Monday, August 26, 2013

Sister Lasson

Sisters and Ice Cream

I have the best district in the entire world!

Okay, so this is going to be another crappy email ha ha I can't remember anything that happened this week. I was going to take my journal so that I could remember...but I forgot that too. I am going to put down what I do remember from this last week ha ha hopefully it makes sense.
So On Monday we went to Walmart again!!! :) Yay! One of my favorite P-day activities! We had a member drive us and a couple of the Elders came with us. The only problem was that I mixed up a couple of people in our ward thinking that Sister Wilkerson was taking us...except it was her sister Sister Briggs...oops ha ha that was embarrassing. But we rode to Cody to Walmart and it was a crazy fun trip. We were all laughing and talking and telling stories. Elder Allen all of a sudden handed me his watch and was like "do you like my watch? It's a spy watch, because it tells time and if you press the middle button really hard it shoots glass into your hand." Oh my funny! We were dying he is so funny. Elder White started talking in his smeagle voice and then left us a voice mail later on in that voice. Seriously I have the best district in the entire world!
On Tuesday we had another baptism. This one was actually a convert baptism and her name is Olivia. It was kind of crazy because bishop called us and was like "I have a little girl who wants to be baptized and we thought she was 8 but she is 9." She is from an active family but they just waited a year before they baptized her because she has some mental challenges and she wasn't ready. So that was a nice surprise getting to see Olivia be baptized. However, Brother Brimhall (our ward mission leader) forgot to fill the font. So before the baptism started a bunch of kids were running around playing tag and then they found a soccer ball and it turned into a soccer game and it was so crazy we had to stop and make them all go sit reverently for 45 minutes to get them to calm down. Pretty fun though! :)
On Wednesday we were given a new soccer ball that won't deflate! :) We took it with us to go and pump it up, but on our way over there we walked past the Warmans. (EmmaLee just got baptized a few weeks ago :)...) They saw the soccer ball and yet another epic game of soccer for a while with them. :) it was sooo fun! Man, then we walked down the street and started another game with a few more kids for a while. Needless to say we were incredibly pooped by the end of it.
On Thursday we had an appointment with Amber, but she canceled and moved it to that evening. So we decided to go and to visit a referral across the street. Her name is Danielle and she gave us popsicles and invited us over to dinner. :) We walked over to the Jollys :) who I love! :) we offered to help them clean up their house really quick. We were helping vaccume and their daughter Tayla wanted to help vaccume and their son garrett wanted to ride on it, so I took pictures! :) After we had helped clean up their living room we Tayla really wanted to do Sister lassons hair. :) she was a trooper and sat really still while Tayla tortured her! I again just took pictures.
On Friday we got a rdie out of town with our bikes. We were biking from house to house and having lessons. In our last lesson however we were just there a little to late and by the time that we got out it was really dark and I was terrified to ride the last 3 1/2 miles home. I was praying the entire way home because I was so scared. We were on a highway out of town with no lights. Sister lasson got pretty far a head of me, and all I could see was the tail light on her bike blinking. I was praying that we wouldn't hit a patch of gravel and wipe out, or get hit by a car, or accidentally make a wrong turn and fall in the ditch...probably shouldn't have been as scared as I was, but I was really nervous. We made it home safely though, and were able to set up another appointment with an investigator out of town! :)
On Saturday morning we were playing soccer like we do every morning. Okay in the church in Lovell, there are 2 chappels and an upstairs and a cultural hall separating the two chappels. However, the gym is across the street and we don't have access to it because they won't give us keys. So, we have been playing in the cultural hall which is just a big open space that is carpeted. We set up tables to be our goals and it has been fun. Except on Saturday we were playing and Elder Allen accidentally knocked a tile out of the ceiling. We had to call our bishops and they made it possible for us to now play in the gym in the mornings! :) That night we had a lesson with Max and we committed him to reading his scriptures every night. :) It is going to be a long process with him, but I am excited to see how the gospel will help him to change. Then we had another appointment, but they bailed on us. It was perfect though because we were able to walk across the street and contact another referral who was a potential investigator. He has an evil dog and it started barking when we knocked. He opened the door swore at it and then slammed it again. He did it a few minutes later again ha ha and Sister Lasson and I were cracking up because we didn't know what to do because we knew he was home! :) So we knocked again and then he finally heard us calling to him. He came out and apologized for swearing. It was a good meeting and he became a new investigator because we set up another time to meet with him :) When we were leaving though, his dog got out (thank heavens it was on a chain.) It was growling and snarling at us and I was like "Clint, your dog is going to eat us!" and he responded "No, he doesn't bite girls..." But then it like took a flying leap at Sister Lassons hand and almost bit her and he was like "Oh...I guess I lied." It was soo funny! It is a teeny dog anyways, it is just EVIL!!!!
Sunday we went to church early to try to meet and investigator, but she didn't come. :( sometimes missionary work breaks your heart...So we stayed at church forever! At about 11 we realized that we forgot food, but we didn't have a way to get home and back in time for us to go to ward council and stuff. The Elders heard us talking and brought us some macoroni and cheese with some yogurt! They are the sweetest! Man it was seriously an answer to our prayers because we were starving! We had an investigator come to church which was good. :) Then we went up to the care-center to play some music for the people in our wards who are up there. It was awesome and I was really glad that we got to go. Then we reported numbers and went to sleep. :) 
Today we got up and played soccer (like normal) then we came home got ready, did studies and went and got a hair cut! :) Yay no more A-line for me! It is a little shorter, but it is good it will grow better now, and all my curl is FINALLY coming back! Low maintenance hair again.
Well, I guess I do remember what happened this yeah it was awesome! ha ha :P I love Lovell and I love my companion, and I love my district. Man, life is good! :) I also love you family!!!! :) oh so much! Know that you are loved and thought about! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. the transfer ends on September 15th and I will find out if I am leaving or not on the 16th. So I have a few more weeks left which is good. Oh, also and if you get a chance ( I am so sorry, I don't mean to ask for another thing...) but could you send some new white shade shirts? Mine are all getting ruined. :( LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Super Funny

On August 22, 2013 (a Wednesday) Malynne emailed this to me.  "Hey mom, I am on for like 2 seconds don't get excited I had to do something. While I am on though I have a super funny picture to send you! Here you go! :)"

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's all a blur.

This week was a blur, it went by so crazy fast. Seriously I don't remember much of it. So, we hung out as missionaries on Monday and we played a game of soccer. I got hit in the face with a soccer ball...don't worrry all I got was a split lip. It was kind of funny though because Elder Allen felt really bad about it!  Well that game was so much fun that we decided to get up early everyday for the rest of the week and go and play soccer. That was interesting at 6 in the morning with all of the missionaries going was fun! Well, Monday night we had dinner with a less active family and their cute kids, it was pretty crazy, but fun.
 um...I don't remember Tuesday at all...:P oh, wait I remembered something. We went over to the Welches and helped them clean their basement. The Elders came with us to help us, and they found all of these weird lookin' helmets and we took some weird pictures! That's all I remember though :P 

So on Wednesday we went back over to Deana Myers house and we cleaned the whole thing...we finished it (pictures really are coming this time pinky swear!) well yeah that was a crazy project and I am happy that it is over. However we had some pretty fun memories as a district so I totally would not trade that for anything! :) Never do it again, but never trade it.

We got to go and teach Amber again on Thursday. We read out of Nephi and talked about the temple and and about having an eternal family and being able to go and to be sealed to her daughters. It was a really great lesson! I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have of the temple and that we can be together forever as a family. :) Yay! forever families! We got to go and to tech another less active woman later and she is the sweetest woman in the world, but she has an evil cat that tries to eat me every time that we go over! Then we went and taught Kenny again later that night. He finally opened up to us and told us that he doesn't believe that anybody should be able to repent because it is the easy way out and that we need to face up to what we have done. He doesn't want to repent yeah, it was a hard lesson. We got to go and teach the Warmans. It was crazy and all of their kdis were running around like crazy people and it took a long time to get them to calm down. We taught the restoration and then I got all the pictures that I lost because Shannon took them and I got them from her! :) 

On Friday we got 2 new investigators!!! They are both from less active families. They are both 9 years old and totally adorable. It was really nice to be able to find more investigators to teach since we mostly work with less actives here in Lovell. :) Then the other Sisters came over and we had a sleep over because the lady they lived with had family over and needed their room. :) 

Saturday we went and taught a bunch more less actives we met a few more families that we get to teach now. :) 

On Sunday we had a few investigators come to church and a couple of less actives come to church! It was a really great week! I am happy that we got to see so much success! :) 

Well, life is great and I love you all soo soo much! I pray for you all all the time! The church is true. Lovell Wyoming is the best! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Prayers. Conversation with mom

Malynne:  Hey mom, I don't know if you can but it would be really nice if I could get some tennis shoes! LOVES!

Mom:  I will do what I can.  It may be a couple of weeks.  Did you get the pkg?

Malynne:  Yes, yes I did. :) I am happy that I got it! :) 

Mom:  I am so sorry that you did not have a letter from me.  Will you please forgive me.  I need to ask for your prayers.  I am freaking out about my job/jobs and money.  I do not know how things are going to work out.  There are new teachers in Resource and I am NOT going to be getting any of the resource hours for reasons that are unknown to me.  I need to work to support you on your mission.  This last week I worked almost 30 hours for Vinyl industries and 6 for the school.  I have not been home this summer and that is not at all what I wanted or want.  I am going to be a stickler on being home at 2:15 when the kids are home from school, but that may leave me with out a job.  I know that Lord has a plan, just not sure what it is.  Faith in the unknown is often very hard.
I hope you are still there and get thisl
I love you.
Love mom.

Malynne:  yep, still here. The Lord will provide no need to worry! 

Mom:  Malynne,  We got together with Robert and Jenny and they told us that Blake is telling all of his favorite families and investigators to facebook his parents.  I think you should do that too.  We may get some awesome pictures of you (from other people) and we will have all the contacts for you when you get home.  Just an idea.  I think you should.
Loves, MOM

Malynne:  I told a bunch of people too, but nobody has yet. I gave out your number too! Maybe someone will call you! :P 

Mom:  Got three pictures, but none of them are of you.  I want to see you.  This week I missed you so much!!!!!  just saying that makes me cry.

Malynne:  I sent a bunch there are some of my face in there ha ha I just sent all of the pictures I am sending to everyone! :) 

Mom:  Hey, do you know that we dropped my cell phone number and got rid of the house phones?  So my NEW cell phone number is the old HOUSE number, 801-400-5252.  The 800-3191 number does not exist anymore.

Malynne:  Sweet, don't get rid of that one because then I can't call on Christmas! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Service days in Lovell.

Lost all the pictures on my SD Card. :( Conversation with mom,

Mom:  Malynne, I just got home and hope you are still there?  Please?

Malynne:  Yep I am still here... my sd card on my camera got wiped...everything from the last 4 motnhs gone.

Mom:  No way!  That was what I wanted to talk to you about.  I was going to ask you to send me your SD card.  Did you loose them all?  can you borrow some pictures from companions so we can get some?

Malynne:  I am trying to get as much as I lost, but they are gone. I was in tears! That's like the last 6 months of my life gone!

 Mom:  Well, lets look at the bright side.  I have saved every letter you have written and I have a few pictures on my email.  Go plug it into a computer and see if you can get any of them.  Send your SD card home often, I will print and save pictures and return the SD card with in the week.  Lets not loose anymore.

Today I finally sent you a package.  I found some ugly/cute capris at the clothing and white big flower pants.  If you don't like them send them home.  Also I found some black calf length yoga pants that will be good for you to wear under skirts in the winter.  I also sent you my green skirt.  I did not include anything else.  I had good intentions of writing a letter, including a subway card etc.  but the longer I try to do extra stuff the longer your package doesn't get sent.  So I just sent it.  Sorry.

Malynne:  That's okay. I have a bunch of pictures already printed from Billings it was just after Billings since I got to Wyoming that are gone! :( and they aren't coming back. I am just soo sad I don't understand why it happened! 

Mom:  Take lots and lots of pictures right now while you are in Lovell.  Hopefully you will be able to recreate some of them pictures you lost.  I love you.  did you get your HEPA shot yet?  Get it done ASAP.  I love you .

Malynne:  Not recreating pictures...some of them I am not so sad I lost, but I lost all of the ones from Scottie and EmmaLee's baptism. so those are not getting recreated. :( I haven't got my shot done I haven't even thought about it until now sorry. 

That's okay. I have a bunch of pictures already printed from Billings it was just after Billings since I got to Wyoming that are gone! :( and they aren't coming back. I am just soo sad I don't understand why it happened! 

Malynne:  Hi Makayla!  Makayla?????

Makayla:  I'm sorry that you lost all your pictures. I don't want to sound like mom, but you should send it home often so that we can get them and then copy them so that they won't get lost. I REALLY WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING AMAZING THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY!

Malynne:  Well, Makayla I don't want to be lectured because it is expensive to send things anywhere and I want to have a copy of the pictures here with me so that I can print them out and remember them. So thanks. But yeah tell me something that happened.

Makayla:   Well, I don't know how long we have until you have to go, so I'm just going to tell you the experience right now. So...... I've been thinking about Patriarchal blessings A TON!!! I talked to mom about it and she found something I can do that involves Patriarchal blessings, but we don't have a True To The Faith book at home, so I couldn't do it. I told my Sunday school teacher about it and SHE GAVE ME A TRUE TO THE FAITH BOOK THAT I COULD READ AND THEN GIVE TO HER DAUGHTER WHEN I WAS FINISHED!!! I was over-joyed that I could finally read it.... after I was done, I got this overwhelming feeling and I just couldn't hold back my tears. I broke into tears and nobody had said anything to me and I hadn't said anything to anybody. All my friends in YW were trying SO hard to get me to tell them what was wrong, but NOTHING was wrong, I knew right then and there, that I need a Patriarchal blessing.... I don't know why.... but... I .... do......

Malynne:  cool! That's an awesome experience, make sure that you write it down! 

Makayla:  Well, next week, school starts, and I WILL BE AT LAKE TAHOE WITH G-MA, G-PA, AND SAVANAH!! I GET TO MISS THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL!! Connor's 6th grade teacher is Mrs. O'very. She is great! her husband is in my top five favorite teachers list from the Jr. High. I made him promise me that he would select me into his class that he only teaches for one semester, one class, and he is the only teacher who teaches it, so he gets to select his students that go into that class.

Malynne:  Well that's sweet! Are you going by yourself or are you going with someone? Are you going to see Josh?

Makayla:   Just me and them. We are going to swim in the lake and see Uncle Josh!

Malynne:  sweet eat lots of sushi! I gotta go! Have a good week! :) 

Mom:  You sent some pictures home with a little boy getting baptized.  Are those Scottie?  Take some pics of you and the little girl together on Sunday.

Malynne:  Her mom has a bunch I am going to try to get some from her. because she has a bunch from the baptism. Elder Wyatt is sending me the pictures of the house, I emailed home all my favorites I just lost all the pictures of the Jolly's and everything from Burlington.

Mom:  You can send stuff home anytime you want....we send you money to do that.  Also, start asking the members if anyone is going to slc for conference, and send stuff home.  We will gladly go pick stuff up where ever we need to go.
Malynne:  k awesome I will do that. 

Some pictures that got saved.

 The Sisters and I jammin' out to the guitar while waiting for the transfer van.

 Elder Wyatt and Emmalee right before she is baptized! :)

 Alyssa giving me a prickly pear... :)
Saying goodbye to Elder Davis with all the other missionaries.

My body hurts.

So it was a really good week, but my body hurts so bad from everything crazy that we did! It was a really good week though! :) So the week starts on Monday! :P We went up to Powell and we had a big zone P-day (okay every other mission can just hang out with all the missionaries every P-day ha ha we have to save up miles and plan it out :P) It was Elder Warner and Elder Davis's last P-day on the mission so we had lots of pizza and played dodgeball. It was super fun, but incredibly exhausting ha ha so much for a relaxing P-day! Elder Warner and Elder Davis are two of my most favorite missionaries in the mission and I have been with them my entire mission! I started in Billings where Elder Warner was in my district and then my district leader, and then Elder Davis was the A.P. and worked in the mission home so I saw him all the time. I came down to Wyoming and two weeks later they both came down with me and we were in the same district with Elder Warner as my zone leader now! It will be weird to not have them around! Later that night we came back and went and taught a couple of really good lessons. There is a less active who really just likes to yell at us and make us question ourselves and stuff so it is always scary to go over there. But this week we went over there and he was just so humble and listened to what we had to say and it was weird! It was nice...but weird! Sister lasson and I were like "Oh my gosh what happened to Kenny?!" Hopefully he stays this way!
On Tuesday we made cards for all of the people who are leaving from our zone who we love so much! Then we went out and taught a couple of lessons. That night we went to the church to meet all the missionaries at the transfer van. We gave out cards and hugs and it was pretty sad to see Elder Warner drive away! Then he sent us a stupid voicemail to like our whole zone and we all were crying! He is such a good missionary and he taught me a lot! I am happy that I have met everyone here in my mission. It is crazy because I personally wouldn't have picked any of these people to hang out with and be friends with, but I love them all soo much! :P We said good bye to Elder Greenwall, Sister Morgan, and Sister Greenfield. It was pretty sad! Ah such is the mission though :P I will be friends with these people for a really long time though!
On Wednesday we got a call from our bishop and he told us that EmmaLee Warman the little 8 year old girl who we have been teaching was getting baptized on Thursday. It was kind of crazy because we had been planning on her being baptized the previous Friday but things didn't work out because her Grandma was sick so it got pushed back. So it was crazy trying to figure out what needed to be done and who was going to do what. We were asked it the new missionary coming in would be willing to baptize her, but he wasn't even there until that night so I asked his companion and he had to ask him and it was just crazy! We went over to their house and were able to teach her a lesson and talk about the baptism and it was just really great. They were sitting outside underneath the tree and it was a really nice day. It was seriously like the perfect lesson. Then the youngest Sister Alyssa handed me this little fruit thing and told me it was a prickly pear, I thought it kind of looked more like a prickly bell pepper...but that's just me. :P We went to the transfer van again that night and we met the new missionaries coming into our zone/district. We have a sister from Lehi named Sister Schneider and so now there are 3 missionaries from Lehi in our zone! :) yay! Elder Allen came into our district as well as Elder Wyatt (Elder Wyatt baptized Emmalee). Then we had to say goodbye to Elder Davis. we took lots of pictures and it was sad to say goodbye...again! I just love all the missionaries and it is sad to see them go anywhere, but it's all good we will all stay in touch. :)
Then on Thursday we spent pretty much all day making cookies and cake for the baptism. Sister Lasson told me that this one recipe made like 150 cookies and I didn't believe her...they made more like 170 cookies and we had to just keep making them! We had 5 plates of cookies and they just kept coming!!!!! Ha ha it was actually really funny! :P We ran to the baptism and it was soo good! :) The spirit was so strong and I was so happy that we were able to be there! The Warmans are a really really special family and I just was so happy that I got to be there to see Emmalee take that step! :)
Friday...we cleaned the evil house again. It was horrible...again. It was crazy to see how messy it got in a week. It was one of those things that we didn't think that we should keep doing, but the little boy asked his babysitter "When are they coming back to our house, it feels so nice" and then I felt guilty for not wanting to finish because the kids are the reason that we started in the first place. so we went back and found lots more crap! It didn't smell as bad, but still not great. We moved the couch and everything outside so that we could vacuume...shag carpet doesn't vacuume!!!!! But we tried! We bleached the walls and wiped down everything that we could think of. them we rearranged the whole room so that they couldn't put anything behind the TV or the couch because they were smack up against the wall. :P I figure if she hates it she can rearrange it, but honestly I don't think that it will matter enough to rearrange it. There was a book case that was tilted to the left. The whole bottom half was broken and it was literally hanging on by a little piece of fabric. We cut the fabric and broke the bottom half of because the top half would stand on its own and just look like a shorter version of the same book case. I really hope that she lets us come back to finish! Well there were 4 of us working on the front room 2 in the kitchen and 2 in the laundry room. (Kira this would be the point you stop reading for a couple of sentences.) Elder White yelled out "Hey Sisters remember how I told you that I was going to find a dead mouse?" Well he found one! Oh my gosh! I seriously can't believe it! The Elders all ran in there "Hold still hold still let me take a picture!" :P So if I get the picture from the Elders I will send it to you :P We decided that we needed a little break so we all went to grab some food and then went back into it after we had bought more face masks. We finished the front room and continued on the laundry room and by that time 4 of the missionaries had to leave to go to appointments that they had. It was about 4:00 and we had been there since 10:00 that morning. Sister Lasson was finishing the laundry room, Elder Decker was hooking up the TV and Elder Wyatt and I were going through the dresser and these boxes in the other bedroom. We thought we were finally making progress...but then I looked up and saw a door behind her closet door. I made Elder Wyatt open it because I was so scared! The closet was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet back and there were clothes piled 3 1/2 feet high. Baby clothes! Baby shoes! Ratty shirts! & every single thing in that closet was just covered with mouse poop! I know that is where they are all living! They are all living under all of those toasty warm clothes! I was so appalled and disgusted that I just started to cry. Elder Wyatt was like "Stop crying, we'll just shut the door and pretend we never opened it." So that's what we did :P for like 5 minutes ha ha then we decided that we should plan a day to come back and finish cleaning the house for the last time. 3rd times a charm right? I will hopefully send you some pictures! That night we went over to a less active families house and we were going to help  move furniture, but their kids kept running in front of them so we took them in the back yard. We ran around and did crazy races and had a grand old time for about 2 hours. :) I will send you some pictures of that as well, they are soo funny! I am glad that we got to see them! :)
On Saturday we went a members house to help them landscape their yard. we moved a bunch of dirt with shovels and wheelbarrows and then we laid a bunch of black fabric down and then we planted a bunch of plants and then her husband came by with a truck full of rocksw and said "We need all of these laid out on top of the fabric." They were like those red decorative rocks so they will look really nice when they are done. There was a whole trailer full and then a whole truck full and we moved all of them with a couple of shovels and a wheel barrow. We were pretty exhausted by the time we were done! We moved a million pounds of rocks! My body still hurts (thus the title of the email)! It was good, but I had like 4 different lines on my feet my tan line, my sock line, my shoe line, and my dirt line! :) It was pretty funny we were pretty nasty and ready for a shower! :)
Yesterday we went to church and we saw a couple of our less actives there! :) The Welches, I don't remember if I told you about them, but they are great and I love them a lot! :) Well Drake went to EFY and now wants to go on a mission! :) we stopped by their house later that night and we talked to all of them about a lot of things. It was awesome to get to talk to them all! :) We are hopefully going to take Drake and a young woman out teaching with us this week so that they can get a feel about missionary work. I have a lot of high hopes for him! The kids that we played with on Friday their family also came, the Jolly's. Someday I am excited for you to meet them! :)
Such a great week! This week will be filled with lots of service as well, which I am pretty excited about! I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!  :) Hope you have a great week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. pictures will come! :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Elder Wyatt and words of advice from Malynne to mom

Malynne:  Elder Wyatt would like me to inform you that he speaks Portuguese too. He thinks he's teaching me a lot but he lies...:P Ha ha maybe I will learn some Portuguese and Spanish here in Wyoming. I am glad that you don't think that I am crazy! :) I am good to keep it here in the family!

Mom:  Do you like this Elder Wyatt?

Malynne:  Um...nope I don't like Elder Wyatt. I mean I love him, but not like that. We are seriously like twins though...kind of creepy. He was born 6 hours after me, and we were baptized on the same day. Also like a bunch of other random similarities. He was sitting right next to me when I sent you that email and he also was handing me tissues while I cried. He is awesome...but not like that :P

This was the letter I wrote to Malynne and her words of advice to me.

Dear Malynne,
Tonight Makenna is in tears.  I looked on Skyward at her grades. She has all F's except for music classes....does this sound familiar?  She then blamed all of her grades on her teachers.  She also said that she turned everything in.  She also said that the Stupid teachers had not given her the information she needed to study for the tests.  I feel like a failure in teaching personal responsibility.  You finally got it.  What made the difference?
My calling as RS President is getting hard.  It has its moments and right now there is too much that I can't tell my counselors, and have to carry a lot.  We have a family in our ward that is blowing up.  The wife is having an affair with a man in another ward.  Two families are crumbling.  There is nothing I can do, but stand back and watch.  I can pray, but in this situation I want to pray that these families will work things out, become intact again and come back to the church.  It is so hard to pray that the Lord will bless them as they need to be blessed.  I do not have hope for this situation and it brings my spirit down.
Also I have good reason to believe that someone in the ward, a good friend, is addicted to prescription drugs.  It is another sister.  I need to pray about that one and decide how to proceed.  This sister has had a problem in the past with this exact problem.
Addictions happen when we do not have faith, a testimony of the atonement.  When we feel that turning back is too hard.
For FHE on Monday we made birthday cards for Maddie Tilley and JJ Thompson.  I mailed them off on Wednesday, and on Wednesday night Julia called and told me that JJ was going home and would be home on Thursday.  His girl friend came home on Friday.  JJ told Julia that his intentions are to clear things up and return in 6 months.  I hope he follows through.  Right now is going to be the hardest time of his life.  Satan will try him more than ever and try to keep him from returning.
Malynne I am so proud of you and for the work you are doing.  I want you to know that no matter what you EVER do I will always love you. I hope that I have been a good mom, I look forward to you coming home so that I can learn to be your best friend.
I love you.
Love mom.

Malynne:  um...the only thing that really worked for me was moving away. Sorry. Also, making mistakes and going on a mission and even now I don't think I have it down...but I am working on it. I was the worst example and I am trying to be better now... :( Also, that picture of Connor kind of made me sad!!! Holy Schnikeys he is tall now!!! I am sorry that things are getting hard as RS President. I feel bad for ours here in Lovell because it is just a hard place to be in a leadership position in. I am trying so hard to be a help to them and make things easier. I kind of know how you feel like when you know way to many details about peoples lives and you really can't do anything about it. It is heart breaking, but it makes you feel very grateful to have the gospel and to know about all of the commandments and know that you can be happy when you keep them. :) I just am so thankful to know that even when the world crumbles around you that you can be standing on the only sure thing left. Helaman 5:12 right? :) Favorite scripture. Everyone has their agency, I am just thankful that we have chosen to be standing on that rock.
Okay...SERIOUSLY!!!! What the heck! I can't believe that JJ went home. I am the only one left now! I honestly don't know if he will go back out on a mission It will be too hard for him! GAH! What the heck! I am the only one left out here! :( It's okay I am not coming home until next August I just am feeling very sad that nobody else could stick it out. It's all good I love it out here way too much to come home early. I honestly am feeling very anxious about coming home at all ha ha I don't know how to do normal people things anymore! :P

I love you too and I am soo proud of you too :) I am happy that we can talk every week. I am looking forward to being able to talk to you and see you every single day. :) LOVE YOU!!!!! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Monday, August 5, 2013

So thankful my mom taught me to clean. Conversation with mom.

A lot of this conversation was on my cell phone and one side of the conversation got lost.  But I did get the part where Malynne thanked me for teaching her to clean!!!!

Mom:  Malynne are you still there?  I don't know why but this email you wrote at 10:54 did not come through to my email until 12:51.  I am so sad that I may have missed you.  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am back on right now for a few minutes! How are you?

Mom:  So is sister Lasson still your companion?  What, if anything changed when the changes were announced at the missionary training center?  do you get to use a cell phone to text?  do you have an Ipad?  Do you get to use FB?

Malynne:  I have it written down to get in contact with the clinic this week and get that taken care of. :) also yes Sister Lasson is my companion, I don't have a cell phone with text, we don't have Ipads and at some point in my missionary experience I hope that we will be able to all use facebook, just a handful of us right now are able to. :)

Yes!!! I would love that skirt soo soo much!!!!! 

Mom:  I will see about sending it to you this week.  Is there anything else you need?  It sounds like you like the do terra oils????  Do you need more?  I used digestzen this morning.  You can use peppermint on your stomach also.

Malynne:  Yeah I used those oils a lot this week! :) I love them soo much! It was great! I am almost out of digestzen and I would love some more peppermint as well. Oh and if you can maybe breathe.... that would be great! :) Mom, ha ha my mission wasn't split at all. We are all still the Billings Montana mission and I still have the potential to go anywhere. :) The only thing that happened was that our area got split so a new set of missionaries came in and took over a couple of my wards. But for now I am staying in Lovell for the next 6 weeks and then maybe staying or leaving it just depends on where the Lord needs me. :) 

Good I am glad that you got all of my letters. :) I started writing them a really long time ago and I couldn't send them until I finished them all. :P 

Mom, I have to tell you that I am so thankful that you taught me to clean. (and yes you can frame it do whatever because I will never deny that I said it). I truly am, I was in some of the most horrible circumstances this week and I couldn't imagine living my life like that. Our house wasn't ever perfect, but it was a safe place for us to run because it is where the spirit of the Lord could be. I am just so soo thankful that you taught me my whole life the importance of keeping things organized!

This will be transfer #3 here in Lovell so I have been here for 3 months and I will get to be here for 4 1/2 months at least. :) Honestly I don't know when I will be transferred, I am just happy that I am here while I am here! :) I use a lot of the other ones actually. I use melaluca and basil on my ears and I use deep blue often and I use lavender of bug bites. Sister Lasson uses breathe a lot because she has asthma. I use digestzen and peppermint a lot. I also try to always remember to use terrashield, sometimes I forget :P

Yay! I am so thankful that we get to come back up here! :) We are going to stick a candle in an apple and go out to lunch with the Elders! :) We are starting a diet as a district ha ha so yeah a candle in an apple! :) 

k, p-day is over, I will talk to you later! I am excited for your letters!!!! :) 

Quite the week.

Okay so this week we were on exchanges. I stayed in our area with Sister Christensen (who I came out of the MTC with) and Sister Lasson was with Sister Taylor. :) It was really fun, and on Tuesday everyone was home so we were able to teach 10 lessons! it was soo great I loved it. :) But then Wednesday morning Sister Lasson woke up with the flu. We had planned this huge service project with our whole district and so She had to stay home with Sister Avrett and I went out and worked with the Sisters. (I will tell you about the service project in a minute...this is fair warning to stop eating anything.) She was sick all day Wednesday and all day Thursday, and then on Thursday night I got really sick. I ended up catching what she had and I was pretty sick & throwing up. We were both pretty sick until Sunday, I have never been more thankful to fast in my entire life! Our DVD player broke so we couldn't even watch the approved church movies and all we could do was study and sleep. so I read the entire Book of Mormon up until Helaman. I also read the Old Testament all the way to judges. I also read the entire our search for happiness book. I also read most of the temple prep yeah it was pretty crazy! We were really sick and it was miserable. But we are doing better now though! :) 

Oh p.s. we don't know what's happening with transfers! :( 

Well onto telling you about our service project. So there is a woman in our ward who really needed some help. She has 3 young kids and she works all the time & she is a hoarder and doesn't know how to clean her house. So we went in...oh wait we're getting transfer calls! WE ARE STAYING HERE!!! AND STAYING TOGETHER!!!!! :) YAAAAYYY!!! :) yay, good transfer calls! :) Now back to telling you about my service project. So we went in to help her clean and it was the most horrible place I have ever seen in my entire life! We split up and 3 of us took the kitchen, 3 of us took the kids room and 1 of us went outside and cleaned the yard and the porch up. Well, those in the kitchen found a fridge full of food...that had been unplugged for months. They cleaned it out and it was the most horrible smell I had ever smelled in my life! It was so bad that we were all gagging and throwing was pretty bad! We were cleaning out the kids toys and clothes and they were so covered in mouse poop it made us all cry to think that little kids were playing with them. We had face masks and gloves on because everyone was really worried about us getting HANTA virus (dad I finally get your naming the mouse HANTA joke. :) .) So, we did that for the whole day and we were all pretty sick by the end of the day. The next day when I got really sick all the Elders were freaking out and asking if I had HANTA virus. They all called to check and make sure that I was okay a few times. :) We have a really great district! I love them!!!! I don't have HANTA though, so don't worry!! :) 

Well, I love you very much!!! Sorry I don't have much to report this week!  LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! :) I hope that you have a great week! :) LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Grandfathers and Temples

Mom, I have to tell you something. We got to go to the temple on Thursday
and I just gah! I am in tears right now because I just read your email
about Grandma Alma. I was gonna tell you this anyway, but I feel like for
some reason it is harder now knowing the state of Grandma. Well, we went
into the temple and we got to go through and do a session. It was awesome!
And I have been looking forward to going to the temple since I found out I
was going to be able to go. When we went in there, we were in the chapel
for a while and we had a little session thing in there. Then we had to wait
to go into the endowment room (the first one). This is going to sound
weird, but I heard someone trying to talk to me. No one around me was
talking and I was super confused. Then we went in to the endowment room,
and I heard someone trying to talk to me again, and I realized that it was
Grandpa Joe. Mom, I seriously had a conversation with him in the temple. He
promised that he was going to be here to help me through my rough times on
my mission. He also said that he loves our family and misses us a lot...I
feel like a crazy person right now, but it really happened. Then, I heard
someone else calling my name, and I recognized their voice even though I
have never met them in my entire life. It was Grandpa Erbe. I got to talk
to him too! He also promised that he would be here to help me on my
mission. I told him about Makenna and the ice cream thing ha ha it just
popped into my head. Then the session started and I didn't get to talk to
anybody after that. It is just crazy that I had that experience and then I
heard about Grandma. I realized how much I miss our family here on earth
and the ones who have passed on. I am excited to be able to see them and be
with them forever. I miss Grandma so much and I am so so sad thinking that
I won't be able to see her again in this life. But that's okay because I
know that we can be together forever as a family, and that was something
that I learned really strongly at the temple. I always knew that, but just
knowing that those that have passed on that I love are going to be there
when I get there makes me feel better.

I remember that time that Grandma fell and everyone was freaking out. I
remember how freaked out Makayla and Makenna were (for some reason I don't
remember Connor being there for some reason even though I know he was) I
remember that we were all crying, and you told me to take everyone in the
house so that we weren't outside. We all went in and Makayla was completely
hysterical, and she was sitting in my lap and I was hugging her. Makenna
had the idea that we should say a prayer and so we did, we all said a
prayer together and then I looked up and I saw this little beaded temple on
her mantle above the fireplace. I remember that there were two of them. So,
I went and picked them up and handed one to Makenna and one to Makayla and
we were able to talk about being together for a family forever. I don't
know why, but that is something that I remembered...just felt like I should
tell you all of that...I feel like a crazy person and my whole district is
looking at me funny because my eyes are like 3 times bigger than they
normally are...but yep that's what's happening right now.

I am really glad that we are going to be able to be together as a family
forever. Thank you for making and keeping your covenants! :) I love the
gospel and the knowledge that we can always be a family! I love you sooo
much mom! I know this was a weird email...sorry! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Walking through the Tracey Aviary with tears in my eyes and all over my face.  I look like a crazy person walking in the park.  We can be crazy together...keeping it all in the family.