Monday, September 30, 2013

Heart-break and Miracles, the Life of a Missionary.

So this was another great week full of heart-break and miracles. :) yay normal missionary stuff right? :) Well, Monday was just a normal P-day like any other. We hung out as a district and it ended before I could take a nap ha ha :P. Then Tuesday was an interesting day. The Sisters are in a tripanionship, and only 2 of them are in leadership positions. So, their one companion Sister Bateman came and spent the day with us and they went up to Billings. We went to visit some people, and it was a pretty slow morning because nobody would let us in, or nobody was home...stuff like that. Then we had an appointment with the Yeamans. They are a family who was a referral from the ward and we have been teaching them. We went over and we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a really good lesson, and we had our ward mission leader come and teach with us again. Their mom wasn't there...again, so we just taught it outside on the porch. We were able to set a baptism date for October 12th with them. :) it was pretty exciting! That night we went out of town to meet with the Wilkersons. They are the cutest! We have taught them everything that we could think of and they still can't get baptized because of their dad. We had been thinking all day about what we could possibly teach them that could help them, and finally decided to do a family home evening. We sang a bunch of primary songs and then we played a game. It is called Heads up 7 up. I don't know how many people remember it from elementary school, but it was super fun to play with them. We related it back to the Holy Ghost by talking about how they couldn't see someone touching them, but they definitely knew that they had been touched. We set up another appointment for tomorrow night and we are going to have them ask their dad again if he would let them get baptized. I love them!
Wednesday morning we had a surprise meeting up in Billings that everyone who is training had to go to. So, we left here at 11:30 and got up to Billings around 1:15. It was seriously pouring the entire way there, and so it took a lot longer than we thought. We got there and I got to see Sister Lasson! :) I love her so much I was very happy to see her. We had  a great meeting, where they talked about a lot of awesome things. We were told that the only obstacle that God has in our progression and the progress of our area is our faith as missionaries. If we believed 100% then we would be like Enoch and everyone would be baptized based upon our faith. It was a very cool meeting. After the meeting we went to cafe rio...since we never get to go there. There was an awesome member who bought all of us food. :) Then, we went to Walmart since we don't have one and it would be really nice to get Sister Wing boots before the boot season starts. But, they didn't have any. So, then it was time to come home. we got to the high way that we knew we were supposed to be on...except we didnt' know if we were supposed to head to Butte (which is in Montana) or Sheridan (which is in Wyoming). So we decided that Butte looked like the right way. Then we got nervous and called our zone leaders and nobody answered, so we called our district leader and he told us to turn around and head towards Sheridan. We went and then thought it was wrong, we flipped around, and then flipped around again still heading towards Sheridan. We kept going and realized that we were actually heading towards Hardin (which is a reservation) and towards North Dakota. We called our zone leaders again and they told us to turn around and head back towards the other way. At this point we were all laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces...we had been lost for an hour and a half and it was now dark outside. :P It was quite an adventure. Needless to say, the zone leaders directed us safely back to Lovell, and told us that we were right to listen to our district leader even if he was wrong. 

On Thursday, we had district meeting that morning. We did district meeting, and then we went up to the care-center to sing. I love going up there. We are definitely not the best singers in the entire world, but up there they don't really care and to them we sound like the Motab! :) We go up there and sing for a lot of people and we always have a good time. I am always thankful for the spirit and the hymns are able to bring into the room, I truly love them! Then we went to dinner at a members home. They are amazing, so missionary minded and willing to help the missionaries with anything. We had an appointment with a little girl who is 7 and active, but wanted the lessons. :) She is so cute! She lives with her Grandparents with her two brothers, their mom is dead and their dad is in jail...enough said. It is a pretty sad situation, but they are an amazing family. Their oldest brother had the missionary lessons before he was baptized, and Paige didn't think that it was very fair that she didn't have them. :) So we go over there once a week to teach her a lesson. It is fun to teach her and I love their family a lot. We decided to go over to Ambers and try her again because we haven't been able to catch her home for a while. She was there, and it was so sad because she and her husband aren't doing very well. He isn't the nicest guy and we knew that they were having problems, but things just seem to be getting worse for them. :( She invited us over Saturday afternoon to teach her a lesson, and then she told us that she would come to the relief society meeting on Saturday night. We went from there straight home because it was chilly outside! :P 

Friday morning we got up and we started the day off right by going and having an amazing less active. We went with a couple of priesthood holders in our ward and they gave her a blessing. Oh, she is named Kathy by the way. We met her and she invited us over, and we have started teaching her the lessons. We went to her house and we taught the restoration, and then Brother thatch bore his testimony on the priesthood power that he holds. It was such a great meeting, and the spirit that is there when brethren give a blessing is always amazing! :) Right after that we were invited out to a place out of town a little bit to have lunch. It was pretty good, and we got to make some good contact with people.We stopped at the library on the way back, and we saw an investigator who we have been trying to get a hold of. She is the Bishops granddaughter and she is 11. Her name is Taylor, and I was excited to see her. We just happened to be eating with the Wolseys (her grandparents) that night and she was like "Oh, I'll see if I can come over too". We came back from lunch and we made a poster for a less active woman named Cheryl who is giving away some tupperware. We made this poster for her and Sister Wing didn't know how to spell tupperware. She first wrote "tubberware" and that wasn't right, then she spelled it "Tuperware" and I was seriously laughing soo hard! It was soo funny! :) We finally figured it out, and took it over to her. We were able to teach her the plan of salvation and she really liked that. Then We decided to go and try Max. We stopped at his door, and he wasn't there, and we had to decide what else to do. I really wanted to go and try Peg, and Sister Wing really felt like we needed to go and see Lois. So, I told Sister Wing that she was in charge and we started taking the back way to get to her house since it is shorter. We turned the corner and there was Max! :) It was great to see him. I know that Sister Wing was following the spirit because we wouldn't have been able to find him otherwise. We asked him if he would be willing to watch conference with us this next weekend. He said that he already talked to his parents about watching it at their house and that he would love for us to come with him there. :) Yep definitely a miracle. That night we had dinner and then we taught Taylor the restoration. We found out that she has been having doubts about all of it, but as soon as she saw us in the library earlier that day that all of her doubts went away. She really wants to be baptized and she is reading the Book of Mormon and it is great. :) I know that the spirit calmed her fears and helped us to be able to set up a time to teach her. yay seriously so many miracles! 

Saturday we went out with a young woman. She came out and tried a bunch of people, but couldnt' really catch anyone at home. We finally caught the Jollys at home, and it was great to see them. They shaved their cat and Brad said "Man, there was a lot of fur flying. I don't know if it was his or if it was mine, but it was flying!" He had us rolling with tears running down our faces...soo funny! We got to go and teach the Nadings again. :) It was good to see them and get to teach them. We made a poster for them with the date of October 3rd 2014 which is when they are getting sealed in the temple! :) It had a bunch of pictures of temples all over it. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and they promised to come to church the next day. We went over to Ambers because we had an appointment, but she wasn't there. So, we tried Peg Snell instead. We were able to teach her the plan of Salvation. It was a good lesson, and she opened up and told us that she really has trouble with the temple. She doesn't like the symbols she feels like it should be straight forward. It will be something that we will have to work on with her. We went to dinner and then left to go to the relief society broadcast. We ran over to Kathy Johnsons to pick her up, and she couldn't come. She has insomnia really bad and she hadn't slept all that night and she was soo tired. I felt so bad, I could see that she was exhausted. So we started to head to the Broadcast. On the way though Sister Wing felt like we really needed to go and to visit Heather another less active that we work with. We thought about it for a while, and again I told Sister Wing that she is in charge. She decided that that is what we were going to do. We went over to her house and talked with her for a little while. She couldn't stay very long because she had to do dinner, but we talked with her. Sister Wing got to know her and her expectations better, so that was okay. We actually missed the broadcast...but it was good I would actually rather be out working. I know that I will be able to read it in a little while. :) We went home a little early to go and get our progress record finished and update area books. I was really tired so it was good that we did that because I needed to sit down and do something that didn't make my brain hurt. We found out that the Yeamans went to the baptism that afternoon that the Sisters had, and that they all really liked it. :) That was really good.  

Sunday came and it was a normal morning, we did studies and then we headed to church at 1. We got there, and the Nadings weren't there and neither were the yeamans. We decided to go and pick them up. The nadings didn't answer their door..totally bummed. But, the Yeamans were home. We went over there, and there was a woman at their house who was a friend of the families. She was yelling at the boys and it was a huge fight. We calmed everyone down, and she was mad because their house was a disaster. It was seriously horrible, we hadn't been in their house before. It was horrible conditions for them to be living in. Also, the youngest doesn't have a bed. Their mom has a boyfriend and she is always at his house when she isn't at work. There are 3 boys ages 12 and under who literally are raising themselves and don't know how to do anything. It was one of the most heartbreaking things that I have experienced on my mission. I love those boys and they just want someone to love them and be their mom. I just wish that Sister Wing and I could protect them from all of this, and pluck them out of where they're at and give them a good house with a good family. But we can't...we had to talk to our ward council about it and they are going to decide what will be best for the boys right now. Whether to make it a ward project or get the state involved...I really hate it a lot though it broke my heart. Also, we got a call about Chris, the less active that we have been working with since I got here. He decided all of a sudden that he just doesn't want it anymore. He just got his patriarchal blessing, and got to go to the temple, and now he is walking away. I hope that we will be able to help him see how much it has blessed him. I am heartbroken about that as well. It was a pretty hard afternoon. That night we had dinner with the Jacobsens, Christy who has always been a member, and her husband Brady who is a recent convert, he was baptized right before I got here in April. We taught the restoration and the spirit was really strong. They are an amazing family! We came home and called in numbers to our district leader. I don't know if any of you will remember Arthur, but he is amazing. He was one of the people that I was working with before our area got split a few months ago. I love his family soo soo much, and I was so sad that I didn't get to see them anymore. They moved to another town right next to Lovell (like still in the same stake) called Byron, so now I really don't get to see them. But Elder White told me last night that his parents were just rebaptized and are planning on going to the temple in a year. They saw Arthur last night and he said "well, I guess that Maria and I are going to have to be there too." So he agreed to be baptized! :) After 8 years of lessons and hundreds of missionaries, his heart has been softened! :) Oh my gosh I was in tears I was so happy last night. I know that each of the missionaries placed in his life has had a hand in helping him get to the point that he is at now where he is ready to accept the gospel. :) I hope that I am here when he gets baptized. The Aagards are a really really special family! 

So, that is my week full of heartbreak and miracles. I know that things cane get rough, but I also know that as we stay strong and hang onto our Heavenly Father that he will put miracles in our path. I love the scripture 3 Nephi 11:3-5, this is talking about the spirit, but I am gonna tweak it. Sometimes, we see miracles right in front of us and we can't recognize them. But as we "open our ears to hear and turn our eyes heavenward we will be able to see all of the tender mercies all around us all the time. All of those little things add up into one amazing miracle of today! :) I love being a missionary, and being able to serve here in Lovell. I love Sister Wing, and the district that I am in. Man, life is good if you let it be! :) I love you all thank you for everything that you do! :) have a great week!!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

p.s. sorry it is so long...I just had a lot to say this week! :P 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Christmas Letter from President Mecham

Dear Parents:
It is time to think Christmas already!  Christmas zone conferences are scheduled for December 17 (Billings) and December 19 (Helena).  In our SURPRISE care package we are making for the missionaries, we would like to include the following.  If you are sending both the letter and photo by mail, send them in separate envelopes so that I won’t disturb your private letter by searching for the photo.  Our zone conference will be centered on Christ; your testimony of Christ would be a great addition to the letter.  We want every missionary to have at least one letter from home.   Help us save time in repeated communications by following the directions completely.
 DEADLINE OCTOBER 31-HALLOWEEN. With 230 plus missionaries these packages and DVD will take some time to create and assemble.   WHEW!!
1.       Letter (no packages for this purpose) from parents and other family members you invite to participate.  These can be individual letters or a combined letter.  I can assure you from last year’s experiences, these are treasured gifts!  Address the letter as indicated below so that we can properly intercept them and save for their package, otherwise they might accidently get forwarded to the missionary. Keep the letters to the size that could fit in a large lunch sack.

Sister Mecham/Missionaries Full Name
December Zone Conference-Indicate “Letter” or “Photo” (Separate mailings for those)
1848 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT  59102

2.       Photo of your missionary individually or together with family members in a Christmas setting or winter activity of any year of your choosing.  Provide the year. Last year they all loved the younger photos.   Make sure that at least the missionary can be well identified (such as no back to the camera or face hidden  by object or person).  In a group photo, describe which one is the missionary. We will be making a DVD with these photos to present at the zone conference.
Best Option:  Scan and email a .jpg version (not PDF) of the photo to:, put Christmas Photo in the attention line. Provide date.  In a group photo, describe which one is the missionary.
Mail Option:  Send original photo that we can scan and return or give to the missionary.  Indicate your preference.
3.        When is the DEADLINE? OCTOBER 31-HALLOWEEN
4.        What if I sent a photo last year?  We will use the same one, or you can send a different one. Let me know your preference.
5.       What if my missionary is coming home before December 17?  Participation not necessary.
6.       What if my missionary is a visa waiter?  Send the material and if they are still here we will use it or return it.

 About 10% of our missionaries have received their flu shot at this point.  October 15 is the deadline.  Support us in this cause.  We had so many sick missionaries last year that prohibited them from working up to weeks at a time.    We are keeping a log of those that have received the vaccination.
Much of our training consistently stresses how important the companionship of the Holy Ghost is for our missionaries to be effective in their work.  Training sessions have been centered on the dignity and decorum of their example; obedience to the missionary schedule;  proper language and attire (especially on preparation days); proper media and music;   and cleaning, caring and respecting property that has been provided for them through parent donations (in the case of the bikes), sacred tithing funds (cars, DVD players) and the generosity of members hosting missionaries in their homes.    The missionaries themselves have been teachers in these sessions.  The principles regarding these areas are clearly defined in the Missionary Handbook.
Despite this consistent training, there are some things that continue to be a distraction and concern—mostly related to their use of the internet, media and music.   In our recent mission leadership council which involves the mission president, his wife, the assistants, zone leaders, and sister training leaders, we came to a unanimous decision to create a list of approved music , (the Law of Moses, so to speak) since several missionaries struggle with making appropriate choices. 
Please review the attached document, and encourage your missionaries to remove inappropriate distractions and focus on obtaining the spirit full time. Consider those things that you send to the missionaries in their packages that can distract from the spirit of missionary work.  Consider providing them access to excessive additional funds that gives them the capacity to purchase distractions.
The council also unanimously voted that missionaries remove all weight benches from their living quarters and eliminate commercial work out videos.  While we recognize and emphasize that exercise is an important element in maintaining weight and reducing stress, excessive focus on workouts involving these mediums are not needed during their mission.
We love our missionaries and know their lives will be richly blessed by making this sacrifice during the time they have devoted to serving the Lord.  We have faith that miracles will happen in this mission through our concerted effort to be more obedient and covenant keeping.
President & Sister Mecham

Monday, September 23, 2013

Transfers - I am not leaving Lovell and I get Sister Wing.

Hello everyone!
As you know I didn't leave Lovell! :) I get to stay here. I am training right now, and my new companions name is Sister Wing and she is 23 years old from Lubbock, Texas. She is also awesome and I love her and we work really well together already. :) She also says ya'll a lot. :P Ha ha. 

So, on Monday we went to a members home in 4th ward named the Mayes for dinner. They have 2 sons named Hunter and Connor and it reminded me of Hunter my cousin, and Connor my brother. :) We had pancakes and waffles and it was super fun, and then they really wanted to show me their fort that they made in their back yard. It was a sweet fort that they built with their dad. So we were up there looking at it and then they wanted to go back inside so we could have a lesson. They didn't have a railing for the ladder though, and all of us were waiting in line to go down. So I just grabbed onto the door frame and started to go down so that I didn't fall to my death. But then, Connor (yeah I know ironic right) shut the door on my fingers. I was like ready to scream but I didn't want him to feel bad, so I calmly asked him to open the door. My fingers are pretty bruised, and cut open in different places, but they are not broken so that's good. :) 

On Tuesday we went around with Sister Lasson so that we could say goodbye to everyone since she was leaving that night. We had a lot of lessons and she shared her favorite scripture and her testimony. Then we ran home and packed and had a lesson with the Yeamans. We taught them the plan of salvation and they have been reading the book of mormon and stuff and it was awesome! :) We ran home and the Holzers came and picked us up and drove us to the church to wait for the transfer van. It had been pouring rain all day, and we were soaked and so at the church it was no different. We were all waiting with all the missionaries in the pouring rain for a good solid hour. It really sucked to say goodbye to all of the Elders I have been serving around that are now some of my best friends, and it sucked even worse to say goodbye to Sister Lasson. Since we were soaked nobody could tell if I was crying or if it was just rain all over my face. (I was crying.) That night Sister Huskey who was another Sister waiting for her companion was my companion. We went and got pizza because we hadn't eaten anything. We ate some pizza then went and taught Kenny and Linda. It was good, but we were definitely ready for bed. 

On wednesday Sister Huskey got to go out and teach the Nadings who I absolutely love. :) they are less active and they want to come back to church and take the missionary lessons again. When we went over there, both of them had read the Book of Mormon and both of them had prayed at least a little bit. :) Man I was so happy. We taught them the plan of salvation, and then asked them to commit to choosing a date to be sealed in the temple and to coming to church this Sunday. They chose October 3rd of 2014 as their date since that is the day that they met. :) It will be good because I will be able to go and watch them be sealed! I am soo excited for them. Then we ran out of town to visit with keylmynie and Nicole and TJ. We talked a little bit to Keylmynie about taking the lessons. She says maybe she will. I think that the best thing to do with her is to set something up with her mom, and then just make sure that she is there when we come over to teach. :) Then, we ran over to dinner and we taught the restoration to a family out of town. We came back and went straight to the church to meet our new companions. That was the night I met Sister Wing. :) I took her back to our house and straight out teaching. :) It was good, we were able to meet with Brother Brimhall and his wife (the ward mission leader in 5th ward). Then we came home and went to sleep because we were tired. 

The next day, I literally had no food in the house. Sister Wing also didn't have any food either. We had planned on just skipping breakfast, and then going out and getting lunch, but we got caught up in doing stuff. We pretty much just went straight out and started working, and we were starving! Not the best first day a missionary could've had ha ha I felt bad. We taught a bunch of lessons, but we were starving. We had called dinner earlier that day and they didn't answer, so we left them a message. they called us back probably 7 or 8 hours later and were really mad at them for not giving them fair warning. They took us out for dinner at one of the only restaurants here in town and chastized us like the whole time. I was tired and hungry and then I was grumpy. The only thing that could make it better? Teaching the Wilkersons. We went out to their house and taught them about the title of liberty and helped them make their own. :) They are the best family and I love them! We came home and went shopping really quick so it didn't happen again and then we went to bed. 

Friday was awesome! :) We ate breakfast! and then we went out and we taught a bunch of lessons. We went and visited with and less active and shared a scripture with her and sang her a song. It was a really great lesson. Then it seemed like every house that we tried that whole day, there was someone there and we were able to go and to teach and it was so great! We had dinner with a part member family that night and we played soccer with them, and then we taught the restoration. Their grandson was there and he wants to be baptized, so we got a new investigator that night. :) His name is JT and he is 9 and super awesome. 

On Saturday it went pretty much the same way, we just taught like a million lessons that day at every house we went to. Everyone was home and so we got to teach a bunch of lessons. We taught the family named the Ropers. They have a daughter named Courtney and she reminds me of Courtney, and also me when I was little. :)  It was soo funny! I just had to share that! :P We were out teaching and we didn't have dinner. We just kept teaching and teaching until like 8:15 and then we were both starving and decided to go home and finish progress records. We went home and planned and then we ate ice cream and did progress records and then we watched the Joseph Smith movie. :) It was a fun night! We also quoted a bunch of Christmas movies all day, and it made me really excited for Christmas even though I don't get to watch any of them. :) Make sure that you watch ELF, Christmas vacation, and a Christmas story for me this year. :) That night we were watching the Joseph Smith movie and the Elders came over to pick up our progress records. Elder White has been a little sick this week and he told us a story about the lady that he lives and it was soo funny! So I am going to share it with you. :) He was downstairs in the basement and he was coughing a lot. The lady that they live with came down the stairs and was like "Who was coughing?" and she had like a bunch of medicine in her arms and they didn't want to take any so the Elders were like "Oh, nobody I don't know what you heard." She was like "Oh, it must've been the cat" and she went upstairs. Elder White started coughing again, and she came flying back down the stairs and was like "YOU LYING LITTLE WHELP." ha ha then she made him take a bunch of medicine. it was pretty funny! :) I was dying! :P Oh, and also Brother Welch gave Sister Wing a ginormous carrot and she was carrying it around town. I was like "Oh, don't worry nobody will even notice." then, ha ha yesterday at church every one kept saying "We saw you yesterday walking around...with a giant carrot." It was soo funny! :) 

Yesterday was good too. We had a dinner planned with a family and they were going to invite their less-active son. He came, didn't like what their mom made and left. It was horrible and I was mad at him. I won't do that I promise. Even if you make stuffed egg-plant I will choke it down and then go to McDonalds later (please don't make that ever again though...). Ha ha then, we went over to the Brands and we taught them the restoration again. :) It was fun, I love going over there. :) 

Well, that was my entire week! I love you all! I hope that you have an amazing week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

"You need to act in the dignity and decorum that you have been called to."

Dear Malynne,
I know you do not get a lot of time to write, but if you could please make it a priority to write to Makenna I would appreciate it and she would LOVE it!  She has made numerous comments about not receiving a letter from you for a very long time.  She misses you emmensely and needs to hear your testimony.  She needs to know that attending YW when there are not "Friends" there is still a good thing.  She needs to know that you have gone through things that she is currently going through.  Please, please write to her.
This week was a week full of sadness, heartache and forgiveness for me as the RS President.  I divulged a confidence that I should not have and it came back to bite me in the butt.  I have had many many sleepless  nights because of this.  In a nut shell I told Lisa that her visiting teachers (said their names) had requested a change because Lisa was so rude to them, would not let them come, stood them up etc.  Lisa contacted her VTers who contacted me.  One of them was like "whatever, she needs to know that her actions effect others, and she needed to be told".  The other one was very hurt that I divulged her feelings to Lisa and is mad at me.  I am doing my best to rectify these relationships.  This morning I talked to the Bishop about it and he told me to stop worrying about it.  He told me to stop worrying about Lisa, that any relationship I build with her will not be strong, ever and that she will sabatoge it.  He told me to instead concentrate on my relationship with the other sister that I hurt.  I just have to say that I love our Bishop.  He says things that make you know that the atonement is real, that it is not hard, that it benefits everyone that believes, asks and acts.  Where or where would we be without it?
Did I tell you that I signed up for a photoshop class? I have been twice and am learning so much.  I am so excited about it.  It is taking me away from RS one night a week, but I figure it is OK.  My councelors are doing visits on Wednesday nights for 5 weeks and I am doing them on Tuesday and Thursdays.
Do you remember Downton Abbey?  There is another series that was made before it that I LOVE.  It is called Larkrise to Candleford. When you get home I will rewatch it with you.  It doesn't have the scandals that Downton does.  It is much lighter, but I LOVE it. Gretchen turned me on to it and we talk about it all the time.
I am excited to hear who your new companion is and how that is working out.  Jenny Nelson went to Wyoming last week and she called me and told me that she was only about an hour from Lovell.  I started to cry.  It is hard for me to think that you are closer to me than Disneyland.  It is hard for me to think that I could, but won't, get in my car and drive to Lovell and home in one day and that Lovell is so small that my chances of finding/seeing you would be high.  I won't because if I did I would not be able to resist getting out of my car, crying, and giving you the biggest hug you have ever have.  I honestly knew I would miss you, but never this much.
I am so proud of you.  I love you.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  You will be kept in my prayers always.
Love YOU.

Dear mom,

I am sorry that this week was so hard for you. Being in a leadership position like that is hard, and I know that you are trying. I am sorry that Lisa is being stinky, Erica is the same way remember? It is hard and it's not very fair I know that. I would agree with the bishop and what he said. She is going to just continue being manipulative and someday she will have to figure that out. But you definitely need to rectify the relationship with the other Sister. I know that being a missionary (or relief society president) people hold you to a standard of perfection and when you don't reach that people feel like they can criticize and point out how to correct you. I think that this is human nature to be upset when someone doesn't live up to our expectations. I am realizing now that this is often times why I was so upset with Ryan, because he would not live up the high expectations that I had no right to set for him. But, I now know that as we listen to the Lord and obey his counsel it is truly the only way that we can change anyones opinions. Words don't matter. As we hold ourselves high, and overcome our mistakes we can be clearly identified as a servant and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. President Mecham has a saying "You need to act in the dignity and decorum that you have been called to." Dignity of your calling and being able to represent yourself with decorum to represent that dignity as well. I know that he is a man that has been called of God and as I try to represent myself with dignity and decorum in all situations I have regained that trust that people have in me. Sometimes being a leader doesn't mean running to try to fix a problem, sometimes it means walking away so that you may maintain your standards in another place. Think of all of the examples of this in the scriptures, Lehi leaving Jerusalem, Alma leading the people to the waters of Mormon, and even Christ himself holding his peace and walking away. I know that being a leader sucks. But I truly believe that as you go to this sister, and truly apologize and repent for you actions and then show her by your actions not just what you say that everything will be okay. I am grateful that I have a knowledge of the gospel and know that whatever happens and no matter how hard things get, that I will be blessed by being obedient to the laws and commandments of the gospel, and by living up to the covenants that I personally have made in the temple. 

I am excited to be able to watch the rest of Downton Abbey that I didn't get to see, and all of the other movies and shows that I missed. As well, as seeing that other show with you ha ha. :) Don't worry, I am going to be home in like 10 months. It is going so fast! I have already been out for almost 8 months! I am almost halfway done!!! Man I can't even believe it. Oh, my new companion is named Sister Wing and she is 23 from Lubbock Texas. She reminds me a lot of Courtney and we have already had a lot of fun together! :) 

I also want to say something about Makenna. I have been thinking a lot about her this week and I am planning on writing her a letter. I know that she is having a hard time, and I know that she thinks that her life is really hard right now. So...put her to work. The only thing that is going to save this world is work. Help her serve. Make her serve others on a regular basis. Share your testimony of the book of mormon and relate stories that she is going through back to the book of mormon as much as you possibly can. Just anyway that you can share your testimony of the Savior. Don't shove it down her throat, just make sure that she knows that you believe in God. The only thing that is going to help her is work. Also start doing family history. I don't care how much you want to it. And you need to make sure that all of my siblings do it as well. We were promised by a servant of the Lord that if we needed help, if the world was getting to heavy, if we needed more of the spirit, if we just wanted to be happier that we needed to go and find our ancestors. We all have that responsibility and as we look for them and spend time every week we will be blessed. Start with something small, do indexing. And then, find the ward family history consultants and bring them in to help you too. Do it as a family home evening. Then, as a family go to the temple and do the work for the names that you find. When I get back I will be working my butt off to find all of my ancestors, and you better be working before I get home. Also, have her read Alma 22:18. God only let him have a testimony, he only filled him with that testimony after he was willing to sacrifice. He sacrificed all his sins. We need to sacrifice anything that is keeping our will from being in line with Gods will. Whether that be gossip, pride, anger, hurt feelings, or laziness we need to give it up and give it to him. Because he is definitely going to take much better care of all of that crap than we can. So...that's my lecture for you.

I miss you a lot too! I will love to see you on August 6th of next year in the airport. :) Or even on Christmas this year when we get to skype. I love this gospel mom. I truly have never been happier in my entire life and it is because I am serving the Lord and bringing his children home. I love my brothers and sisters here and it makes me happy to be able to share what makes me happy with them. :) I know that I am truly meant to be here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I miss you tons too, but the good thing is, that this is a really really short period of time! :P I can't wait to bring you all up here to meet everyone here that I love!!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Dear daughter.  I am at work, but i need to ask you two things. Do you need anything and i want your mission home phone number incase of an emergency.  Love you tons.

Malynne:  I don't think that I need anything, just letters. :) and I will get it to you, just not right now because I don't have it with me. :( I love you too! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Moms Video made me so happy!

Dear Malynne,
I missed you this week.  I thought about you often, especially on Wednesday when you should have received your package.  Do you like your new tennis shoes?  They are fun...yeah?  Did I tell you that I am taking a photoshop class?  it is on Wednesday nights.  So far I have only been to one class.  There are six all together and my goal is to be able to navigate photoshop good enough that I can do digital scrapbooking without lots of help from others.  On Saturday we went to the State Fair. We thought of you as we went through the bunny building, the cow building, the goat building and the pig building.  It is always the same.  Nothing changes.  I don't know why I love it so much, but I do.  We saw lots of bags like the ones you used to have.  Dad said that when you come home we will have to go to the fair so you can get one there......remind us that we need to go.....I think my desire to go will be less next year, I got my fill this last weekend.
On Friday night dad and I went to the highschool and visited with Nudd.  They were doing a walk for life thing that went all night, ending Saturday morning.  Nudd asked how you are doing and asked to be put on your email list......she will now get your emails and said that she will drop you a line or two.  We are talking about tour.....Nudd wants both dad and I to be chaperones, but I am having heart burn about not taking Makayla and Connor since it is going to be over spring break.  I think we will go, but Makayla Connor and I will fly down and hook up with the choir, picking and choosing what we will do with them and what we won't do but being back every night help at night.  I think Makayla, Connor and I will have fun in Disneyland!!!
Tonight I wrote JJ a letter and told him we will keep him in our prayers.  Very awkward, not knowing what to say but wanting to say something to let him know we still care about him.  Any suggestions?
Today Bro. McOmber wrote me an email that ruined my Sunday.  He is a very pious man, very judgemental (yes, I know that I too am being very judgmental right now).  I learned a very good lesson though......that judgement is to be left to the Lord.  Our job is to love, accept and bring everyone to Christ regardless of their situation.
Dear Daughter, I am so proud of you (not the bad proud, but honored proud).  You are doing so much good.  You look so happy!!!  Always remember that you are loved.  You are missed!  But mostly that you are loved.
I love you!
I had some dental work done on my mouth and sent a video to Malynne.  My face was all numbed up and I had a hard time talking.

Malynne:   MOM! That video made me soo happy! I was laughing soo hard I was crying! It reminded me of that time when you were so numbed up that you couldn't even smile on one side and we kept laughing at you. :) Thanks for sending it to me! So, you are bad at predicting things...I am staying here in Lovell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting a new missionary from the MTC and training again. Sister Lasson will also be training and going to Billings. :) WOAO!!!!!

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am on here for like 10 minutes if you want to talk a little bit.

Mom:  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep I am right here for just another minute or so. :)

Mom:  What an afternoon.  Lisa Adams is in a BAD place.  She can't hear anything without analyzing it and taking it in a negative way.  Today I was given three sceanerios that all involve things I had said to  Lisa and all were judged wrongly.  How do you teach someone that when they are your friend there is love and trust that need to be handled with care?  My feeling are hurt.....because what I SAID WAS WITH GOOD INTENTIONS AND SHE REFUSES TO EVEN TRY TO ACKNOWLEDGE.  SORRY FOR ALL CAPS.....NOT YELLING, JUST REALIZED CAP LOCK IS ON ON MY PHONE.

Malynne:  I am sorry! That is stinky. In this case she needs to grow up and stop being so judgemental...unfortunately we all have agency still. Just be patient and allow her to have some time to fix things. I love you! But I gotta go we are running to an appointment really quick. :)

Mom:  Did the shirt and skirt fit?

Malynne:  Yep they fit quite nicely! LOVES!

Following the spirit pays off.

So, this week was amazing and we saw so many beautiful miracles! :) We were in Ward council and we were talking about a family who needed to meet with the missionaries and have their sons baptized. Someone made a comment like "well, I don't think they will be too interested in taking them." But we kept feeling prompted to go and see this family. Finally we went over and we decided to go over and visit them. When we got there, the mom wasn't home but her 3 boys were. They told us to come back at 7:30 when their mom got home. So we went over there after our appointment and their front door was open, but no one was home. We were pretty bummed out because they seemed really excited to have us come back. Then, we left their house and went around the corner to try another less-active woman. Right after we made it around the corner all w Yeaman boys (that's their last name) came riding around the corner on their bikes. I leaned over to Sister Lasson and said "Watch, they're gonna say they were playing a game called 'hide from the missionaries'" Lo and behold Alex said "Sorry, we were playing a game called hide from the missionaries, but then we felt guilty about it." It was actually pretty funny because they did feel pretty guilty about it. We talked about them being baptized and they said "That's funny because my mom was just talking about it." We set up another appointment to go and teach them the restoration the next day. We were finally able to meet with all 3 of them and they are amazing boys who understand things way better than I could've at their age. I am excited to be able to continue teaching them. :) Yay 3 new investigators this week because we followed the spirit!
We also were able to meet with our investigator named Max. We were at an appointment and we got out and it was like 8:15 and we were trying to think of someone that we could see that wasn't trying to put their kids to bed. We were wracking our brains and finally just came to the conclusion that we needed to go home to work on our area books. We were walking up main street and we heard someone whistle at us from across the street. We looked over and there was Max standing across the street. I was soo excited because we had been trying to get in touch with him, but hadn't been able to for a couple of weeks. We got to talk to him and he showed us that he bought a CTR ring and talked about the scriptures he had been reading in the Book of Mormon. It was a great meeting and that was another case where we didn't know that we were following the spirit, but it was exactly what needed to happen.
At the beginning of the week I caught a pretty bad cold, and then once I was getting over it Sister Lasson caught it. We both weren't feeling the best, but we really wanted to go out and work as much as we could. As we were out contacting and meeting with people it started pouring rain. We thought that it would rain the day previously and so we put umbrellas in our backpacks. It didn't rain and we forgot to take the umbrellas out. We knew we were sick and we didn't want to get worse, so we were pretty apprehensive about going out in the rain. I set my backpack on the ground and started to look for my planner just to see who would be the closest person that we could go to, and then I found our umbrellas! We were able to continue working and visit the people that we needed to because we had done our best to go out and actually work that day! :)
We have some less-actives that we are working with named the Nadings. It was kind of crazy chance that we found them, because they didn't even have records in our ward. We were walking down the street and saw a member stopping by their house. I knew that we needed to go and to see them. So, we went over a few days later and met them and started going over regularly. We were over there last week, and I just felt like I really needed to share our temple experience with Brother Nading (like the preparing for the temple and how amazing the temple was and how beautiful it is and stuff like that.) So we talked about it, and I asked him if he and his wife Annie wanted to be sealed. He just got really serious and nodded his head like "Yeah, someday." Sister Lasson then asked him "Why someday when you can prepare to have your wife forever today?" After that question we were able to start teaching all of the lessons. we have regular appointments with them every week and we have taught them the restoration and this week we get to teach them the plan of salvation. :) It makes me so happy to see that if we follow the spirit and ask the right questions we can really help someone think about things and help them start coming closer to the Savior.
Another awesome thing that got to happen this week was that we had stake conference. We had a visiting general authority named Elder Roads. We had President Jordan who was the temple President and his wife. Also President Mecham came down. We had an amazing adult session of conference on Saturday night. Elder Roads talked about missionary work and then had us do something kind of different that I have never done in a stake conference before. He had everyone pick someone that wasn't their spouse and do a roleplay with them where one of them was a member and the other pretended not to be a member. We had to practice asking heaven inspired questions to bring up gospel topics. It was amazing and it made me excited about this area and stuff because now the members here have no excuse!!! :P
Right after the Saturday night session Sister Lasson and I were happily talking to the people that were there that we loved. We knew President Mecham was there, and that he knew all about transfers. We also knew that he has never once spilled the beans early to anyone, so we were sure he wasn't going to tell us. We were talking to people and then we saw President motion for us to come over to talk to him. So, we walked over and he said "So, transfers are coming...I am sure that word just sends chills up your spine." Sister Lasson and I are inside like "HE IS EVIL! He is just gonna say something like 'just be accepting and seek confirmation'" But then he said "I need to tell you that both of your new companions are currently in the MTC right now." I seriously think that our eyes popped out of our heads. He then informed us that I am staying here in Lovell, and that Sister lasson is going somewhere else. He actually forgot where, but he said "It's really awesome I am excited about it!" It was pretty funny. So, that's the transfer news! I STAY HERE IN LOVELL!!!!  :) yay! I don't know who my new companion is, but she is coming out here soon! Sister lasson is going up to Billings we found out later. :P We both got pretty emotional because we love each other soo much and I don't want her to go. She also is scared to be in a new area with a new companion. It was kind of a rough night, but we are both excited now I know.
Then, the Sunday morning session of stake conference was amazing. President Mecham, talked and told an amazing story about answering the call to serve. He talked about a couple who were called to serve in Mongolia, but because it was so cold and their health wouldn't permit them to stay very long they declined the call. They again felt like they needed to serve, and again got called to Mongolia. This time they took their answer to the Lord and felt like they needed to go. They got to Mongolia and were sent to work with some of the inmates in a prison. The husband picked up on Mongolian really quickly, but the wife just couldn't figure it out and she stayed in the kitchen and washed dishes. One day she was so upset and frustrated and just ran outside and started screaming at the top of her lungs "DOES ANYBODY SPEAK ENGLISH?!"  she didn't hear an answer and so she screamed it again. Finally she gave up and started walking away and as she did, she heard a voice say "I do." She knew that she had to find that voice and find who it was. It was coming from the high security part of the prison, and it took a while of negotiation to get in there. The prisoners in there were pretty much just left there to die and had very little human interaction other than just getting food. They went in and she was able to go directly to where she heard the voice because it was something so familiar to her. They opened the door and then she saw a man inside and he said "Oh mom, I knew you would come!" Yeah she found her son that had run away from home and disowned himself from the family like 10 years ago. And she wouldn't have found him if she hadn't listened to that call to serve! It was an amazing story and I know that miracles like that happen all the time! Elder Roads also talked and my brain kind of exploded a little bit. He talked about Gods purpose. Then he asked "What is eternal life? Eternal life is not a destination or a prize that we win, but it is what we do and become. We ourselves need to become eternal life. and once we are eternal life then our purpose will be the same as Gods. to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Yeah, awesome! As we strive to be more like our savior we can't do it unless we are willing to be missionaries and keep our baptismal covenant of missionary work. Each of us needs to spend  time on our knees praying for Heavenly Father to bless us with the opportunity to be a missionary and know what heaven inspired questions to ask. I love missionary work and I love it here in Lovell Wyoming. There are many wonderful faithful saints here and I know that they are striving to be morel ike our Savior. I pray that each of us will be blessed with the opportunity to be a missionary and with an opportunity to follow the spirit when those situations arise. I know that it will bring us more happiness than we can possibly imagine!
I love these people and I am blessed to be getting a new companion that can come to love these people like I do. I am blessed to have served with Siter Lasson for these last 3 months. I am also blessed to know all of you. I am thankful for your prayers and your faith as you constantly strive to fulfill your callings and be more like our Savior. LOVE YOU ALLLL!!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. mom, best package ever! Love the shoes! Love the shirts! Love the skirt! Love the letters! Love the chocolate! :) Thanks!!!!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Packages filled with love. Conversation with mom.

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am back on for a minute! :)

Mom:  Please be there.

Malynne:  yep right here. :) 

Mom:  I just got back from sending off a pkg to you.  It is FILLED with love!!!!  Tennis shoes...I hope you like them.  They are bright and fun and reminded me of you.  I also sent you 4 mod bods, 2 cap, 2 string since you never told me what you wanted!!!  :(
I also sent you something special just from me.  I won't tell you, you will be surprised. 
IF you have any clothes that do not fit you or you want to send home please send them.  I can use them and we will save them for you.  Also, are you allowed to have maxi skirts?  Shannon Kitchen told me that when Kayd got to her mission the mission mom went through her bags and took out all stripped skirts, all maxi skirts, all loud prints, boxed them up and sent them back home.  What are your rules????

Malynne:  We are good as far as Maxi's and fun prints go. In fact they are encouraged. :) As long as our maxi's don't go down to our feet and just stop and our ankles. Thanks for sending me my package!!! :) I am excited! 

Mom:  Are you sending home an SD card?  I am not printing these pictures out as I get them.  But I am saving them.  Send home your SD card and I will send it back.

Malynne:  I just bought another one, so I can send you home the one that is full right now. There are a couple of videos on there that you can watch and that will be fun :)

Mom:  It is fun to send you pkgs.  and fun for there to be surprises inside.  I just wish it was not so dang expensive.  Do you need anything else?  If you do it will need to wait for about a month.  Your pkg. will be there on Wednesday.

Malynne:  Yay! :) Nope I am good I really don't need anything else. Thanks for sending it! :) Well, we gotta go we have to run home and change for dinner :P I will talk to you next week! LOVE YOU!!!!! 

Stuff we do on P- Day!!!!!

Happy 1,3,5,7,12, and 18 month marks everyone!!!!

Life on the farm. Lovell, Wyoming

Okay so we went to a farm this week (details later). :) It was a really good week though full of some crazy usual! :P

So on Monday we were able to have our P-day until 6 because we didn't have a dinner. I was so tired from crying so much and Sister lasson was content to just sit down and do some puzzles. :P So I went and I fell asleep for a while in hopes that my eyes would start to feel better. Unfortunately when I woke up my eyes were like bloodshot and bright red and looked way worse than when I had gone to sleep. We decided to go out and work anyway. We went to a less actives house and they asked if I was on I was not on drugs, my eyes just hurt! It was a good visit though. :)

On Tuesday we had district meeting and afterwards we all ate lunch together and then went up to the care center to sing. We ended up spending 3 1/2 hours up there because it was so much fun and the spirit was so strong. We sang and sang and sang until our voices literally gave out. ;) We sang so many songs from the hymn book I swear we sang all of them. Then, we were on our way out and we got a request to sing for just one last woman. We went in there and we sang and then she asked for a priesthood blessing. All 4 Elders stood in a circle and were able to use the priesthood that they held to give her a blessing. Seriously made me soo soo thankful for the restoration of the priesthood here on this earth. It was probably my favorite part of that entire day. Later that night we went and met with another less active and talked to him about the temple. He wants to go, but just isn't sure the church is true. We agreed to come and teach him and his wife the lessons and then help them set a date and work towards  that date to go to the temple! :) It was soo special I love the temple and I am excited to see the people I have been working with go there. :)

On Wednesday we got to go out and see a few more less actives during the day. But that night they had both the ward harvest dinners at the same time ine 2 different places. We decided to go to 5th ward first since we knew there would be an investigator there. We ate a bunch of burgers and then we started a soccer game...bad plan :P but it was really fun. We were there for an hour and a half and then we headed over to 4th ward. I felt soo bad when we got over to their dinner because a lot of people were gone. But there were a bunch of kids who were waiting for us to come for soo long that they refused to leave until we got there. Once we did, we were showered with little bracelets and rocks and other little presents :P It was soo much fun! They are seriously just the cutest little things eveer! :) 

On Thursday I had to go and get a shot in the morning. :( We thought it was at one clinic, but it was at another and I was all panicked because I didn't think we would make it. But someone came just in the nick of time and rescued us and took us over there to get a shot. While we were there we met the Warmans and they invited us over for dinner. After that we went out to try to contact some referrals and meet with our less actives. But, we both got really sick because we got dehydrated. We ended up going to family dollar and getting a couple powerades and then just chugging them both in like  45 minutes. After a few minutes we felt better, but we were pretty sick. We went to the Warmans and we had dinner. Then they started another epic soccer game and we played with them for a really long time. :) We finally went inside and taught them the plan of salvation... :) Soo fun! 

On Friday we went up to Cowley (a little town close to Lovell) to watch one of the less active girls that we have been working with play volleyball. It was pretty fun! :) Except they lost which was stinky, but they almost won. After the game we got to talk to her about church and answer some of her questions. I think it will be a long process, but hopefully she will have a change of heart. We came back and we went over to the farm! This was new to me because, let's be honest I really haven't been to a real farm. We helped them feed and water their animals and then we got to hold baby bunnies. Then we helped them tattoo their rabbits. One of you holds the rabbit, and the other cleans out their ear with an alcohol wipe and then you put the green ink in their ear. then another person punches a bunch of little holes in their ear that makes a number. Then you rub the ink in. It was weird...totally different for me.Then we held their baby goats and helped feed them. Then they put a harness on a horse and let us walk around with them. :) Pretty fun! 

Saturday we had a big district breakfast in the morning. on Friday it was Sister Christensen and I's 7 month mark. It was also Elder Allen and Sister Stecks 1 month mark. Saturday was Elder White & Sister Taylors 18 month mark, Tuesday is Elder Wyatts 5 month mark, Thursday is Sister Lassons 3 month mark and it was Elder Deckers year mark like 2 weeks ago. So we decided to celebrate with pancakes! :) YAY!!! Then we spent like the entire day doing service. We helped finishing landscaping a yard and then we went and helped someone move. It was a really hot day and I was pretty excited to take a shower! :) That night we had an appointment with an investigator. We went over to meet with him and he introduced us to his son. His son got a mission call last August, then went to the MTC and came home 10 days into it. He now has a tattoo on his arm that says "Families are Forever" I seriously almost died laughing. I held it in pretty good until we left there :P Ah man so funny! We talked with him and he told us a story about how he and another investigator were in jail together and the other investigator convinced him to flush his sheets down the toilet. Ha ha oh my gosh we were dying because we could totally picture them both and their conversation "Hey should flush your sheets!" "OKAY!" Ha ha soo funny. We went to the church to finish copying progress records, but we had to wait for the Elders to come and open the library.. We were waiting there for a super long time. They finally got their and they were copying their progress records and Elder Whites tie fell in between two tables. Elder Allen, his companion reached under and grabbed it, and almost smashed his face into the table. I don't think any of us have laughed that hard in a really long time! :) Then they were going to give us a ride but Elder White locked his keys in the library and had to call the Sisters to come and rescue us...:P They are soo funny! 

Sunday was just another day at church. After church we went out and met with a few people, but nobody was really home. We went home turned in numbers and just went straight to sleep. It was nice we were asleep by 9:30. :) YAY!

Well, that was like my whole week It was pretty fun and full of lots more adventures! :) I hope that you all have a great week too! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

p.s. mom yes, I would only like white ones. 

Fun times in Lovell, Wyoming

Missionary Farm Life

Monday, September 2, 2013

Loss of memory, soccer, ears and everyone needs to go to the temple.

OKay, so I brought my journal this week...I am actually being really good and writing in it every single night. :) I can remember what happened this week! yay!!!! :) 

So on Tuesday, we had were playing soccer and one of the Elders and I tripped each other and I ripped all the skin off my knee. It hurt, but it's a good conversation starter... :P It is okay now because it is scabbed over. :P Then we went to a less actives and we helped her paint her house which was fun, and she promised that she would come to church soon even though she couldn't come this last week. Then, we came home and scrubbed our apartment because we were challenged to make it clean like the temple so that when we came home we could walk into a beautiful clean place. :) It was definitely awesomely clean! Then, we went to a couple of lessons. We taught a girl named Keylmynie, and she is awesome! She doesn't think that she wants the gospel but she does. after a while we were finally able to commit her to taking the lessons. Right after that we went to the Wilkersons and had a lesson with them. It was kind of crazy because they had a baptism date, but they couldn't get baptized because their dad didnt' want them to. They still want to though. We had a lesson about being a good example and we asked "Okay, how can you be a good example?" and the youngest raised his hand and yelled "OH I KNOW!!! DON'T STICK YOUR FINGER UP YOUR NOSE!" we cracked up it was hilarious! :) It was just interesting to see the contrast between Keylmynie who thinks that she doesn't want the gospel but does, and the Wilkersons who want the gospel, but can't have it because of their dad...

We went out on Wednesday just for a couple of hours because we were heading up to Billings to go to the temple. We rode up there in the 15 passenger transfer van and it was lots of fun. We played I-Spy for a really long time, but it was really fun. When we got up to Billings we went to Taco bell...Oh my gosh we got taco bell!!!! :) It was awesome. Then they took the Sisters to spend the night in a mansion...It was awesome! :) Good day.

On thursday we went to the temple. We went to the 10:00 session. When I got to the temple I vowed it was going to be about me. But when we got in there I just realized how much I want all of the people in Lovell to be able to come to the temple. I missed them and I was really excited to go home to them. I prayed for them all through the entire is crazy when you think that you can't love more fully or deeply...somehow you find yourself to be able to do it. I love these people more than breathing and I can't imagine not wanting them to all be at the temple with me! :) 

My ears have been killing since we went to Billings, and it has not been fun. It is okay they only hurt sometimes. We went out and nobody was home, so we ended up going and visiting with a bunch of active families and sharing a message with them. :) It was good. We had dinner with a less active family and we were able to share our testimonies with them. I hope that even if they don't change while I am here that they will be able to remember that I know that this gospel is true. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the same as all the rest of the week, just trying to visit people and share the gospel. On Sunday we had a few investigators there, and then we got a new investigator that night :) all in all it was really great week! 

I love you all very much! I hope that you have a great week!!!! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe