Friday, August 2, 2013

Grandfathers and Temples

Mom, I have to tell you something. We got to go to the temple on Thursday
and I just gah! I am in tears right now because I just read your email
about Grandma Alma. I was gonna tell you this anyway, but I feel like for
some reason it is harder now knowing the state of Grandma. Well, we went
into the temple and we got to go through and do a session. It was awesome!
And I have been looking forward to going to the temple since I found out I
was going to be able to go. When we went in there, we were in the chapel
for a while and we had a little session thing in there. Then we had to wait
to go into the endowment room (the first one). This is going to sound
weird, but I heard someone trying to talk to me. No one around me was
talking and I was super confused. Then we went in to the endowment room,
and I heard someone trying to talk to me again, and I realized that it was
Grandpa Joe. Mom, I seriously had a conversation with him in the temple. He
promised that he was going to be here to help me through my rough times on
my mission. He also said that he loves our family and misses us a lot...I
feel like a crazy person right now, but it really happened. Then, I heard
someone else calling my name, and I recognized their voice even though I
have never met them in my entire life. It was Grandpa Erbe. I got to talk
to him too! He also promised that he would be here to help me on my
mission. I told him about Makenna and the ice cream thing ha ha it just
popped into my head. Then the session started and I didn't get to talk to
anybody after that. It is just crazy that I had that experience and then I
heard about Grandma. I realized how much I miss our family here on earth
and the ones who have passed on. I am excited to be able to see them and be
with them forever. I miss Grandma so much and I am so so sad thinking that
I won't be able to see her again in this life. But that's okay because I
know that we can be together forever as a family, and that was something
that I learned really strongly at the temple. I always knew that, but just
knowing that those that have passed on that I love are going to be there
when I get there makes me feel better.

I remember that time that Grandma fell and everyone was freaking out. I
remember how freaked out Makayla and Makenna were (for some reason I don't
remember Connor being there for some reason even though I know he was) I
remember that we were all crying, and you told me to take everyone in the
house so that we weren't outside. We all went in and Makayla was completely
hysterical, and she was sitting in my lap and I was hugging her. Makenna
had the idea that we should say a prayer and so we did, we all said a
prayer together and then I looked up and I saw this little beaded temple on
her mantle above the fireplace. I remember that there were two of them. So,
I went and picked them up and handed one to Makenna and one to Makayla and
we were able to talk about being together for a family forever. I don't
know why, but that is something that I remembered...just felt like I should
tell you all of that...I feel like a crazy person and my whole district is
looking at me funny because my eyes are like 3 times bigger than they
normally are...but yep that's what's happening right now.

I am really glad that we are going to be able to be together as a family
forever. Thank you for making and keeping your covenants! :) I love the
gospel and the knowledge that we can always be a family! I love you sooo
much mom! I know this was a weird email...sorry! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Walking through the Tracey Aviary with tears in my eyes and all over my face.  I look like a crazy person walking in the park.  We can be crazy together...keeping it all in the family.

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