Monday, September 9, 2013

Life on the farm. Lovell, Wyoming

Okay so we went to a farm this week (details later). :) It was a really good week though full of some crazy usual! :P

So on Monday we were able to have our P-day until 6 because we didn't have a dinner. I was so tired from crying so much and Sister lasson was content to just sit down and do some puzzles. :P So I went and I fell asleep for a while in hopes that my eyes would start to feel better. Unfortunately when I woke up my eyes were like bloodshot and bright red and looked way worse than when I had gone to sleep. We decided to go out and work anyway. We went to a less actives house and they asked if I was on I was not on drugs, my eyes just hurt! It was a good visit though. :)

On Tuesday we had district meeting and afterwards we all ate lunch together and then went up to the care center to sing. We ended up spending 3 1/2 hours up there because it was so much fun and the spirit was so strong. We sang and sang and sang until our voices literally gave out. ;) We sang so many songs from the hymn book I swear we sang all of them. Then, we were on our way out and we got a request to sing for just one last woman. We went in there and we sang and then she asked for a priesthood blessing. All 4 Elders stood in a circle and were able to use the priesthood that they held to give her a blessing. Seriously made me soo soo thankful for the restoration of the priesthood here on this earth. It was probably my favorite part of that entire day. Later that night we went and met with another less active and talked to him about the temple. He wants to go, but just isn't sure the church is true. We agreed to come and teach him and his wife the lessons and then help them set a date and work towards  that date to go to the temple! :) It was soo special I love the temple and I am excited to see the people I have been working with go there. :)

On Wednesday we got to go out and see a few more less actives during the day. But that night they had both the ward harvest dinners at the same time ine 2 different places. We decided to go to 5th ward first since we knew there would be an investigator there. We ate a bunch of burgers and then we started a soccer game...bad plan :P but it was really fun. We were there for an hour and a half and then we headed over to 4th ward. I felt soo bad when we got over to their dinner because a lot of people were gone. But there were a bunch of kids who were waiting for us to come for soo long that they refused to leave until we got there. Once we did, we were showered with little bracelets and rocks and other little presents :P It was soo much fun! They are seriously just the cutest little things eveer! :) 

On Thursday I had to go and get a shot in the morning. :( We thought it was at one clinic, but it was at another and I was all panicked because I didn't think we would make it. But someone came just in the nick of time and rescued us and took us over there to get a shot. While we were there we met the Warmans and they invited us over for dinner. After that we went out to try to contact some referrals and meet with our less actives. But, we both got really sick because we got dehydrated. We ended up going to family dollar and getting a couple powerades and then just chugging them both in like  45 minutes. After a few minutes we felt better, but we were pretty sick. We went to the Warmans and we had dinner. Then they started another epic soccer game and we played with them for a really long time. :) We finally went inside and taught them the plan of salvation... :) Soo fun! 

On Friday we went up to Cowley (a little town close to Lovell) to watch one of the less active girls that we have been working with play volleyball. It was pretty fun! :) Except they lost which was stinky, but they almost won. After the game we got to talk to her about church and answer some of her questions. I think it will be a long process, but hopefully she will have a change of heart. We came back and we went over to the farm! This was new to me because, let's be honest I really haven't been to a real farm. We helped them feed and water their animals and then we got to hold baby bunnies. Then we helped them tattoo their rabbits. One of you holds the rabbit, and the other cleans out their ear with an alcohol wipe and then you put the green ink in their ear. then another person punches a bunch of little holes in their ear that makes a number. Then you rub the ink in. It was weird...totally different for me.Then we held their baby goats and helped feed them. Then they put a harness on a horse and let us walk around with them. :) Pretty fun! 

Saturday we had a big district breakfast in the morning. on Friday it was Sister Christensen and I's 7 month mark. It was also Elder Allen and Sister Stecks 1 month mark. Saturday was Elder White & Sister Taylors 18 month mark, Tuesday is Elder Wyatts 5 month mark, Thursday is Sister Lassons 3 month mark and it was Elder Deckers year mark like 2 weeks ago. So we decided to celebrate with pancakes! :) YAY!!! Then we spent like the entire day doing service. We helped finishing landscaping a yard and then we went and helped someone move. It was a really hot day and I was pretty excited to take a shower! :) That night we had an appointment with an investigator. We went over to meet with him and he introduced us to his son. His son got a mission call last August, then went to the MTC and came home 10 days into it. He now has a tattoo on his arm that says "Families are Forever" I seriously almost died laughing. I held it in pretty good until we left there :P Ah man so funny! We talked with him and he told us a story about how he and another investigator were in jail together and the other investigator convinced him to flush his sheets down the toilet. Ha ha oh my gosh we were dying because we could totally picture them both and their conversation "Hey should flush your sheets!" "OKAY!" Ha ha soo funny. We went to the church to finish copying progress records, but we had to wait for the Elders to come and open the library.. We were waiting there for a super long time. They finally got their and they were copying their progress records and Elder Whites tie fell in between two tables. Elder Allen, his companion reached under and grabbed it, and almost smashed his face into the table. I don't think any of us have laughed that hard in a really long time! :) Then they were going to give us a ride but Elder White locked his keys in the library and had to call the Sisters to come and rescue us...:P They are soo funny! 

Sunday was just another day at church. After church we went out and met with a few people, but nobody was really home. We went home turned in numbers and just went straight to sleep. It was nice we were asleep by 9:30. :) YAY!

Well, that was like my whole week It was pretty fun and full of lots more adventures! :) I hope that you all have a great week too! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

p.s. mom yes, I would only like white ones. 

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