessons. We went and visited with and less active and shared a scripture with her and sang her a song. It was a really great lesson. Then it seemed like every house that we tried that whole day, there was someone there and we were able to go and to teach and it was so great! We had dinner with a part member family that night and we played soccer with them, and then we taught the restoration. Their grandson was there and he wants to be baptized, so we got a new investigator that night. :) His name is JT and he is 9 and super awesome. 

On Saturday it went pretty much the same way, we just taught like a million lessons that day at every house we went to. Everyone was home and so we got to teach a bunch of lessons. We taught the family named the Ropers. They have a daughter named Courtney and she reminds me of Courtney, and also me when I was little. :)  It was soo funny! I just had to share that! :P We were out teaching and we didn't have dinner. We just kept teaching and teaching until like 8:15 and then we were both starving and decided to go home and finish progress records. We went home and planned and then we ate ice cream and did progress records and then we watched the Joseph Smith movie. :) It was a fun night! We also quoted a bunch of Christmas movies all day, and it made me really excited for Christmas even though I don't get to watch any of them. :) Make sure that you watch ELF, Christmas vacation, and a Christmas story for me this year. :) That night we were watching the Joseph Smith movie and the Elders came over to pick up our progress records. Elder White has been a little sick this week and he told us a story about the lady that he lives and it was soo funny! So I am going to share it with you. :) He was downstairs in the basement and he was coughing a lot. The lady that they live with came down the stairs and was like "Who was coughing?" and she had like a bunch of medicine in her arms and they didn't want to take any so the Elders were like "Oh, nobody I don't know what you heard." She was like "Oh, it must've been the cat" and she went upstairs. Elder White started coughing again, and she came flying back down the stairs and was like "YOU LYING LITTLE WHELP." ha ha then she made him take a bunch of medicine. it was pretty funny! :) I was dying! :P Oh, and also Brother Welch gave Sister Wing a ginormous carrot and she was carrying it around town. I was like "Oh, don't worry nobody will even notice." then, ha ha yesterday at church every one kept saying "We saw you yesterday walking around...with a giant carrot." It was soo funny! :) 

Yesterday was good too. We had a dinner planned with a family and they were going to invite their less-active son. He came, didn't like what their mom made and left. It was horrible and I was mad at him. I won't do that I promise. Even if you make stuffed egg-plant I will choke it down and then go to McDonalds later (please don't make that ever again though...). Ha ha then, we went over to the Brands and we taught them the restoration again. :) It was fun, I love going over there. :) 

Well, that was my entire week! I love you all! I hope that you have an amazing week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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