Monday, August 12, 2013

My body hurts.

So it was a really good week, but my body hurts so bad from everything crazy that we did! It was a really good week though! :) So the week starts on Monday! :P We went up to Powell and we had a big zone P-day (okay every other mission can just hang out with all the missionaries every P-day ha ha we have to save up miles and plan it out :P) It was Elder Warner and Elder Davis's last P-day on the mission so we had lots of pizza and played dodgeball. It was super fun, but incredibly exhausting ha ha so much for a relaxing P-day! Elder Warner and Elder Davis are two of my most favorite missionaries in the mission and I have been with them my entire mission! I started in Billings where Elder Warner was in my district and then my district leader, and then Elder Davis was the A.P. and worked in the mission home so I saw him all the time. I came down to Wyoming and two weeks later they both came down with me and we were in the same district with Elder Warner as my zone leader now! It will be weird to not have them around! Later that night we came back and went and taught a couple of really good lessons. There is a less active who really just likes to yell at us and make us question ourselves and stuff so it is always scary to go over there. But this week we went over there and he was just so humble and listened to what we had to say and it was weird! It was nice...but weird! Sister lasson and I were like "Oh my gosh what happened to Kenny?!" Hopefully he stays this way!
On Tuesday we made cards for all of the people who are leaving from our zone who we love so much! Then we went out and taught a couple of lessons. That night we went to the church to meet all the missionaries at the transfer van. We gave out cards and hugs and it was pretty sad to see Elder Warner drive away! Then he sent us a stupid voicemail to like our whole zone and we all were crying! He is such a good missionary and he taught me a lot! I am happy that I have met everyone here in my mission. It is crazy because I personally wouldn't have picked any of these people to hang out with and be friends with, but I love them all soo much! :P We said good bye to Elder Greenwall, Sister Morgan, and Sister Greenfield. It was pretty sad! Ah such is the mission though :P I will be friends with these people for a really long time though!
On Wednesday we got a call from our bishop and he told us that EmmaLee Warman the little 8 year old girl who we have been teaching was getting baptized on Thursday. It was kind of crazy because we had been planning on her being baptized the previous Friday but things didn't work out because her Grandma was sick so it got pushed back. So it was crazy trying to figure out what needed to be done and who was going to do what. We were asked it the new missionary coming in would be willing to baptize her, but he wasn't even there until that night so I asked his companion and he had to ask him and it was just crazy! We went over to their house and were able to teach her a lesson and talk about the baptism and it was just really great. They were sitting outside underneath the tree and it was a really nice day. It was seriously like the perfect lesson. Then the youngest Sister Alyssa handed me this little fruit thing and told me it was a prickly pear, I thought it kind of looked more like a prickly bell pepper...but that's just me. :P We went to the transfer van again that night and we met the new missionaries coming into our zone/district. We have a sister from Lehi named Sister Schneider and so now there are 3 missionaries from Lehi in our zone! :) yay! Elder Allen came into our district as well as Elder Wyatt (Elder Wyatt baptized Emmalee). Then we had to say goodbye to Elder Davis. we took lots of pictures and it was sad to say goodbye...again! I just love all the missionaries and it is sad to see them go anywhere, but it's all good we will all stay in touch. :)
Then on Thursday we spent pretty much all day making cookies and cake for the baptism. Sister Lasson told me that this one recipe made like 150 cookies and I didn't believe her...they made more like 170 cookies and we had to just keep making them! We had 5 plates of cookies and they just kept coming!!!!! Ha ha it was actually really funny! :P We ran to the baptism and it was soo good! :) The spirit was so strong and I was so happy that we were able to be there! The Warmans are a really really special family and I just was so happy that I got to be there to see Emmalee take that step! :)
Friday...we cleaned the evil house again. It was horrible...again. It was crazy to see how messy it got in a week. It was one of those things that we didn't think that we should keep doing, but the little boy asked his babysitter "When are they coming back to our house, it feels so nice" and then I felt guilty for not wanting to finish because the kids are the reason that we started in the first place. so we went back and found lots more crap! It didn't smell as bad, but still not great. We moved the couch and everything outside so that we could vacuume...shag carpet doesn't vacuume!!!!! But we tried! We bleached the walls and wiped down everything that we could think of. them we rearranged the whole room so that they couldn't put anything behind the TV or the couch because they were smack up against the wall. :P I figure if she hates it she can rearrange it, but honestly I don't think that it will matter enough to rearrange it. There was a book case that was tilted to the left. The whole bottom half was broken and it was literally hanging on by a little piece of fabric. We cut the fabric and broke the bottom half of because the top half would stand on its own and just look like a shorter version of the same book case. I really hope that she lets us come back to finish! Well there were 4 of us working on the front room 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the laundry room. (Kira this would be the point you stop reading for a couple of sentences.) Elder White yelled out "Hey Sisters remember how I told you that I was going to find a dead mouse?" Well he found one! Oh my gosh! I seriously can't believe it! The Elders all ran in there "Hold still hold still let me take a picture!" :P So if I get the picture from the Elders I will send it to you :P We decided that we needed a little break so we all went to grab some food and then went back into it after we had bought more face masks. We finished the front room and continued on the laundry room and by that time 4 of the missionaries had to leave to go to appointments that they had. It was about 4:00 and we had been there since 10:00 that morning. Sister Lasson was finishing the laundry room, Elder Decker was hooking up the TV and Elder Wyatt and I were going through the dresser and these boxes in the other bedroom. We thought we were finally making progress...but then I looked up and saw a door behind her closet door. I made Elder Wyatt open it because I was so scared! The closet was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet back and there were clothes piled 3 1/2 feet high. Baby clothes! Baby shoes! Ratty shirts! & every single thing in that closet was just covered with mouse poop! I know that is where they are all living! They are all living under all of those toasty warm clothes! I was so appalled and disgusted that I just started to cry. Elder Wyatt was like "Stop crying, we'll just shut the door and pretend we never opened it." So that's what we did :P for like 5 minutes ha ha then we decided that we should plan a day to come back and finish cleaning the house for the last time. 3rd times a charm right? I will hopefully send you some pictures! That night we went over to a less active families house and we were going to help  move furniture, but their kids kept running in front of them so we took them in the back yard. We ran around and did crazy races and had a grand old time for about 2 hours. :) I will send you some pictures of that as well, they are soo funny! I am glad that we got to see them! :)
On Saturday we went a members house to help them landscape their yard. we moved a bunch of dirt with shovels and wheelbarrows and then we laid a bunch of black fabric down and then we planted a bunch of plants and then her husband came by with a truck full of rocksw and said "We need all of these laid out on top of the fabric." They were like those red decorative rocks so they will look really nice when they are done. There was a whole trailer full and then a whole truck full and we moved all of them with a couple of shovels and a wheel barrow. We were pretty exhausted by the time we were done! We moved a million pounds of rocks! My body still hurts (thus the title of the email)! It was good, but I had like 4 different lines on my feet my tan line, my sock line, my shoe line, and my dirt line! :) It was pretty funny we were pretty nasty and ready for a shower! :)
Yesterday we went to church and we saw a couple of our less actives there! :) The Welches, I don't remember if I told you about them, but they are great and I love them a lot! :) Well Drake went to EFY and now wants to go on a mission! :) we stopped by their house later that night and we talked to all of them about a lot of things. It was awesome to get to talk to them all! :) We are hopefully going to take Drake and a young woman out teaching with us this week so that they can get a feel about missionary work. I have a lot of high hopes for him! The kids that we played with on Friday their family also came, the Jolly's. Someday I am excited for you to meet them! :)
Such a great week! This week will be filled with lots of service as well, which I am pretty excited about! I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!  :) Hope you have a great week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. pictures will come! :)

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