Monday, September 9, 2013

Packages filled with love. Conversation with mom.

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am back on for a minute! :)

Mom:  Please be there.

Malynne:  yep right here. :) 

Mom:  I just got back from sending off a pkg to you.  It is FILLED with love!!!!  Tennis shoes...I hope you like them.  They are bright and fun and reminded me of you.  I also sent you 4 mod bods, 2 cap, 2 string since you never told me what you wanted!!!  :(
I also sent you something special just from me.  I won't tell you, you will be surprised. 
IF you have any clothes that do not fit you or you want to send home please send them.  I can use them and we will save them for you.  Also, are you allowed to have maxi skirts?  Shannon Kitchen told me that when Kayd got to her mission the mission mom went through her bags and took out all stripped skirts, all maxi skirts, all loud prints, boxed them up and sent them back home.  What are your rules????

Malynne:  We are good as far as Maxi's and fun prints go. In fact they are encouraged. :) As long as our maxi's don't go down to our feet and just stop and our ankles. Thanks for sending me my package!!! :) I am excited! 

Mom:  Are you sending home an SD card?  I am not printing these pictures out as I get them.  But I am saving them.  Send home your SD card and I will send it back.

Malynne:  I just bought another one, so I can send you home the one that is full right now. There are a couple of videos on there that you can watch and that will be fun :)

Mom:  It is fun to send you pkgs.  and fun for there to be surprises inside.  I just wish it was not so dang expensive.  Do you need anything else?  If you do it will need to wait for about a month.  Your pkg. will be there on Wednesday.

Malynne:  Yay! :) Nope I am good I really don't need anything else. Thanks for sending it! :) Well, we gotta go we have to run home and change for dinner :P I will talk to you next week! LOVE YOU!!!!! 

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