Monday, July 1, 2013

Lovell Days - Lovell, Wyoming

Subject: Lovell days!
Okay yeah so quite literally it was Lovell days this week. :) They have all of these fun activities all around. There is this awesome like food trailer kind of think that comes around, and they were here all week. It is called Hog heaven, and they always feed the missionaries for free. They have these awesome pulled pork sandwiches, and these awesome pulled pork burritos that I always get to eat! :) They had this other place that gave free kettle corn to missionaries as well. They had all of these things in the park and we were asked to help with a bunch of them. It was a really fun week to be here in Lovell! 
So Monday we spent in Cody actually we had a district P-day since our district is so spread out we save up miles so that we can get together on certain days. So we were in Cody and we hadn't gotten our transfer calls forever and everyone was kind of freaking out a little bit. But then we got calls so that was okay. Sister Davis headed up to Plains and Thompson Falls in Montana which is basically as close to Montana as you can get. And I get to stay here in Lovell! :) I am also training, but nobody told me who I was training I had a conference call on Wednesday where I would find out who I was training. 

Tuesday was a crazy day of packing because Sister Davis was leaving Tuesday night and then I was getting my new companion on Wednesday night so we had to go on exchanges so I had Sister Taylor as my companion for 24 hours. Anyway yeah we basically just packed all day on Tuesday and then went and said goodbye to those who we loved the most. Then we went to the church and waited forever for the transfer van to get there, so we got a little more time to say goodbye to everyone (well her, not me) Then Sister Taylor was my companion after that. 

Wednesday we had the conference call. There are 30 new missionaries training in our mission. So the trainers used to be able to talk to the people that they were training over the phone before, but now because there are so many they don't have time. The call lasted for about 2 hours and we were instructed on some things before and then he announced who was with who and where everyone was going. The only thing is that he forgot to tell Sister Taylor and Sister Christensen (The other sisters in Lovell) that they are training this transfer. Ha ha and he didn't say my new companions name into the phone so I didn't hear it. So basically everyone in Wyoming was freaking out because we didn't understand who our companions were kind of funny! :) But after that we went and we were able to teach a lesson to Chris and then we had another lesson at the church. Our stake president gave a book of mormon to someone he works with and she called and wanted to meet with us. So we met at the church with President Caldwell there. :) It was one of the most amazing restoration lessons I have ever had and I am excited to teach her about the plan of salvation! Then the transfer van finally came and I was able to meet the Sister I will be training! Her name is Sister Lasson and she is from Tennessee and she just  turned 19 in April. The youngest Sister in our mission officially, ha ha I am finally not the baby! :) She is awesome though! I love her and I am glad that she is my companion. 

Thursday I honestly don't remember much of ha ha. It was soo hot and the we were walking around contacting referrals and we were soo exhausted because it was just hot and yeah I really don't remember much though. :P

Friday was another day that was almost in the hundreds. We got up early though and went to help one of the members in our ward move across town. We did that for a solid 10 hours just packing up, hauling boxes and unpacking & repeat. We were soo exhausted after that, but we went home showered and studied. We were doing comp study and taking turns reading out of preach my gospel, and we both fell asleep for like 20 minutes and neither of us remembers falling asleep ha ha so that was really funny. :) Then we got to go to a carnival for Lovells days. The wards were in charge and we were asked to come and help. When we got there we were asked to help with face painting...ha ha you know my artistic abilities! Funny! But it ended up being really fun! 

Saturday morning we got to go and watch a parade. :) Every year they have a Lovells days parade that everyone and their cat and dog (literally) go to. We talked to everyone on the street (well almost everyone) and then we got to sit and watch the parade with the Zellers who are some of my most favorite people. As soon as the parade ended we ran into the queen bee (the zellers own it, it's a chocolate factory) and we got to work the taste testing day they have. They are always designing new chocolates and they have everyone come and taste them and rate them. It was some of the funnest service I ever did in my life! :) We spent the rest of the day teaching and contacting referrals and it was just a really great day! :) 

All in all this week was great! My companion is fantastic, and I still love it here with more than my whole heart. :P It is just y favorite place. The only thing that could make it better is maybe...colder water and cooler days. Other than that I can't complain because I am just soo blessed! Man I love being a missionary and seeing the blessings of the Lord around me every day!!! :) SOOOO HAPPY! and today I get to go to doesn't sound that exciting but trust is! It is like walking into Mecca! You feel so lost. But it is awesome and I am excited. 

Well I love you sooo soo soo much! I hope you have a fantastic week and can see the Lords hand in your life because it is there! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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