Monday, August 12, 2013

Lost all the pictures on my SD Card. :( Conversation with mom,

Mom:  Malynne, I just got home and hope you are still there?  Please?

Malynne:  Yep I am still here... my sd card on my camera got wiped...everything from the last 4 motnhs gone.

Mom:  No way!  That was what I wanted to talk to you about.  I was going to ask you to send me your SD card.  Did you loose them all?  can you borrow some pictures from companions so we can get some?

Malynne:  I am trying to get as much as I lost, but they are gone. I was in tears! That's like the last 6 months of my life gone!

 Mom:  Well, lets look at the bright side.  I have saved every letter you have written and I have a few pictures on my email.  Go plug it into a computer and see if you can get any of them.  Send your SD card home often, I will print and save pictures and return the SD card with in the week.  Lets not loose anymore.

Today I finally sent you a package.  I found some ugly/cute capris at the clothing and white big flower pants.  If you don't like them send them home.  Also I found some black calf length yoga pants that will be good for you to wear under skirts in the winter.  I also sent you my green skirt.  I did not include anything else.  I had good intentions of writing a letter, including a subway card etc.  but the longer I try to do extra stuff the longer your package doesn't get sent.  So I just sent it.  Sorry.

Malynne:  That's okay. I have a bunch of pictures already printed from Billings it was just after Billings since I got to Wyoming that are gone! :( and they aren't coming back. I am just soo sad I don't understand why it happened! 

Mom:  Take lots and lots of pictures right now while you are in Lovell.  Hopefully you will be able to recreate some of them pictures you lost.  I love you.  did you get your HEPA shot yet?  Get it done ASAP.  I love you .

Malynne:  Not recreating pictures...some of them I am not so sad I lost, but I lost all of the ones from Scottie and EmmaLee's baptism. so those are not getting recreated. :( I haven't got my shot done I haven't even thought about it until now sorry. 

That's okay. I have a bunch of pictures already printed from Billings it was just after Billings since I got to Wyoming that are gone! :( and they aren't coming back. I am just soo sad I don't understand why it happened! 

Malynne:  Hi Makayla!  Makayla?????

Makayla:  I'm sorry that you lost all your pictures. I don't want to sound like mom, but you should send it home often so that we can get them and then copy them so that they won't get lost. I REALLY WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING AMAZING THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY!

Malynne:  Well, Makayla I don't want to be lectured because it is expensive to send things anywhere and I want to have a copy of the pictures here with me so that I can print them out and remember them. So thanks. But yeah tell me something that happened.

Makayla:   Well, I don't know how long we have until you have to go, so I'm just going to tell you the experience right now. So...... I've been thinking about Patriarchal blessings A TON!!! I talked to mom about it and she found something I can do that involves Patriarchal blessings, but we don't have a True To The Faith book at home, so I couldn't do it. I told my Sunday school teacher about it and SHE GAVE ME A TRUE TO THE FAITH BOOK THAT I COULD READ AND THEN GIVE TO HER DAUGHTER WHEN I WAS FINISHED!!! I was over-joyed that I could finally read it.... after I was done, I got this overwhelming feeling and I just couldn't hold back my tears. I broke into tears and nobody had said anything to me and I hadn't said anything to anybody. All my friends in YW were trying SO hard to get me to tell them what was wrong, but NOTHING was wrong, I knew right then and there, that I need a Patriarchal blessing.... I don't know why.... but... I .... do......

Malynne:  cool! That's an awesome experience, make sure that you write it down! 

Makayla:  Well, next week, school starts, and I WILL BE AT LAKE TAHOE WITH G-MA, G-PA, AND SAVANAH!! I GET TO MISS THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL!! Connor's 6th grade teacher is Mrs. O'very. She is great! her husband is in my top five favorite teachers list from the Jr. High. I made him promise me that he would select me into his class that he only teaches for one semester, one class, and he is the only teacher who teaches it, so he gets to select his students that go into that class.

Malynne:  Well that's sweet! Are you going by yourself or are you going with someone? Are you going to see Josh?

Makayla:   Just me and them. We are going to swim in the lake and see Uncle Josh!

Malynne:  sweet eat lots of sushi! I gotta go! Have a good week! :) 

Mom:  You sent some pictures home with a little boy getting baptized.  Are those Scottie?  Take some pics of you and the little girl together on Sunday.

Malynne:  Her mom has a bunch I am going to try to get some from her. because she has a bunch from the baptism. Elder Wyatt is sending me the pictures of the house, I emailed home all my favorites I just lost all the pictures of the Jolly's and everything from Burlington.

Mom:  You can send stuff home anytime you want....we send you money to do that.  Also, start asking the members if anyone is going to slc for conference, and send stuff home.  We will gladly go pick stuff up where ever we need to go.
Malynne:  k awesome I will do that. 

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