Monday, August 26, 2013

I have the best district in the entire world!

Okay, so this is going to be another crappy email ha ha I can't remember anything that happened this week. I was going to take my journal so that I could remember...but I forgot that too. I am going to put down what I do remember from this last week ha ha hopefully it makes sense.
So On Monday we went to Walmart again!!! :) Yay! One of my favorite P-day activities! We had a member drive us and a couple of the Elders came with us. The only problem was that I mixed up a couple of people in our ward thinking that Sister Wilkerson was taking us...except it was her sister Sister Briggs...oops ha ha that was embarrassing. But we rode to Cody to Walmart and it was a crazy fun trip. We were all laughing and talking and telling stories. Elder Allen all of a sudden handed me his watch and was like "do you like my watch? It's a spy watch, because it tells time and if you press the middle button really hard it shoots glass into your hand." Oh my funny! We were dying he is so funny. Elder White started talking in his smeagle voice and then left us a voice mail later on in that voice. Seriously I have the best district in the entire world!
On Tuesday we had another baptism. This one was actually a convert baptism and her name is Olivia. It was kind of crazy because bishop called us and was like "I have a little girl who wants to be baptized and we thought she was 8 but she is 9." She is from an active family but they just waited a year before they baptized her because she has some mental challenges and she wasn't ready. So that was a nice surprise getting to see Olivia be baptized. However, Brother Brimhall (our ward mission leader) forgot to fill the font. So before the baptism started a bunch of kids were running around playing tag and then they found a soccer ball and it turned into a soccer game and it was so crazy we had to stop and make them all go sit reverently for 45 minutes to get them to calm down. Pretty fun though! :)
On Wednesday we were given a new soccer ball that won't deflate! :) We took it with us to go and pump it up, but on our way over there we walked past the Warmans. (EmmaLee just got baptized a few weeks ago :)...) They saw the soccer ball and yet another epic game of soccer for a while with them. :) it was sooo fun! Man, then we walked down the street and started another game with a few more kids for a while. Needless to say we were incredibly pooped by the end of it.
On Thursday we had an appointment with Amber, but she canceled and moved it to that evening. So we decided to go and to visit a referral across the street. Her name is Danielle and she gave us popsicles and invited us over to dinner. :) We walked over to the Jollys :) who I love! :) we offered to help them clean up their house really quick. We were helping vaccume and their daughter Tayla wanted to help vaccume and their son garrett wanted to ride on it, so I took pictures! :) After we had helped clean up their living room we Tayla really wanted to do Sister lassons hair. :) she was a trooper and sat really still while Tayla tortured her! I again just took pictures.
On Friday we got a rdie out of town with our bikes. We were biking from house to house and having lessons. In our last lesson however we were just there a little to late and by the time that we got out it was really dark and I was terrified to ride the last 3 1/2 miles home. I was praying the entire way home because I was so scared. We were on a highway out of town with no lights. Sister lasson got pretty far a head of me, and all I could see was the tail light on her bike blinking. I was praying that we wouldn't hit a patch of gravel and wipe out, or get hit by a car, or accidentally make a wrong turn and fall in the ditch...probably shouldn't have been as scared as I was, but I was really nervous. We made it home safely though, and were able to set up another appointment with an investigator out of town! :)
On Saturday morning we were playing soccer like we do every morning. Okay in the church in Lovell, there are 2 chappels and an upstairs and a cultural hall separating the two chappels. However, the gym is across the street and we don't have access to it because they won't give us keys. So, we have been playing in the cultural hall which is just a big open space that is carpeted. We set up tables to be our goals and it has been fun. Except on Saturday we were playing and Elder Allen accidentally knocked a tile out of the ceiling. We had to call our bishops and they made it possible for us to now play in the gym in the mornings! :) That night we had a lesson with Max and we committed him to reading his scriptures every night. :) It is going to be a long process with him, but I am excited to see how the gospel will help him to change. Then we had another appointment, but they bailed on us. It was perfect though because we were able to walk across the street and contact another referral who was a potential investigator. He has an evil dog and it started barking when we knocked. He opened the door swore at it and then slammed it again. He did it a few minutes later again ha ha and Sister Lasson and I were cracking up because we didn't know what to do because we knew he was home! :) So we knocked again and then he finally heard us calling to him. He came out and apologized for swearing. It was a good meeting and he became a new investigator because we set up another time to meet with him :) When we were leaving though, his dog got out (thank heavens it was on a chain.) It was growling and snarling at us and I was like "Clint, your dog is going to eat us!" and he responded "No, he doesn't bite girls..." But then it like took a flying leap at Sister Lassons hand and almost bit her and he was like "Oh...I guess I lied." It was soo funny! It is a teeny dog anyways, it is just EVIL!!!!
Sunday we went to church early to try to meet and investigator, but she didn't come. :( sometimes missionary work breaks your heart...So we stayed at church forever! At about 11 we realized that we forgot food, but we didn't have a way to get home and back in time for us to go to ward council and stuff. The Elders heard us talking and brought us some macoroni and cheese with some yogurt! They are the sweetest! Man it was seriously an answer to our prayers because we were starving! We had an investigator come to church which was good. :) Then we went up to the care-center to play some music for the people in our wards who are up there. It was awesome and I was really glad that we got to go. Then we reported numbers and went to sleep. :) 
Today we got up and played soccer (like normal) then we came home got ready, did studies and went and got a hair cut! :) Yay no more A-line for me! It is a little shorter, but it is good it will grow better now, and all my curl is FINALLY coming back! Low maintenance hair again.
Well, I guess I do remember what happened this yeah it was awesome! ha ha :P I love Lovell and I love my companion, and I love my district. Man, life is good! :) I also love you family!!!! :) oh so much! Know that you are loved and thought about! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. the transfer ends on September 15th and I will find out if I am leaving or not on the 16th. So I have a few more weeks left which is good. Oh, also and if you get a chance ( I am so sorry, I don't mean to ask for another thing...) but could you send some new white shade shirts? Mine are all getting ruined. :( LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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