Monday, September 2, 2013

Loss of memory, soccer, ears and everyone needs to go to the temple.

OKay, so I brought my journal this week...I am actually being really good and writing in it every single night. :) I can remember what happened this week! yay!!!! :) 

So on Tuesday, we had were playing soccer and one of the Elders and I tripped each other and I ripped all the skin off my knee. It hurt, but it's a good conversation starter... :P It is okay now because it is scabbed over. :P Then we went to a less actives and we helped her paint her house which was fun, and she promised that she would come to church soon even though she couldn't come this last week. Then, we came home and scrubbed our apartment because we were challenged to make it clean like the temple so that when we came home we could walk into a beautiful clean place. :) It was definitely awesomely clean! Then, we went to a couple of lessons. We taught a girl named Keylmynie, and she is awesome! She doesn't think that she wants the gospel but she does. after a while we were finally able to commit her to taking the lessons. Right after that we went to the Wilkersons and had a lesson with them. It was kind of crazy because they had a baptism date, but they couldn't get baptized because their dad didnt' want them to. They still want to though. We had a lesson about being a good example and we asked "Okay, how can you be a good example?" and the youngest raised his hand and yelled "OH I KNOW!!! DON'T STICK YOUR FINGER UP YOUR NOSE!" we cracked up it was hilarious! :) It was just interesting to see the contrast between Keylmynie who thinks that she doesn't want the gospel but does, and the Wilkersons who want the gospel, but can't have it because of their dad...

We went out on Wednesday just for a couple of hours because we were heading up to Billings to go to the temple. We rode up there in the 15 passenger transfer van and it was lots of fun. We played I-Spy for a really long time, but it was really fun. When we got up to Billings we went to Taco bell...Oh my gosh we got taco bell!!!! :) It was awesome. Then they took the Sisters to spend the night in a mansion...It was awesome! :) Good day.

On thursday we went to the temple. We went to the 10:00 session. When I got to the temple I vowed it was going to be about me. But when we got in there I just realized how much I want all of the people in Lovell to be able to come to the temple. I missed them and I was really excited to go home to them. I prayed for them all through the entire is crazy when you think that you can't love more fully or deeply...somehow you find yourself to be able to do it. I love these people more than breathing and I can't imagine not wanting them to all be at the temple with me! :) 

My ears have been killing since we went to Billings, and it has not been fun. It is okay they only hurt sometimes. We went out and nobody was home, so we ended up going and visiting with a bunch of active families and sharing a message with them. :) It was good. We had dinner with a less active family and we were able to share our testimonies with them. I hope that even if they don't change while I am here that they will be able to remember that I know that this gospel is true. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same as all the rest of the week, just trying to visit people and share the gospel. On Sunday we had a few investigators there, and then we got a new investigator that night :) all in all it was really great week! 

I love you all very much! I hope that you have a great week!!!! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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