Monday, July 15, 2013

Student Loans and Dodgeball - Conversation with mom

Conversation with Malynne regarding Student Loan happened before this conversation.

Mom:  How are you.  I still have not mailed anything to you, I am HONESTLY going to do it today.  I am sorry that we are bad at sending mail.  I have not had any stamps.  Makayla has written you two letters and each of the kids have a post card for you.

Malynne:  YAY!!! :)  I am excited to get mail! 

Mom:  Is there anything you need?

Malynne:  Just lots of letters! :) I have had a rough week, I am writing a mass email so you can read it, but I really would love to hear from people at home.

Mom:  Put that little information in your email.  I send it to lots and lots of people that love you and care about you, all who would love to write to you.  Give them your immediate address.

Malynne:  Hey mom, who is Lala Garcia? Did you meet Lisabeth?!!! Do you have her address?!! I miss them so much adn I have no way to get in contact with them! :(

Mom:  Who is Lisabeth?  Lala Garcia is a new lady in our ward.

Malynne:  Oh, I was so excited...she is a lady that I met in Billings, and her family is one of my favorite people that I have met here on my mission. If you talk to Sister Letalu tell her that I really really want her address because she moved and I don't have her address and I miss her soo much! Her daughter Jasmyn was one of our baptisms in Billings.

k, I really gotta go but I love you very much! I will send you a letter this week too! :) Did you get Connor's birthday card?  We are having lunch with President Hopkin and we re going to meet him in Powell. 

Mom:  Malynne, I love you.  I keep you in my prayers and you are always in my thoughts.  I gotta go, you gotta go too.  Let me know what to do about your student loans.  LOVES LOVES LOVES

6 hours later

Malynne:  Same here I love you soo much mom! Hey if you are still there I would love it if you could send me that phone number for my student loans I talked with my mission presidency and I can take care of that myself if I have the number. :) 

Mom:  Malynne I am here.  I will work on it tomorrow and If I can't do it I will send you the number.  Just sent you a package.

Malynne:  Yay! :) I just played a crazy intense game of dodge ball and have welts all over my body! :) 

Makenna:  Hey Malynne it's Makenna!!!

Malynne:  Hey little sister I love you! :) 

Makenna:  Wait who did you play dodgeball with?????

Malynne:  We went to Powell and played dodgeball with all the other was more like a game called poison since it was like free for all, but it was super fun! I am worn out right now though! :P 

Makenna:  Meeeeee tooooo. I just had a galbladder thing and the test came back negative. And we learned that the pain for a galbladder attack isn't where the pain is when i have an attack. Ugh

Malynne:  hmmm well you might just have to have your internal organs removed sister! J.K. don't freak :) I didn't know you have been feeling sick! 

Makenna:  Lol. But theres another problem. The blood test they did came back and said there's a problem.
Malynne:  hmmm well I hope you figure it out! 

Mom:  So Makenna has been having some serious stomach issues.  Her blood work came back saying there is a problem and we were hoping that the ultrasound would confirm gall bladder, but it did not.  The pain should be on the right side, but her pain is on the left.  Since the doctor pushed on it for the ultrasound she has been in pain.  Not sure what is going on.  Keep her in your prayers please.  She has been SERIOUSLY sick!!!!

Malynne:  Hey mom, I'm on line right now I know that you're gone. I will keep Makenna in my prayers always I always do, but I will pray extra hard for her this time. I didn't find those papers I looked. President Hopkin said that his wife talked to you on the phone last night :) I am really glad that she did. I am going to try to contact a few of the numbers on that email reply thing that you sent me and see what happens there I love you very much I will try to jump on or let you know what happens through Pres. Hopkin or something. :) LOVES!

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