Monday, June 10, 2013

Hair Secrets - Conversation with Malynne, mom and Makayla

Mom:  Malynne, are you on? Kenna says you are!

Malynne:  yeah I'm on ha ha I wrote like a novell long email to Courtney so I am trying to catch up. she is having a hard time! She needs lots of love and encouragement!!!!!

Mom:  Oh daughter, are you there?

Malynne:  yes mom, I am here! I was replying to your girls weekend email! :)

Mom:  Just read it.  Nothing like being reprimended by my daughter!!!! :)  What about your hair?

Malynne:  Any time mom! :) Ha ha! My hair looks soo good! Sister Davis is the bomb and we started working on getting our hair healthy. I finally caved and bought prenatal vitamins (even though i feel like it is weird for a missionary to have those...) But I have been taking them, and my hair is finally curling properly and growing, and is soft and shiny again. :) I am excited about it!!

Mom:  BIG smile on my face!!!!

Malynne:  Ha ha soo glad! That is how I am feeling too! :) Seriously I have some sweet things to share with everyone when I come home to help their hair especially Makenna and Makayla! :) 

Mom:  What can we do to help Courtney?  Give me her email address please!

Malynne:  Send her a letter or something that will help her and encourage her. I will send you the email she sent to me so that you can know how to help her. :) 
Malynne sends mom the letter from Courtney

That's okay that you didn't send it! I've been really preoccupied. The rules here are kind of crazy. Like, we have to run outside 20 minutes every single day, if we even touch the beach we get sent home (which is fine by me, because I don't really need to go to the beach), we have to keep our shoes on when we do any planning or studying, stuff like that. So when I thought that President Baker was going to be a little strict, I was right.
We do these things called zone goals, and the one we started for this next month is called Date night with Barbie and Kent. And if we meet our weekly goals, we're on team kent, and we get to throw things at team barbie. And if we don't make our goals, we're on team barbie and we have to run for our lives. haha. Crazy, right?
We're doing something called white-washing (I don't know if that's what they call it in your mission), and it means that me and my companion are brand new to the area. So that's really, really hard. But I just need to work really hard.
This has been the hardest week of my entire life. We got to the mission home at 9:30 am Wednesday morning, and all I wanted to do was get right back on the plane and go home. I got to talk to my mom and dad and brothers, but I still just didn't want to be here.
We got assigned our temporary companions for the day after a little while, and then we were kicked out and had to go to work... I still didn't want to be there.
I was seriously not okay. All i wanted to do was cry. I got assigned to 2 companions and they were companions at the MTC and had already been companions for a transfer, so they were really close, and I felt really just weird. And when we were tracting, I wanted to kill myself. It was horrible.
So that night I think its easy to say that I didn't even realise I had fallen asleep until I woke up and my companions were praying... oops! And its a mission rule that we have to run 20 minutes every morning but sunday, so we got up and ran, and I still wanted to leave. And we got ready and I had it set in my mind that I was going to leave this place and never look back. I was going to have my interview with president baker, look him in the eye and say "I don't care what you say, I am going home."
But when we got to the mission office, I couldn't say it. I just asked him if it was going to get easier. And then he switched our companionship. Because our temporary companionships were temporary. Unless he felt like we were okay together. Which is crazy, because it was only my companionship and another that got changed. haha.
It was better the next day. I didn't feel as horrible, and same with the next day.
I keep having a little bit of those feelings right now, but I think its just because I'm worried. Did I mention that my companion and I are both new to the area? Yeah, that's also scary...
We'll figure something out, I know. But I have to work really hard to be able to do this. And If I want to love my mission, I have to work really hard.

Malynne, I love you. and I love you!
I have the picture you gave me on my nightstand, and I see it every night. I hope you are doing well. and I'm so excited for you and your TWENTY investigators! How cool is that! Have fun and I love you, love you, love you!!!!

Mom:  Malynne, I will write to Courtney later today.  I hope that things get better for her. I am so glad that you are happy and doing well.  I only put $20 in your account on the 1st.  Sorry, but we were very short on cash.  I will get all $50 in your account on Friday.  Do you need anything?  I can only talk for another minute or two, I need to get back to work (working from home).

Malynne:  that's okay. :) I need some better shoes. All my shoes are kind of flimsy and falling apart. I am going to Billings on Thursday for the mission tour and we might be able to stop at a store there or something and I can look at shoes. I will let you know next week if I am in dire need ha ha :) Thanks for writing Courtney! She really needs some help as you read. :) I love you soo much! have fun at work! :)

Mom:  Do you want basic flat shoes?  Can you wear sandals in the summer?  Size?  10?  Love you!!!

Malynne:  We can't wear sandals, and yeah I need sturdy flat shoes like a tan color that goes with everything, and I would love it if they had good arch support because of walking & riding everywhere. and yes a size 10 :)

Makayla:  FINALLY!!! IT'S MY TURN!! (Makayla)

Malynne:  Hey sup little Siztah!? :) 

Makayla:  At girls camp, I confessed in front of Bishop and Stake President that I've never spoken in church before, and now the Sunday after Father's day, I am.

Malynne:  Why would you do something like that? :) You better send me a copy of your talk! :0  Ha ha :) How did I know? :) How are you? How was girlscamp?  Did you have fun? Did you learn a lot about the gospel? Did your testimony grow?

Makayla responded, but conversation was lost.

Malynne:  I gotta go, so send me a letter and write it to me! Please!!!!! :) I love you very much! LOVES!

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