Monday, July 22, 2013

Life as it is.

Dear Malynne,
I am up early, thinking of you, anticipating your letter and excited to write to you.  I had to drop Connor off for Clear Creek this morning.  He is so dang cute.  I asked him for a hug and for the first time ever he said, "Really mom?"  Then he gave me the one arm around the neck hug.  THEN he gave me permission to leave, "I got this mom, you don't need to wait for the bus to leave."  Oh my, my baby boy is growing up and I am not ready.  Not for him or any of my children to not need me!
Josh Nelson got his mission call!  Guess where he is going?  Jaden Birch will have his call this week, opening it on Friday when all of his extended family will be in town.  I will let you know where he gets called to also.
Courtney Barkdull had her mission farewell yesterday and enters the MTC on the 24th of July.  So she will be arriving in Montana around the first week in August!
My friend from California is coming to visit.  Her name is Sandra. She was one of my room mates when your dad and I were dating.  I have not seen her in over 20 years.  She is divorced, has 3 boys, has left the church (She joined for her then fiance, and I don't think she ever had a firm testimony), and made lots of decisions that I would not have made.  Her boys are all going to San Diego to visit with their dad and she is coming here to visit me (she now lives in Medford Oregon, Eddies mission.)  I have asked Eddie to contact her, but I don't think he ever did.  I am hoping to turn this into a missionary opportunity.  We will be doing lots of fun stuff for free!
On Friday night your dad and I took the family to the Sundance Bluebird Cafe Concert.  It was up at the ampitheater at Sundance. It was nice and brisk, not too cold, just perfect weather for a night concert in the mountains.  The Bluebird Cafe is a bunch of songwriters from Nashvielle.  It was advertised as a jazz/bluegrass concert.  We were pleasantly happy with the change.  Not a first, at first I was a little mad, because the songwriters were all country songwriters, but they were good.  Makenna loved it!!!!
Makenna is having a hard time with friends at church.  She is not wanting to attend because she does not have friends there.  At the ward swim party things were great until Caroline Parker showed up and then Makenna felt abandoned.  All the girls flocked to Caroline, leaving Makenna.  Any advice you can give her would be great.  She misses you more than anyone.
Makayla finally started her period.  Just Saturday she was all sad and gloomy because "EVERYONE else has, except me".  I told her I would remind her about that statement in year or two when she was cursing her period and wishing she never would have started.
Malynne, I love you.  I hope you are doing OK and keeping your spirits up.  Your last letter really concerned me.  I don't want you to miss home.  I want you to enjoy every minute you are there and soak in all the happiness and good feelings.  Love the work, love the people, love your calling!
I love you very much!
Love, Mom

PS:  Josh is going to the Chez

Malynnes reply:

WOW ha ha that's crazy! :) Connor is so funny! and yes I agree about Makayla...I would pretty much rather die. Mom, we will never not need you! I still need you and I am on my mission like in Wyoming! I love you very much! Don't worry about me I talked to President Mecham this week...had quite the little cry fest ha ha. It was good that I was able to talk with him. It has been a really crazy week, and I am going to send out a email with details. :) I LOVE YOU!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Do you need anything?  I am at work, so can't write back easily....did you get the package?  Do you the shirt?
Malynne:  I did get the package :) mmm jam! My compie thanks you as well! I love the letters! :) Yay!!!! I don't love the shirt though, it doesn't go with many of my skirts and I don't know how often I will wear it...sorry :( I feel bad! 

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