Monday, August 19, 2013

It's all a blur.

This week was a blur, it went by so crazy fast. Seriously I don't remember much of it. So, we hung out as missionaries on Monday and we played a game of soccer. I got hit in the face with a soccer ball...don't worrry all I got was a split lip. It was kind of funny though because Elder Allen felt really bad about it!  Well that game was so much fun that we decided to get up early everyday for the rest of the week and go and play soccer. That was interesting at 6 in the morning with all of the missionaries going was fun! Well, Monday night we had dinner with a less active family and their cute kids, it was pretty crazy, but fun.
 um...I don't remember Tuesday at all...:P oh, wait I remembered something. We went over to the Welches and helped them clean their basement. The Elders came with us to help us, and they found all of these weird lookin' helmets and we took some weird pictures! That's all I remember though :P 

So on Wednesday we went back over to Deana Myers house and we cleaned the whole thing...we finished it (pictures really are coming this time pinky swear!) well yeah that was a crazy project and I am happy that it is over. However we had some pretty fun memories as a district so I totally would not trade that for anything! :) Never do it again, but never trade it.

We got to go and teach Amber again on Thursday. We read out of Nephi and talked about the temple and and about having an eternal family and being able to go and to be sealed to her daughters. It was a really great lesson! I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have of the temple and that we can be together forever as a family. :) Yay! forever families! We got to go and to tech another less active woman later and she is the sweetest woman in the world, but she has an evil cat that tries to eat me every time that we go over! Then we went and taught Kenny again later that night. He finally opened up to us and told us that he doesn't believe that anybody should be able to repent because it is the easy way out and that we need to face up to what we have done. He doesn't want to repent yeah, it was a hard lesson. We got to go and teach the Warmans. It was crazy and all of their kdis were running around like crazy people and it took a long time to get them to calm down. We taught the restoration and then I got all the pictures that I lost because Shannon took them and I got them from her! :) 

On Friday we got 2 new investigators!!! They are both from less active families. They are both 9 years old and totally adorable. It was really nice to be able to find more investigators to teach since we mostly work with less actives here in Lovell. :) Then the other Sisters came over and we had a sleep over because the lady they lived with had family over and needed their room. :) 

Saturday we went and taught a bunch more less actives we met a few more families that we get to teach now. :) 

On Sunday we had a few investigators come to church and a couple of less actives come to church! It was a really great week! I am happy that we got to see so much success! :) 

Well, life is great and I love you all soo soo much! I pray for you all all the time! The church is true. Lovell Wyoming is the best! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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