Monday, June 17, 2013

Slow Week - Lovell, WY

So, this week was kind of slow. Sister Davis was really sick and so we spent most of our time at home so that she could sleep and rest. I spent a lot of time by myself just studying. It is hard as a missionary to not go out and work because you think to yourself, "Who could I be teaching right now?" But then you feel bad because your companion is sick and you don't want to make them more sick. So there is just this weird balance that you have to find so you can A-keep your companion healthy and B-not go stark raving mad. But she is feeling better now so I hope that she doesn't get sick again.
Best part of this week...going to Billings! :) We had a mission tour so the east half of the mission met in Billings to have this huge meeting. Elder Arnold was there from the quorum of the 70. He is amazing! Seriously the best meeting I have ever been to in my life, and I have been to a lot of meetings! He talked about having the spirit and about how we can increase the spirit in our lives. He was an amazing speaker and he really kept everyone on their toes because he would just all of a sudden have the A.P's shove a microphone in your face and make you answer. :) Ha ha it was such a great meeting! We also had burgers for lunch...I love burgers! I wish we ate more of them...I am hungry. Can you tell? :) There was a really big storm and all of the lights went out and we continued the meeting in the dark. It is crazy how people can take anything and turn it into analogies. He took the lights going out to teach us and it was such an amazing powerful statement and it really helped me through this week. He said "Darkness will come. But don't give up. The light will come after the darkness. You will only make it to the light if you don't give up." It was so amazing because here we are like in complete darkness trying to procede with our meeting. We couldn't read our scriptures it was so dark, we couldn't stand up and move because we were nervous about running into things. We just were really lost in the darkness. But we knew where Elder Arnold was, we knew where our companions were, and we just had to listen through the darkness. It was an amazing meeting!
So we came back to Lovell from Billings (after hitting walmart of course...I never thought I could love walmart as much as I do. Walking into a walmart store is like walking into Narnia!) Anyway so we came back from Billings and my ears have been killing ever since. There is this constant ache in either one ear or the other. Thankfully not both at the same time, just one or the other. But I am waiting for them to depressurize and it is killing me! If there is anything that helps with ears hurting...please send it because I just can't handle it anymore.
The lady that we live with got sent to the hospital, she hasn't been feeling very well and she got dehydrated and they decided to keep her over night to help her feel better. Sister Davis and I kept trying to go up and see her, but we couldn't because of all of our appointments or because Sister Davis was super sick, and just one thing or another kept us away. But it ended up being a blessing because we were able to go up yesterday when another woman in our wards had been hospitalized and we got to sing to Sister Averett (who we live with) and then the other lady right down the hall, and it was good for everyone especially the people who worked at the hospital because they asked us to come and sing to them. So we did and they all cried and said they felt the spirit. I am so glad that the Lord has blessed me with my music, and that he has given me a companion who he has also blessed that way, because we have seen miracles come from music.
Speaking of music there is a woman in one of the wards who was giving away a guitar. So I called our district leaders and they gave me permission to go and get it. So I went and picked up this sweet guitar and an awesom thick case and I am able to take it with us when we go and sing to people. It has already brought amazing blessings to have it and we are excited to learn more hymns (since we only know I am a child of God right now). Then the next day someone heard that I play the violin and wanted to give me a violin to keep while I am here in Lovell. So we went and picked it up and we were able to play to her and then play for a couple of other people a little later on. We have been asked to sing in all of our wards and then a couple of wards we don't cover, but we have permission to perform there too. I only get to keep the guitar and violin until I get transferred, but I feel so blessed to have them right now. Sister Davis played the violin when she was younger, but hasn't played in a while so she is playing and remembering and I am helping her. We have also been given another guitar so that we can practice together. We generally have an hour before bed after planning and updating area books and we just have been practicing either the violin or the guitar for that hour every night. :) I love having Sister Davis as my companion and I love being able to have music with us! It makes me soo happy! :) I will have to send you a picture sometime soon of the two of us on our bikes ha ha! One of us has the guitar balanced so we can ride and hold it at the same time, and the other has the violin. We feel like we are in the sound of music! Froiline Erbe & Davis out to bring music to the world! Ha ha!
We got a call from a less active member who just had a change of heart and wants to come back to church. He wasn't even someone we were focusing on but we were excited to go and to teach him. We taught him the stop smoking program and he has completely stopped smoking and done everything that we have asked him to do. He also has been reading the book of mormon everyday and comes to church again. His ultimate goal is to go on a mission. He wants to be able to go through the temple and go on a mission in a year! :) He is getting ordained to the office of a preist in a couple of weeks since he has been working with his bishop. He asked that we come and see that happen. He actually goes to the singles ward in Powell, but he lives in Lovell so we get to teach him and the other sisters in Powell check up. But yeah we have permission to go down to Powell that day and see him ordained! I am so proud of him it is so exciting to see him change and come to Christ!
We also have been working with Kayla who I told you about earlier. She told us that she was reading a little bit of the book of mormon and we were thinking like 3rd chapter in Nephi maybe. NO! She opens the book to Jacob and was like "Sorry I didn't read very much." Oh my stars! She read a ton! Ha ha she is so funny! We were able to talk to her about Christ and about the plan of salvation. Then at the end of the lesson we asked if she would like to be baptized and she said "I have actually been thinking about it. Could I be baptized on July 24th?" Um...yes you can! Oh my goodness it was so cool I have never met somebody like her who wants to be baptized so bad. The only thing we are worried about is how her mom is going to take it when she asks about getting baptized because she has to have permission and she and her mom have not been getting along so great. But hey I think it will work out! :)
Well that is basically my entire week. I love you all very much!!!! thanks for being there for me and stuff! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. hey could you send me more stamps if you get a chance? Thanks! LOVES!

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