Monday, June 24, 2013

LAST WEEK OF TRANSFERS!!!!! Lovell, Wyoming

So, this last week was crazy. Sister Davis was still sick so we for the first part of the week. We have been in touch with the medical coordinator trying to see if we can go to the doctor because we have to get it cleared. The coordinator got it cleared, but still didn't really want to let her go. Finally we were both crying in frustration because she really just needed to go so badly because it was seriously affecting the work. So she finally told us that we could go on Friday. We went and we were able to get her checked up, and it turns out that she has tons of allergies that she didn't know about. They are still running tests, but they are able to get things rolling to find out everything. She has cut out a lot of the things that they told her to, and she is feeling a lot better so now we can go out and work all day instead of spending most of the time at home. Which is awesome. This next week I might ask if I can go to an ear doctor, they have been really bothering me. Not that I really think that it will really do much, but maybe they can give me some actual real medication that can maybe help. They are really hurting right now especially my left one...I got your oils though and have been puting it on, it helps for about the first hour until it wears off so I am thinking it will run out. Anyway, thanks soo much for the oils, they are awesome! :)
So I have told you about Chris, and how awesome he is. He invited his Brother to take the discussions with us, and his brother agreed. Then on Thursday he completed the stop smoking program, and he wanted to throw a party so he invited a bunch of his friends and us, and we watched 17 miracles. He invited his friend Sam, and he was asking all sorts of questions, and then he came to church yesterday! :) Chris is such an amazing missionary already! :) It makes me really happy! Oh and he called us last night and told us that he was able to meet with the bishop and get his temple recommend! :) He is going to the temple on Tuesday!!!! :) YAY!!! :) So basically he is awesome and it makes me really happy!
So we went to meet with one of our old investigators  Max (who I had never met) we took the guitar and the violin and we went over and we sang to him. He felt the spirit so much that he just cried! we answered some questions and then invited him to church. He told us that we were just to cute and that God has a  really great sense of humor because he can't say no to the Sisters. Ha ha so he told us that he would try as hard as he could to come to church. He got caught up and couldn't come, and then sent us the cutest message where he cried and told us that he was so sorry and that he loved us so much and that whenever he talks to us that he feels the spirit. He makes me so happy too.
I just love being in Lovell! Today is transfer day...the day our area gets split...and I don't know what is happening because we haven't been told yet. So I don't know if I will be in Lovell this next week, but I will hopefully hop on the email and write you and let you know what is up when I know. But nobody knows yet and it is driving me crazy! Anyway I hope I stay in Lovell for a couple more transfers with the people I love so much!
I love you all so much! Thanks for everything and all the packages and everything! I am just so happy here and I absolutely love being a missionary! :) I love the Lord and I love the scriptures and I love the beautiful people I serve with and around...LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
I also love you all so much! I hope you have a fantastic week and I hope you can recognize how merciful the Lord is everyday! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe :)

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