Monday, August 5, 2013

Quite the week.

Okay so this week we were on exchanges. I stayed in our area with Sister Christensen (who I came out of the MTC with) and Sister Lasson was with Sister Taylor. :) It was really fun, and on Tuesday everyone was home so we were able to teach 10 lessons! it was soo great I loved it. :) But then Wednesday morning Sister Lasson woke up with the flu. We had planned this huge service project with our whole district and so She had to stay home with Sister Avrett and I went out and worked with the Sisters. (I will tell you about the service project in a minute...this is fair warning to stop eating anything.) She was sick all day Wednesday and all day Thursday, and then on Thursday night I got really sick. I ended up catching what she had and I was pretty sick & throwing up. We were both pretty sick until Sunday, I have never been more thankful to fast in my entire life! Our DVD player broke so we couldn't even watch the approved church movies and all we could do was study and sleep. so I read the entire Book of Mormon up until Helaman. I also read the Old Testament all the way to judges. I also read the entire our search for happiness book. I also read most of the temple prep yeah it was pretty crazy! We were really sick and it was miserable. But we are doing better now though! :) 

Oh p.s. we don't know what's happening with transfers! :( 

Well onto telling you about our service project. So there is a woman in our ward who really needed some help. She has 3 young kids and she works all the time & she is a hoarder and doesn't know how to clean her house. So we went in...oh wait we're getting transfer calls! WE ARE STAYING HERE!!! AND STAYING TOGETHER!!!!! :) YAAAAYYY!!! :) yay, good transfer calls! :) Now back to telling you about my service project. So we went in to help her clean and it was the most horrible place I have ever seen in my entire life! We split up and 3 of us took the kitchen, 3 of us took the kids room and 1 of us went outside and cleaned the yard and the porch up. Well, those in the kitchen found a fridge full of food...that had been unplugged for months. They cleaned it out and it was the most horrible smell I had ever smelled in my life! It was so bad that we were all gagging and throwing was pretty bad! We were cleaning out the kids toys and clothes and they were so covered in mouse poop it made us all cry to think that little kids were playing with them. We had face masks and gloves on because everyone was really worried about us getting HANTA virus (dad I finally get your naming the mouse HANTA joke. :) .) So, we did that for the whole day and we were all pretty sick by the end of the day. The next day when I got really sick all the Elders were freaking out and asking if I had HANTA virus. They all called to check and make sure that I was okay a few times. :) We have a really great district! I love them!!!! I don't have HANTA though, so don't worry!! :) 

Well, I love you very much!!! Sorry I don't have much to report this week!  LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! :) I hope that you have a great week! :) LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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