Monday, September 16, 2013

Moms Video made me so happy!

Dear Malynne,
I missed you this week.  I thought about you often, especially on Wednesday when you should have received your package.  Do you like your new tennis shoes?  They are fun...yeah?  Did I tell you that I am taking a photoshop class?  it is on Wednesday nights.  So far I have only been to one class.  There are six all together and my goal is to be able to navigate photoshop good enough that I can do digital scrapbooking without lots of help from others.  On Saturday we went to the State Fair. We thought of you as we went through the bunny building, the cow building, the goat building and the pig building.  It is always the same.  Nothing changes.  I don't know why I love it so much, but I do.  We saw lots of bags like the ones you used to have.  Dad said that when you come home we will have to go to the fair so you can get one there......remind us that we need to go.....I think my desire to go will be less next year, I got my fill this last weekend.
On Friday night dad and I went to the highschool and visited with Nudd.  They were doing a walk for life thing that went all night, ending Saturday morning.  Nudd asked how you are doing and asked to be put on your email list......she will now get your emails and said that she will drop you a line or two.  We are talking about tour.....Nudd wants both dad and I to be chaperones, but I am having heart burn about not taking Makayla and Connor since it is going to be over spring break.  I think we will go, but Makayla Connor and I will fly down and hook up with the choir, picking and choosing what we will do with them and what we won't do but being back every night help at night.  I think Makayla, Connor and I will have fun in Disneyland!!!
Tonight I wrote JJ a letter and told him we will keep him in our prayers.  Very awkward, not knowing what to say but wanting to say something to let him know we still care about him.  Any suggestions?
Today Bro. McOmber wrote me an email that ruined my Sunday.  He is a very pious man, very judgemental (yes, I know that I too am being very judgmental right now).  I learned a very good lesson though......that judgement is to be left to the Lord.  Our job is to love, accept and bring everyone to Christ regardless of their situation.
Dear Daughter, I am so proud of you (not the bad proud, but honored proud).  You are doing so much good.  You look so happy!!!  Always remember that you are loved.  You are missed!  But mostly that you are loved.
I love you!
I had some dental work done on my mouth and sent a video to Malynne.  My face was all numbed up and I had a hard time talking.

Malynne:   MOM! That video made me soo happy! I was laughing soo hard I was crying! It reminded me of that time when you were so numbed up that you couldn't even smile on one side and we kept laughing at you. :) Thanks for sending it to me! So, you are bad at predicting things...I am staying here in Lovell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting a new missionary from the MTC and training again. Sister Lasson will also be training and going to Billings. :) WOAO!!!!!

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am on here for like 10 minutes if you want to talk a little bit.

Mom:  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep I am right here for just another minute or so. :)

Mom:  What an afternoon.  Lisa Adams is in a BAD place.  She can't hear anything without analyzing it and taking it in a negative way.  Today I was given three sceanerios that all involve things I had said to  Lisa and all were judged wrongly.  How do you teach someone that when they are your friend there is love and trust that need to be handled with care?  My feeling are hurt.....because what I SAID WAS WITH GOOD INTENTIONS AND SHE REFUSES TO EVEN TRY TO ACKNOWLEDGE.  SORRY FOR ALL CAPS.....NOT YELLING, JUST REALIZED CAP LOCK IS ON ON MY PHONE.

Malynne:  I am sorry! That is stinky. In this case she needs to grow up and stop being so judgemental...unfortunately we all have agency still. Just be patient and allow her to have some time to fix things. I love you! But I gotta go we are running to an appointment really quick. :)

Mom:  Did the shirt and skirt fit?

Malynne:  Yep they fit quite nicely! LOVES!

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