Friday, August 9, 2013

Elder Wyatt and words of advice from Malynne to mom

Malynne:  Elder Wyatt would like me to inform you that he speaks Portuguese too. He thinks he's teaching me a lot but he lies...:P Ha ha maybe I will learn some Portuguese and Spanish here in Wyoming. I am glad that you don't think that I am crazy! :) I am good to keep it here in the family!

Mom:  Do you like this Elder Wyatt?

Malynne:  Um...nope I don't like Elder Wyatt. I mean I love him, but not like that. We are seriously like twins though...kind of creepy. He was born 6 hours after me, and we were baptized on the same day. Also like a bunch of other random similarities. He was sitting right next to me when I sent you that email and he also was handing me tissues while I cried. He is awesome...but not like that :P

This was the letter I wrote to Malynne and her words of advice to me.

Dear Malynne,
Tonight Makenna is in tears.  I looked on Skyward at her grades. She has all F's except for music classes....does this sound familiar?  She then blamed all of her grades on her teachers.  She also said that she turned everything in.  She also said that the Stupid teachers had not given her the information she needed to study for the tests.  I feel like a failure in teaching personal responsibility.  You finally got it.  What made the difference?
My calling as RS President is getting hard.  It has its moments and right now there is too much that I can't tell my counselors, and have to carry a lot.  We have a family in our ward that is blowing up.  The wife is having an affair with a man in another ward.  Two families are crumbling.  There is nothing I can do, but stand back and watch.  I can pray, but in this situation I want to pray that these families will work things out, become intact again and come back to the church.  It is so hard to pray that the Lord will bless them as they need to be blessed.  I do not have hope for this situation and it brings my spirit down.
Also I have good reason to believe that someone in the ward, a good friend, is addicted to prescription drugs.  It is another sister.  I need to pray about that one and decide how to proceed.  This sister has had a problem in the past with this exact problem.
Addictions happen when we do not have faith, a testimony of the atonement.  When we feel that turning back is too hard.
For FHE on Monday we made birthday cards for Maddie Tilley and JJ Thompson.  I mailed them off on Wednesday, and on Wednesday night Julia called and told me that JJ was going home and would be home on Thursday.  His girl friend came home on Friday.  JJ told Julia that his intentions are to clear things up and return in 6 months.  I hope he follows through.  Right now is going to be the hardest time of his life.  Satan will try him more than ever and try to keep him from returning.
Malynne I am so proud of you and for the work you are doing.  I want you to know that no matter what you EVER do I will always love you. I hope that I have been a good mom, I look forward to you coming home so that I can learn to be your best friend.
I love you.
Love mom.

Malynne:  um...the only thing that really worked for me was moving away. Sorry. Also, making mistakes and going on a mission and even now I don't think I have it down...but I am working on it. I was the worst example and I am trying to be better now... :( Also, that picture of Connor kind of made me sad!!! Holy Schnikeys he is tall now!!! I am sorry that things are getting hard as RS President. I feel bad for ours here in Lovell because it is just a hard place to be in a leadership position in. I am trying so hard to be a help to them and make things easier. I kind of know how you feel like when you know way to many details about peoples lives and you really can't do anything about it. It is heart breaking, but it makes you feel very grateful to have the gospel and to know about all of the commandments and know that you can be happy when you keep them. :) I just am so thankful to know that even when the world crumbles around you that you can be standing on the only sure thing left. Helaman 5:12 right? :) Favorite scripture. Everyone has their agency, I am just thankful that we have chosen to be standing on that rock.
Okay...SERIOUSLY!!!! What the heck! I can't believe that JJ went home. I am the only one left now! I honestly don't know if he will go back out on a mission It will be too hard for him! GAH! What the heck! I am the only one left out here! :( It's okay I am not coming home until next August I just am feeling very sad that nobody else could stick it out. It's all good I love it out here way too much to come home early. I honestly am feeling very anxious about coming home at all ha ha I don't know how to do normal people things anymore! :P

I love you too and I am soo proud of you too :) I am happy that we can talk every week. I am looking forward to being able to talk to you and see you every single day. :) LOVE YOU!!!!! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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