Monday, July 22, 2013

Yay for dentists!!!!

Okay so this is week was hard. I still had some of the hard feelings carrying over from last week and things were hard the beginning of the week. But then on Wednesday we had a zone conference here in Lovell. President and his wife came down and all of the other missionaries came who are in Wyoming. It was a really great meeting and I am so happy that we went. We talked a lot about covenants and a lot about the sacrifices that we have made in order to keep our covenants. Our goal is to be the most covenant keeping mission in the world! :) I am excited about that goal. President Mecham got up and he gave us all a priesthood blessing, I didn't realize that's what it was until he was finished, but it was really cool. He stood in front of us and blessed us with a lot of amazing blessings and then he said that he leaves this blessing with each of us by the authority of the melchezidek priesthood. It was such an amazing experience. We talked a lot about the temple and we were all feeling kind of down because it's great to talk about it, but we can't really go to the temple from where we're at. Then President Mecham got up and he said that he has done a lot of thinking and consideration on the subject and he is excited to be able to take each of us to the temple within the next transfer! :) I burst into tears at that point. I cried a lot that day and it was good and very needed. I continued to cry for a few hours after the meeting ha ha I had to compose myself in time to go to dinner ha ha. Don't worry...good cry! Not bad one! It was really nice to get everything out...even if it came out my eyes! :P 
So on Saturday (last Saturday) we met this family named the Welches. Kurk is one of their sons and he is going on a mission on the 31st of this Turkey. The rest of the family however is less active and so Kurk has told us that we are now on a mission ( ha ha pun!) to get his family back to church. Well yeah so that was Saturday. Then on Monday Sister Lasson's teeth started hurting really bad. On Thursday we woke up and Sister Lassons face was soo swollen. I panicked and didn't know what to we went to the ER. I know it was crazy, but it was a good decision. They told her that she had a really bad absess tooth and that she needed to go to the dentist. Within an hour we were at the dentist was Brother Welch who was the dentist! :) The work of the Lord goes forward even through crazy teeth problems ha ha! It was stinky but ended up being a good experience to get to know him! :) 

Things are definitely looking up this week! I am so thankful for all of the letters and the help that you were able to give me! :) I definitely feel better about things! I love you all soo much! :) have an amazing week! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. how is Makenna?

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