Monday, September 16, 2013

Following the spirit pays off.

So, this week was amazing and we saw so many beautiful miracles! :) We were in Ward council and we were talking about a family who needed to meet with the missionaries and have their sons baptized. Someone made a comment like "well, I don't think they will be too interested in taking them." But we kept feeling prompted to go and see this family. Finally we went over and we decided to go over and visit them. When we got there, the mom wasn't home but her 3 boys were. They told us to come back at 7:30 when their mom got home. So we went over there after our appointment and their front door was open, but no one was home. We were pretty bummed out because they seemed really excited to have us come back. Then, we left their house and went around the corner to try another less-active woman. Right after we made it around the corner all w Yeaman boys (that's their last name) came riding around the corner on their bikes. I leaned over to Sister Lasson and said "Watch, they're gonna say they were playing a game called 'hide from the missionaries'" Lo and behold Alex said "Sorry, we were playing a game called hide from the missionaries, but then we felt guilty about it." It was actually pretty funny because they did feel pretty guilty about it. We talked about them being baptized and they said "That's funny because my mom was just talking about it." We set up another appointment to go and teach them the restoration the next day. We were finally able to meet with all 3 of them and they are amazing boys who understand things way better than I could've at their age. I am excited to be able to continue teaching them. :) Yay 3 new investigators this week because we followed the spirit!
We also were able to meet with our investigator named Max. We were at an appointment and we got out and it was like 8:15 and we were trying to think of someone that we could see that wasn't trying to put their kids to bed. We were wracking our brains and finally just came to the conclusion that we needed to go home to work on our area books. We were walking up main street and we heard someone whistle at us from across the street. We looked over and there was Max standing across the street. I was soo excited because we had been trying to get in touch with him, but hadn't been able to for a couple of weeks. We got to talk to him and he showed us that he bought a CTR ring and talked about the scriptures he had been reading in the Book of Mormon. It was a great meeting and that was another case where we didn't know that we were following the spirit, but it was exactly what needed to happen.
At the beginning of the week I caught a pretty bad cold, and then once I was getting over it Sister Lasson caught it. We both weren't feeling the best, but we really wanted to go out and work as much as we could. As we were out contacting and meeting with people it started pouring rain. We thought that it would rain the day previously and so we put umbrellas in our backpacks. It didn't rain and we forgot to take the umbrellas out. We knew we were sick and we didn't want to get worse, so we were pretty apprehensive about going out in the rain. I set my backpack on the ground and started to look for my planner just to see who would be the closest person that we could go to, and then I found our umbrellas! We were able to continue working and visit the people that we needed to because we had done our best to go out and actually work that day! :)
We have some less-actives that we are working with named the Nadings. It was kind of crazy chance that we found them, because they didn't even have records in our ward. We were walking down the street and saw a member stopping by their house. I knew that we needed to go and to see them. So, we went over a few days later and met them and started going over regularly. We were over there last week, and I just felt like I really needed to share our temple experience with Brother Nading (like the preparing for the temple and how amazing the temple was and how beautiful it is and stuff like that.) So we talked about it, and I asked him if he and his wife Annie wanted to be sealed. He just got really serious and nodded his head like "Yeah, someday." Sister Lasson then asked him "Why someday when you can prepare to have your wife forever today?" After that question we were able to start teaching all of the lessons. we have regular appointments with them every week and we have taught them the restoration and this week we get to teach them the plan of salvation. :) It makes me so happy to see that if we follow the spirit and ask the right questions we can really help someone think about things and help them start coming closer to the Savior.
Another awesome thing that got to happen this week was that we had stake conference. We had a visiting general authority named Elder Roads. We had President Jordan who was the temple President and his wife. Also President Mecham came down. We had an amazing adult session of conference on Saturday night. Elder Roads talked about missionary work and then had us do something kind of different that I have never done in a stake conference before. He had everyone pick someone that wasn't their spouse and do a roleplay with them where one of them was a member and the other pretended not to be a member. We had to practice asking heaven inspired questions to bring up gospel topics. It was amazing and it made me excited about this area and stuff because now the members here have no excuse!!! :P
Right after the Saturday night session Sister Lasson and I were happily talking to the people that were there that we loved. We knew President Mecham was there, and that he knew all about transfers. We also knew that he has never once spilled the beans early to anyone, so we were sure he wasn't going to tell us. We were talking to people and then we saw President motion for us to come over to talk to him. So, we walked over and he said "So, transfers are coming...I am sure that word just sends chills up your spine." Sister Lasson and I are inside like "HE IS EVIL! He is just gonna say something like 'just be accepting and seek confirmation'" But then he said "I need to tell you that both of your new companions are currently in the MTC right now." I seriously think that our eyes popped out of our heads. He then informed us that I am staying here in Lovell, and that Sister lasson is going somewhere else. He actually forgot where, but he said "It's really awesome I am excited about it!" It was pretty funny. So, that's the transfer news! I STAY HERE IN LOVELL!!!!  :) yay! I don't know who my new companion is, but she is coming out here soon! Sister lasson is going up to Billings we found out later. :P We both got pretty emotional because we love each other soo much and I don't want her to go. She also is scared to be in a new area with a new companion. It was kind of a rough night, but we are both excited now I know.
Then, the Sunday morning session of stake conference was amazing. President Mecham, talked and told an amazing story about answering the call to serve. He talked about a couple who were called to serve in Mongolia, but because it was so cold and their health wouldn't permit them to stay very long they declined the call. They again felt like they needed to serve, and again got called to Mongolia. This time they took their answer to the Lord and felt like they needed to go. They got to Mongolia and were sent to work with some of the inmates in a prison. The husband picked up on Mongolian really quickly, but the wife just couldn't figure it out and she stayed in the kitchen and washed dishes. One day she was so upset and frustrated and just ran outside and started screaming at the top of her lungs "DOES ANYBODY SPEAK ENGLISH?!"  she didn't hear an answer and so she screamed it again. Finally she gave up and started walking away and as she did, she heard a voice say "I do." She knew that she had to find that voice and find who it was. It was coming from the high security part of the prison, and it took a while of negotiation to get in there. The prisoners in there were pretty much just left there to die and had very little human interaction other than just getting food. They went in and she was able to go directly to where she heard the voice because it was something so familiar to her. They opened the door and then she saw a man inside and he said "Oh mom, I knew you would come!" Yeah she found her son that had run away from home and disowned himself from the family like 10 years ago. And she wouldn't have found him if she hadn't listened to that call to serve! It was an amazing story and I know that miracles like that happen all the time! Elder Roads also talked and my brain kind of exploded a little bit. He talked about Gods purpose. Then he asked "What is eternal life? Eternal life is not a destination or a prize that we win, but it is what we do and become. We ourselves need to become eternal life. and once we are eternal life then our purpose will be the same as Gods. to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Yeah, awesome! As we strive to be more like our savior we can't do it unless we are willing to be missionaries and keep our baptismal covenant of missionary work. Each of us needs to spend  time on our knees praying for Heavenly Father to bless us with the opportunity to be a missionary and know what heaven inspired questions to ask. I love missionary work and I love it here in Lovell Wyoming. There are many wonderful faithful saints here and I know that they are striving to be morel ike our Savior. I pray that each of us will be blessed with the opportunity to be a missionary and with an opportunity to follow the spirit when those situations arise. I know that it will bring us more happiness than we can possibly imagine!
I love these people and I am blessed to be getting a new companion that can come to love these people like I do. I am blessed to have served with Siter Lasson for these last 3 months. I am also blessed to know all of you. I am thankful for your prayers and your faith as you constantly strive to fulfill your callings and be more like our Savior. LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. mom, best package ever! Love the shoes! Love the shirts! Love the skirt! Love the letters! Love the chocolate! :) Thanks!!!!!!

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