Monday, July 29, 2013

Scotty's baptism

Good News - Conversation with mom

Dear Malynne,
I am hoping that I will get the opportunity to write a long letter in a couple of hours, but I got up at 6:30 and have been going ever since.  I need to take Makenna to the HS so that she can do Road so that she can get her drivers license.
I wanted to tell you two things:  Jaden Birch got his mission call.......Detroit, Michigan Spanish Speaking.  He enters the Mexico City MTC on October 23rd.  The other is a little sad and I do not want it to effect you.  Erica is coming home.  She has been in Estonia for a couple of weeks and has decided that it is not for her.  It is not a finalized thing, but Erica wrote Katie a letter and said that she is coming home.  I don't know more details.
I love you.  I am so sorry for not a longer letter, my friend Sandra has been here visiting me this last week.  She is a friend of mine from before I meet your dad.  I will tell you more in my next letter.
I LOVE you.

If you do not get an emial from me I PROMISE I will mail you a letter.  Lots to tell you!

Malynne:  I am hoping that you will have some time to write me today soon too!!! A lot has happened this week as well and I am excited to write you and tell you everything that has happened this week! :) I am sorry that Erica is coming home. That is stinky for her, but it again kind of just strengthens my resolve to stay out here. I know this is where the Lord wants me and coming home would be the single most selfish thing that I could ever do. So I am sorry that she can't see the eternal perspective in her service and realize that a year and a half is the shortest time you could give to the Lord. On a happier note I am really excited for Jaden! :) I was so sure he was coming to Billings Montana :P That's okay it will be exciting for him to be able to go out to detroit! :) Yay so exciting! I am excited to hear about everything!

Mom:  I am sitting in the car.  Can we talk?

Malynne:  Yep!!!!

Mom:  So tell me about all your good news.  You sound happy in your writting.

Malynne:  I have a huge email to send out! Basically it was a great week! One of the 8 year olds that we have been teaching got  baptized by his dad and they came to church, and then we went to 5 farewells yesterday and an investigator was so touched by everyones testimonies that they want to meet with the bishop and pick a date to be baptized! :) 

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

Okay so last Monday right after we finished up emailing we went shopping at the little grocery store that is in town called red apple. These people were giving away free kittens and they were soo soo cute! I knew that there was a woman in our ward who was looking for a new kitten so we gave her a call and she came down and she picked one out. I told her that she had to name it after me. She was gonna name it millenium ha ha but then she found out it was a boy and named it Milo. Then she said "Well Lisa could just lost her kitten and has been looking for another one." Lisa is a L.A. woman in my old area (now the elders area) So we picked one out and we were just going to take it over to her, but we had to tell the Elders and they wanted to come so we had to take them with us. The kitten was so tiny it couldn't have possibly weighed a pound and it was also only the size of my hand. Yeah a teeny little kitten! So we tied a little ribbon on it and we took it over to her and she was soo excited that she cried. Random little story, but we followed the spirit and were able to take a woman a kitten and get into her home. Weirdest door approach I have ever done in my life though... "Hey well we know that you have been wanting a kitten and so we found one and we thougt that you might like it." Ha ha yeah super funny! :)
On Tuesday night we went and visited with the Welches again that dentist and his family. :) They are so great! But, we knocked on the door and I had my guitar and it kind of turned into this little jam session thing and it was really weird. So we were like "um...we have to go, can we share a message with you?" We shared a message and talked all about Kurks mission and so it ended up good, but it was an interesting visit. Especially since the people that we really wanted to talk to (The dad and one of his less active sons) walked away when we asked if we could share a message. But it was good we built a good relationship with one of the sons. Hopefully they will be influenced by Kurk going on his mission and have a desire to come back!

Okay well pretty much the rest of the week was a huge blur I don't remember much ha ha. On Wednesday night we had an appointment with an investigator and a family in the ward. They canceled our appointment though and so we weren't able to teach. So we made the 2 young men who were about to leave on their missions teach us...again. It ended up good though.

I don't really remember much until the lesson that we had on Friday night. There was going to be a baptism on Friday of a little girl who is 8 that we have been teaching since her family is L.A. But her Grandma is really sick and had to go to the hospital so we decided to postpone the baptism until sometime this week when her Grandma was doing better. Any way so we ended up going out and teaching lessons on Friday night instead of having a baptism. We had nothing planned for that night because we were completely convinced that a baptism would happen so we were kind of winging it. We were driving around and when we felt like we should knock on a door we would. We taught some great lessons that way, but the last lesson of the night was my favorite. :)  We went to visit with a woman in our ward who has been really sick, so we stop in from time to time to see her. I seriously love her soo much! Her name is Sister Christensen and she is just one of the greatest people. She used to be a singer, but she has really bad asthma and so she isn't able to sing any more, but she loves it when we come and we sing for her. So we took our guitar and we sang a couple of songs for her and she was so happy that she just cried. It was such a spiritual lesson and I was so happy that we stopped. :) I just love the people in Lovell so much! 

On Saturday we had an 8 year that we have been teaching get baptized. His whole family is less active, but they want him to be baptized soo badly. We have been teaching the whole family and we have seen them progress so far. :) Right before he was baptized we were able to go and to curl his moms hair for the baptism. It kind of sounds ridiculous, but it was so good to build a relationship with them in a way that wasn't just having lessons. :P  He was able to be baptized by his dad, and that was so special because his dad was working so hard to be ready to baptize him. He isn't reactivated yet he still doesn't come to church, but he has definitely has had a change of heart, so we are excited! After he was baptized we took lots of pictures and Scotty said "I want to take a picture with all of the missionaries." All of the missionaries in my district came to support and so we piled in and took a picture with him. :) There was 8 missionaries and 1 future missionary and it was a great picture! I will send it! :) 

On Sunday we went to 5 missionary farewells. All of the young men in Lovell are leaving on missions pretty much on the same day. :) They are all entering the MTC on Wednesday July 31st. It was a really exciting day! We went to Brady Winland and Nathan Grants early that day. They are both in second ward and had it on the same day. :) So we were able to see them give their talks and they were soo good. But they kept talking about their moms and all the missionaries who are here in Lovell kept crying the whole sacrament meeting because we miss our moms! I miss you mom!!!! Anyway so Brady is going to Mexico and Nathan is going to Tonga. Later on that day we were able to see Jacob Asay give his farewell talk in 4th ward. He is going to Ukraine. :) Then we went to 5th ward and we got to see Dino Collins and Kurk Welch give their talks...and we got to sing. There was only 600 people there to see these 2 boys speak. We had soo many progressing less actives there to see them as well. These boys influence will stretch much much farther than just their missions. The people here look up to them and respect them all for making such a brave decision. Dino is headed off to Argentina and Kurk is going to Turkey...he is speaking Turkish. Yeah so none of them are staying in the states they are all headed out of the states and learning new languages. :) It was a great day! I sang and Sister Lasson played the piano. We sang I know that my redeemer lives to the tune of a poor wayfaring man of grief. It was perfect because Dinos favorite song was a poor wayfaring man of grief and his moms favorite song was I know that my redeemer lives. While I was singing I just happened to look down and see one of our investigators there, Max! He started to cry when I looked at him. After the meeting he pulled us aside and asked if we could set up an appointment to meet with the bishop so that he can start making changes with his life. He is thinking about picking a date to be baptized! :) He was so touched by those young men going on missions and Sister lasson and I already out. He knows that we know its true and he wants to know that for himself! :) Ah sooo awesome! 

Well, that was my busy week! Things are definitely getting better and I am feeling soo much better about Lovell! I love it here and I love the people here. Still :P I am so excited to see all the changes that people are going to be making in their lives! 

I love all of you soo much! Thanks for all of the love and support that you give me and all of the letters and everything. I love you all soo much! Especially mom! Thanks for everything that you do and the good example you have set for me! I LOVE YOU!!! loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

p.s. how is Makenna no one told me!?!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yay for dentists!!!!

Okay so this is week was hard. I still had some of the hard feelings carrying over from last week and things were hard the beginning of the week. But then on Wednesday we had a zone conference here in Lovell. President and his wife came down and all of the other missionaries came who are in Wyoming. It was a really great meeting and I am so happy that we went. We talked a lot about covenants and a lot about the sacrifices that we have made in order to keep our covenants. Our goal is to be the most covenant keeping mission in the world! :) I am excited about that goal. President Mecham got up and he gave us all a priesthood blessing, I didn't realize that's what it was until he was finished, but it was really cool. He stood in front of us and blessed us with a lot of amazing blessings and then he said that he leaves this blessing with each of us by the authority of the melchezidek priesthood. It was such an amazing experience. We talked a lot about the temple and we were all feeling kind of down because it's great to talk about it, but we can't really go to the temple from where we're at. Then President Mecham got up and he said that he has done a lot of thinking and consideration on the subject and he is excited to be able to take each of us to the temple within the next transfer! :) I burst into tears at that point. I cried a lot that day and it was good and very needed. I continued to cry for a few hours after the meeting ha ha I had to compose myself in time to go to dinner ha ha. Don't worry...good cry! Not bad one! It was really nice to get everything out...even if it came out my eyes! :P 
So on Saturday (last Saturday) we met this family named the Welches. Kurk is one of their sons and he is going on a mission on the 31st of this Turkey. The rest of the family however is less active and so Kurk has told us that we are now on a mission ( ha ha pun!) to get his family back to church. Well yeah so that was Saturday. Then on Monday Sister Lasson's teeth started hurting really bad. On Thursday we woke up and Sister Lassons face was soo swollen. I panicked and didn't know what to we went to the ER. I know it was crazy, but it was a good decision. They told her that she had a really bad absess tooth and that she needed to go to the dentist. Within an hour we were at the dentist was Brother Welch who was the dentist! :) The work of the Lord goes forward even through crazy teeth problems ha ha! It was stinky but ended up being a good experience to get to know him! :) 

Things are definitely looking up this week! I am so thankful for all of the letters and the help that you were able to give me! :) I definitely feel better about things! I love you all soo much! :) have an amazing week! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. how is Makenna?

Life as it is.

Dear Malynne,
I am up early, thinking of you, anticipating your letter and excited to write to you.  I had to drop Connor off for Clear Creek this morning.  He is so dang cute.  I asked him for a hug and for the first time ever he said, "Really mom?"  Then he gave me the one arm around the neck hug.  THEN he gave me permission to leave, "I got this mom, you don't need to wait for the bus to leave."  Oh my, my baby boy is growing up and I am not ready.  Not for him or any of my children to not need me!
Josh Nelson got his mission call!  Guess where he is going?  Jaden Birch will have his call this week, opening it on Friday when all of his extended family will be in town.  I will let you know where he gets called to also.
Courtney Barkdull had her mission farewell yesterday and enters the MTC on the 24th of July.  So she will be arriving in Montana around the first week in August!
My friend from California is coming to visit.  Her name is Sandra. She was one of my room mates when your dad and I were dating.  I have not seen her in over 20 years.  She is divorced, has 3 boys, has left the church (She joined for her then fiance, and I don't think she ever had a firm testimony), and made lots of decisions that I would not have made.  Her boys are all going to San Diego to visit with their dad and she is coming here to visit me (she now lives in Medford Oregon, Eddies mission.)  I have asked Eddie to contact her, but I don't think he ever did.  I am hoping to turn this into a missionary opportunity.  We will be doing lots of fun stuff for free!
On Friday night your dad and I took the family to the Sundance Bluebird Cafe Concert.  It was up at the ampitheater at Sundance. It was nice and brisk, not too cold, just perfect weather for a night concert in the mountains.  The Bluebird Cafe is a bunch of songwriters from Nashvielle.  It was advertised as a jazz/bluegrass concert.  We were pleasantly happy with the change.  Not a first, at first I was a little mad, because the songwriters were all country songwriters, but they were good.  Makenna loved it!!!!
Makenna is having a hard time with friends at church.  She is not wanting to attend because she does not have friends there.  At the ward swim party things were great until Caroline Parker showed up and then Makenna felt abandoned.  All the girls flocked to Caroline, leaving Makenna.  Any advice you can give her would be great.  She misses you more than anyone.
Makayla finally started her period.  Just Saturday she was all sad and gloomy because "EVERYONE else has, except me".  I told her I would remind her about that statement in year or two when she was cursing her period and wishing she never would have started.
Malynne, I love you.  I hope you are doing OK and keeping your spirits up.  Your last letter really concerned me.  I don't want you to miss home.  I want you to enjoy every minute you are there and soak in all the happiness and good feelings.  Love the work, love the people, love your calling!
I love you very much!
Love, Mom

PS:  Josh is going to the Chez

Malynnes reply:

WOW ha ha that's crazy! :) Connor is so funny! and yes I agree about Makayla...I would pretty much rather die. Mom, we will never not need you! I still need you and I am on my mission like in Wyoming! I love you very much! Don't worry about me I talked to President Mecham this week...had quite the little cry fest ha ha. It was good that I was able to talk with him. It has been a really crazy week, and I am going to send out a email with details. :) I LOVE YOU!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Do you need anything?  I am at work, so can't write back easily....did you get the package?  Do you the shirt?
Malynne:  I did get the package :) mmm jam! My compie thanks you as well! I love the letters! :) Yay!!!! I don't love the shirt though, it doesn't go with many of my skirts and I don't know how often I will wear it...sorry :( I feel bad! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This week was a little rough...Need more sleep and less stress.

This week was a little rough. Yeah, I just have had a hard week pretty much. We have had a lot of investigators drop us this week, and I am not incredibly hopeful about keeping the baptism date that we have scheduled for this Saturday. There were 3 days straight where we just taught the people we ate dinner with because people wouldn't let us in or they weren't home. The weekend started to get better and we were able to teach more people. :) A lot of the members here started talking about the missionaries 'slacking' they really like to talk and yesterday at church I had quite a few people come up to make sure that 'my heart was in the right place'. It is hard when people you love so much question you...and I am honestly not sure what we have done differently this week than I have done in the past. Sister lasson is more shy than Sister Davis was and so people are thinking that I'm not a good trainer because our lessons aren't as fluid as they used to be. She has only been out for 2 weeks so I am not worried, I just feel bad that people think that I am not trying. Last night I was so upset I was crying, and President Hopkin (the first counselor in the mission presidency) called to check up on us. I got to talk to him for a while and I just cried. Another big thing I think that was wrong was that I was exhausted so everything seemed worse than it was. Now that I have slept and can look back on the week I can see that there were definitely some good things happen, just I had some rough patches. MMM..conclusion, people need more sleep and less stress, and they should all try to be more like Christ and not set unattainable standards for other. :) Then the world would be perfect!
So...anyone know how to get rid of earwigs? Yeah our room is infested with them right now. We are trying everything that we possibly can to get rid of them. I know a lot of you won't believe me ha ha but my room is actually clean and there isn't a lot of stuff on the floor. Like a laundry basket and a chair and a desk and our beds. The earwigs are coming out of the walls though and Sister Averett said it is because we live in Lovell and we are living in a spot that just has lots of bugs. I feel like Moses hit his staff on the ground again and out came earwigs to plague us. Maybe we need to repent of something...:P Ha ha just kidding! We went nuts the other night and were up until 11:30, we moved everything and vacuumed everything and then we moved our beds back and sprayed permethrin along all the walls to try to kill them all. That worked, for like a day, and now they are everywhere again, we were doing laundry, and we have to have the vaccume ready to vaccume them all up when we shake them out of our is ridiculous! I hate earwigs! I am paranoid all the time...if I get an itch on my ankle I am sure there is a bug on me! So how do I get rid of them?!!!!!

We got to hold a baby pig this week though! :) I have never even seen one until this week, and they are so tiny and fuzzy and soft...when they get big they are super ugly, but they are soo cute as babies! :) We also went down this crazy road in our little car, we were bouncing everywhere ha ha and we were laughing so was wayyy more fun than it should've been! :) we got to go to Byron (a city right outside of Lovell) and watch fireworks again! ;) there were soo many people there and I got to see some of my favorite people from Burlington and from here in Lovell. It was weird though, ha ha I don't even know how to talk to normal people, I was walking through this massive crowd of people and there was all this music playing sooo loud and I just felt very out of place and then I saw some Elders a few feet away and I was like "Hey Elders!" and they came over and talked to us and they were like "I am so glad that you called us over because we dont' know how to talk to people anymore!" and then I cracked up and I was like "I just look for white shirts and I know I have found friends that I can actually talk to!" It was a super funny conversation because one of the Elders eyes were huge and he looked pretty scared! :P It was just weird to go to a normal social event like that...

We set a baptism date this was for an 8 year old that we have been teaching so it doesn't count as a convert baptism, but it was good. :) I am really glad that we get to teach her and that we get to be a part of her baptism!!!! We are probably going to set another 8 year old baptism this next week which will be good. :) I hope that we can set some baptism dates with our investigators and that we will be able to be here to see them get baptized. People keep reminding me of Abinadi who died before he saw success. I wish that I could see some, but I am sure that in time everyone I have been teaching will be able to be baptized.

I love Sister lasson my companion. We have lots of fun together, and I know that in time we will learn how to be great teachers together! :) Things will get better!!! Oh, but if you would like to write me (please write me) my address is 
335 Pennsylvania Ave.
Lovell Wy, 82431
I would love to get letters from everyone!!!!! 

I love you all very much! I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. Thanks for all the support you offer me and everything that you help me through, even my rough spots. Have a great week! I love you soo much!!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Monday, July 15, 2013

Student Loans and Dodgeball - Conversation with mom

Conversation with Malynne regarding Student Loan happened before this conversation.

Mom:  How are you.  I still have not mailed anything to you, I am HONESTLY going to do it today.  I am sorry that we are bad at sending mail.  I have not had any stamps.  Makayla has written you two letters and each of the kids have a post card for you.

Malynne:  YAY!!! :)  I am excited to get mail! 

Mom:  Is there anything you need?

Malynne:  Just lots of letters! :) I have had a rough week, I am writing a mass email so you can read it, but I really would love to hear from people at home.

Mom:  Put that little information in your email.  I send it to lots and lots of people that love you and care about you, all who would love to write to you.  Give them your immediate address.

Malynne:  Hey mom, who is Lala Garcia? Did you meet Lisabeth?!!! Do you have her address?!! I miss them so much adn I have no way to get in contact with them! :(

Mom:  Who is Lisabeth?  Lala Garcia is a new lady in our ward.

Malynne:  Oh, I was so excited...she is a lady that I met in Billings, and her family is one of my favorite people that I have met here on my mission. If you talk to Sister Letalu tell her that I really really want her address because she moved and I don't have her address and I miss her soo much! Her daughter Jasmyn was one of our baptisms in Billings.

k, I really gotta go but I love you very much! I will send you a letter this week too! :) Did you get Connor's birthday card?  We are having lunch with President Hopkin and we re going to meet him in Powell. 

Mom:  Malynne, I love you.  I keep you in my prayers and you are always in my thoughts.  I gotta go, you gotta go too.  Let me know what to do about your student loans.  LOVES LOVES LOVES

6 hours later

Malynne:  Same here I love you soo much mom! Hey if you are still there I would love it if you could send me that phone number for my student loans I talked with my mission presidency and I can take care of that myself if I have the number. :) 

Mom:  Malynne I am here.  I will work on it tomorrow and If I can't do it I will send you the number.  Just sent you a package.

Malynne:  Yay! :) I just played a crazy intense game of dodge ball and have welts all over my body! :) 

Makenna:  Hey Malynne it's Makenna!!!

Malynne:  Hey little sister I love you! :) 

Makenna:  Wait who did you play dodgeball with?????

Malynne:  We went to Powell and played dodgeball with all the other was more like a game called poison since it was like free for all, but it was super fun! I am worn out right now though! :P 

Makenna:  Meeeeee tooooo. I just had a galbladder thing and the test came back negative. And we learned that the pain for a galbladder attack isn't where the pain is when i have an attack. Ugh

Malynne:  hmmm well you might just have to have your internal organs removed sister! J.K. don't freak :) I didn't know you have been feeling sick! 

Makenna:  Lol. But theres another problem. The blood test they did came back and said there's a problem.
Malynne:  hmmm well I hope you figure it out! 

Mom:  So Makenna has been having some serious stomach issues.  Her blood work came back saying there is a problem and we were hoping that the ultrasound would confirm gall bladder, but it did not.  The pain should be on the right side, but her pain is on the left.  Since the doctor pushed on it for the ultrasound she has been in pain.  Not sure what is going on.  Keep her in your prayers please.  She has been SERIOUSLY sick!!!!

Malynne:  Hey mom, I'm on line right now I know that you're gone. I will keep Makenna in my prayers always I always do, but I will pray extra hard for her this time. I didn't find those papers I looked. President Hopkin said that his wife talked to you on the phone last night :) I am really glad that she did. I am going to try to contact a few of the numbers on that email reply thing that you sent me and see what happens there I love you very much I will try to jump on or let you know what happens through Pres. Hopkin or something. :) LOVES!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Earrings, Clothes and an Apology.

Malynne:  Hey are you there?

Mom:  (I sent a picture of our family vacation to Newport Beach).

Malynne:  MAKENNA IS WEARING MY EARRINGS IN THIS PICTURE! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! Oh, and who the heck is photo-bombing!?

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
Since you left your bedroom has become a smorgosborad of luxury to your sisters.  Their wardrobes have doubled and acessories, acessories, acessories......they love all the new accessories!

Malynne:  I hate that she is wearing my earrings! You can wear all my necklaces just leave my earrings alone is that not what I said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No earrings are their accessories please put them back!

About an hour later.

Mom:  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Si seniorita.  Six minutes then I gotta go!  Can they put my clothes back! I only have like 7 outfits out here and I would like to have all of the clothes that I left when I get home! They have plenty of clothes! I am soo upset about this you can't even respect me enough to leave my stuff alone when I leave?

5 Hours later.  

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you still there?
I wasn't there and this is the email Malynne sent.

Malynne:  Well, basically I am sorry I am a brat. I was really tired and I am sorry. I would really appreciate it if they would put my clothes back though. The earrings are alright, I just left a lot of my favorite clothes at home so that I could wear them when I got back, and I would like them to stay in my closet like I have imagined that they would. I am glad that you like the pictures! :) and sorry that the email malfunctions and sends like a million emails of the same thing. LOVES! 

Hello fambam!!!!!

I hope your vacation went well. :) I was thinking about you on the 4th of July when we were watching fireworks. I realized a little late that the fireworks that are illegal in Utah are totally legal in Wyoming, so that was embarrassing when someone shot one of those off and I start freaking out telling them that they were going to get in trouble when someone stopped me and asked "Tell me again where you're from Sister..." Yeah then I realized we were in Wyoming and it was all good...TEASING NEVER CEASES! :) It was funny though! Well, you might have gone swimming on the beach for the 4th of July...I went swimming too! yeah in 2 feet of water. It was a super hot day and then it was just torrential down pour like out of the blue. We were riding our vikes, and there was 2 feet of water and we couldn't ride them anymore. One of the bishops took pity on us and invited us inside just in time for the hail to start! Yeah crazy day. We ran around in the puddles with a bunch of kids in a less active family...not exactly the decorum of a missionary everyone is always pushing, but it really built the relationship with this family...and it was fun! So there. :) Yeah it was a crazy day. That night we got to go and watch a firework show, we had permission to stay out until 11 and so we went and saw the show in Cowley (a city just outside of Lovell) They were so close they were exploding over our heads and we were bending over backwards to see them. But, there was kind of a malfunction and a bunch of them exploded on the ground in rapid fire! It was crazy and we felt like we were being shot at! But it was really fun! :)

Well, other than it being the fourth of July we were able to teach a lot of less actives. We have been working with them, and I just don't know how to help some of them. Some of them are willing to come back to church, but there are a lot that just want nothing to do with it. They don't mind us coming over and sharing thoughts and stuff, they just aren't going to come back...sometimes I feel like I am not really doing anything. Like I work so hard, and then we just never work hard enough, there is always more than we can do. Yeah it is frustrating to say the least. 

We got a new investigator this week though! :) It is a young woman who is the band teacher at the high school. She wants to know about the church and why the youth in our church are so different from other people. It is super cool to see that there is such a great example there! :) Sometimes working in Lovell, I can imagine that this is what it would be like to work in Utah county as a missionary...and it is great! :) 

I am not really sure what else to report, we have just been working really hard. I am kind of fried right now, and I want a nap...GOOD THING IT'S P-DAY! :) I miss all of you so soo much this week. Like I have had waves of homesickness where I feel like I am going to be here forever, and then there are times when I am like "Wow I have made if 5 months already this is going so fast!" But yeah, like wave of homesickness now just emailing ha ha so I am going to get off as soon as I send some pictures home. :)  
I LOVE YOU SOO SOO MUCH!  I hope that you have a great week I can't wait to hear about all of your awesome adventures from California!!! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lovell Days and Rain

 Lovell Days
The Rain Came Down and the Floods Came Up!
...and our feet got wet!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lovell Days - Lovell, Wyoming

Subject: Lovell days!
Okay yeah so quite literally it was Lovell days this week. :) They have all of these fun activities all around. There is this awesome like food trailer kind of think that comes around, and they were here all week. It is called Hog heaven, and they always feed the missionaries for free. They have these awesome pulled pork sandwiches, and these awesome pulled pork burritos that I always get to eat! :) They had this other place that gave free kettle corn to missionaries as well. They had all of these things in the park and we were asked to help with a bunch of them. It was a really fun week to be here in Lovell! 
So Monday we spent in Cody actually we had a district P-day since our district is so spread out we save up miles so that we can get together on certain days. So we were in Cody and we hadn't gotten our transfer calls forever and everyone was kind of freaking out a little bit. But then we got calls so that was okay. Sister Davis headed up to Plains and Thompson Falls in Montana which is basically as close to Montana as you can get. And I get to stay here in Lovell! :) I am also training, but nobody told me who I was training I had a conference call on Wednesday where I would find out who I was training. 

Tuesday was a crazy day of packing because Sister Davis was leaving Tuesday night and then I was getting my new companion on Wednesday night so we had to go on exchanges so I had Sister Taylor as my companion for 24 hours. Anyway yeah we basically just packed all day on Tuesday and then went and said goodbye to those who we loved the most. Then we went to the church and waited forever for the transfer van to get there, so we got a little more time to say goodbye to everyone (well her, not me) Then Sister Taylor was my companion after that. 

Wednesday we had the conference call. There are 30 new missionaries training in our mission. So the trainers used to be able to talk to the people that they were training over the phone before, but now because there are so many they don't have time. The call lasted for about 2 hours and we were instructed on some things before and then he announced who was with who and where everyone was going. The only thing is that he forgot to tell Sister Taylor and Sister Christensen (The other sisters in Lovell) that they are training this transfer. Ha ha and he didn't say my new companions name into the phone so I didn't hear it. So basically everyone in Wyoming was freaking out because we didn't understand who our companions were kind of funny! :) But after that we went and we were able to teach a lesson to Chris and then we had another lesson at the church. Our stake president gave a book of mormon to someone he works with and she called and wanted to meet with us. So we met at the church with President Caldwell there. :) It was one of the most amazing restoration lessons I have ever had and I am excited to teach her about the plan of salvation! Then the transfer van finally came and I was able to meet the Sister I will be training! Her name is Sister Lasson and she is from Tennessee and she just  turned 19 in April. The youngest Sister in our mission officially, ha ha I am finally not the baby! :) She is awesome though! I love her and I am glad that she is my companion. 

Thursday I honestly don't remember much of ha ha. It was soo hot and the we were walking around contacting referrals and we were soo exhausted because it was just hot and yeah I really don't remember much though. :P

Friday was another day that was almost in the hundreds. We got up early though and went to help one of the members in our ward move across town. We did that for a solid 10 hours just packing up, hauling boxes and unpacking & repeat. We were soo exhausted after that, but we went home showered and studied. We were doing comp study and taking turns reading out of preach my gospel, and we both fell asleep for like 20 minutes and neither of us remembers falling asleep ha ha so that was really funny. :) Then we got to go to a carnival for Lovells days. The wards were in charge and we were asked to come and help. When we got there we were asked to help with face painting...ha ha you know my artistic abilities! Funny! But it ended up being really fun! 

Saturday morning we got to go and watch a parade. :) Every year they have a Lovells days parade that everyone and their cat and dog (literally) go to. We talked to everyone on the street (well almost everyone) and then we got to sit and watch the parade with the Zellers who are some of my most favorite people. As soon as the parade ended we ran into the queen bee (the zellers own it, it's a chocolate factory) and we got to work the taste testing day they have. They are always designing new chocolates and they have everyone come and taste them and rate them. It was some of the funnest service I ever did in my life! :) We spent the rest of the day teaching and contacting referrals and it was just a really great day! :) 

All in all this week was great! My companion is fantastic, and I still love it here with more than my whole heart. :P It is just y favorite place. The only thing that could make it better is maybe...colder water and cooler days. Other than that I can't complain because I am just soo blessed! Man I love being a missionary and seeing the blessings of the Lord around me every day!!! :) SOOOO HAPPY! and today I get to go to doesn't sound that exciting but trust is! It is like walking into Mecca! You feel so lost. But it is awesome and I am excited. 

Well I love you sooo soo soo much! I hope you have a fantastic week and can see the Lords hand in your life because it is there! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe