Monday, August 19, 2013

Prayers. Conversation with mom

Malynne:  Hey mom, I don't know if you can but it would be really nice if I could get some tennis shoes! LOVES!

Mom:  I will do what I can.  It may be a couple of weeks.  Did you get the pkg?

Malynne:  Yes, yes I did. :) I am happy that I got it! :) 

Mom:  I am so sorry that you did not have a letter from me.  Will you please forgive me.  I need to ask for your prayers.  I am freaking out about my job/jobs and money.  I do not know how things are going to work out.  There are new teachers in Resource and I am NOT going to be getting any of the resource hours for reasons that are unknown to me.  I need to work to support you on your mission.  This last week I worked almost 30 hours for Vinyl industries and 6 for the school.  I have not been home this summer and that is not at all what I wanted or want.  I am going to be a stickler on being home at 2:15 when the kids are home from school, but that may leave me with out a job.  I know that Lord has a plan, just not sure what it is.  Faith in the unknown is often very hard.
I hope you are still there and get thisl
I love you.
Love mom.

Malynne:  yep, still here. The Lord will provide no need to worry! 

Mom:  Malynne,  We got together with Robert and Jenny and they told us that Blake is telling all of his favorite families and investigators to facebook his parents.  I think you should do that too.  We may get some awesome pictures of you (from other people) and we will have all the contacts for you when you get home.  Just an idea.  I think you should.
Loves, MOM

Malynne:  I told a bunch of people too, but nobody has yet. I gave out your number too! Maybe someone will call you! :P 

Mom:  Got three pictures, but none of them are of you.  I want to see you.  This week I missed you so much!!!!!  just saying that makes me cry.

Malynne:  I sent a bunch there are some of my face in there ha ha I just sent all of the pictures I am sending to everyone! :) 

Mom:  Hey, do you know that we dropped my cell phone number and got rid of the house phones?  So my NEW cell phone number is the old HOUSE number, 801-400-5252.  The 800-3191 number does not exist anymore.

Malynne:  Sweet, don't get rid of that one because then I can't call on Christmas! 

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