Monday, June 10, 2013

Girls Weekend

Dear Malynne,
I am working with Mindy this summer and I need to get to work.  I wanted to make sure and tell you a little about our girls weekend. First off, let me say how very thankful I am for my knowledge of the gospel.  A number of things happened in talking with Corene that solidified this thankfulness.  She had to answer David's question of why does God let bad things happen to good people.  She did not have an answer.  She told him that God does not let bad things happen, they just happen.  SOOOOO....thankful to know that we will be given trials and that this is the reason we are here on earth, to learn through our trials.
Girls weekend was good, nothing out of the ordinary except Makenna got to come....but.....Makenna sat and read 2 books the entire time, did not socialize or really interact.  I seriously wondered if bringing her was a good thing, but I am glad she came.
Kira and I had our little tiffs.....everything I said I wanted she wanted and when there was only one of a certain thing she would get mad at me if I would not let her have it.  BUT.....overall it was good.
How is your hair?  Please let it grow!  Your hair is beautiful and it is very attractive (to men).  Please let it grow!!!
Loved getting those pictures of you!
Miss you and can't wait to take you to girls weekend next year!
Love you,

Malynne:  Mom....Okay observation about girls weekend. Kira is your baby Sister. Ha ha you always got mad at me when I would be like "Why does she always have to do everything I do?!!!" You would always say "Because she is your sister and she looks up to you." Same deal with Kira. She might be a grown up, but she is still your younger sister and she still looks up to you a ton! So take it as a compliment! :) She loves you and wants to be like you that is why she wants everything that you want! Ha ha you are so silly mom! :) I feel bad Makenna didn't socialize, but it was probably good that she came with you and was able to just hang out with a girls weekend. It sounds like she needs things like that right now. I am also really blessed to have the gospel. I know it is true and it makes me happy. Mom I honestly don't know if I have ever been this happy before in my life. 6:30 Am...I will gladly jump out of bed. I will gladly ride my bikes 10 or so miles a day. I will gladly let huge dogs chase me down the street, and people slam the door in my face. I am learning what it truly means to be happy. Like completely happy where all bad things could happen, but you are so happy to the core and it just doesn't matter what happens or what is going to happen. :) I just love this gospel and we are so blessed to have it and be able to apply it every day in our lives! God allows 'bad' things to happen because he is refining us. you know what is only bad if you make it. God wants us to be happy and has given us the tools to be happy. Just hold tight to him!!! :)

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