Monday, June 3, 2013

Fastest week of my life......

This week...was fast. I seriously like don't even remember a lot of what happened. We were working so hard we were up at 6 every morning (30 minutes before we have to get up) and we were out of the house by 7 or 8 every day. We worked until about 10:30 every night and went to bed around 11:15, 11:30ish every night. We were with investigators all the time and barely had time to eat. We ran from lesson to lesson to lesson and it was just nuts! When I got here to Lovell the Sister right before me told me "Good luck I don't think you are going to find any work here." we have over 20 investigators and over 40 less active families that we are working with. One of them is taking a temple prep class and being prepared to be sealed in the temple with their family. We have seen so much progress and so many miracles! There is not any work? No, there is work everywhere you go, are you willing to work hard enough to find work? It has been a great week. :)
I don't know if you heard, but there were tornado warnings all over the state of Wyoming on Monday. We don't watch TV so we had no idea. The second counselor in the mission presidency wanted to take us out to lunch in Cody with his family and then to Walmart so we could go shopping. We were driving to Cody and he got a call from President Mecham and was told about the warning. We were driving into Cody where there were Tornado warnings. Needless to say the tornado missed Cody by about 50 miles and we got to go and have lunch and go to walmart :) YAY!  I never thought I could love Walmart as much as I do being a missionary. :P However we spent all day in Cody and came back and went straight to work. We didn't even get a P-day because we were answering phone calls and setting up appointments like every 20 minutes and talking to everyone and running errands. It was not the most relaxing P-day and we didn't even get hardly any of our laundry done. We had to stay up pretty late finishing that up.
Tuesday we had district meeting and then we went on exchanges. I went back to Burlington for a couple of days with Sister Wood (my previous companion & area.) I got to see all of the people in Burlington. I got to go and teach one of my investigators and it ended up being a really great lesson. I saw Jesse and his wife Faith he was the baptism that I had when I was in Burlington. I got to see how they were doing and it was great! :) We went to this cub scout meeting on Wednesday night because one of our investigators was there. There was a little boy named William who was talking to Sister Wood and I. He told us that he had just eaten some blue and green jello then he said "Guess what it tasted like." We were like " berry and green apple." then he was like " tasted like magic." HA HA we were laughing soo hard! It was good to go back to Burlington for a few days but I was incredibly happy to return to Lovell again.
Thursday I got sick...I am pretty sure it is just allergies though. I have a stuffy nose and my throat is sore and I cough a lot. Allergy season is hitting pretty hard up here so I wouldn't be surprised. Plus I was well enough to go out and to work all week with no fever or anything. So I am pretty sure it is just allergies. I am planning on getting some allergy medication today when we run to the store. :) Even though I wasn't feeling so great we ran from appointment to appointment to appointment all day. We taught about 8 lessons that day and that isn't including the hour we took for dinner, and the hour we spent singing tracting. (We sing like a million times a day! It is sweet!) Yeah we went to bed super late that night.
Friday again we were running from appointment to appointment. We were so crazy that we completely forgot about an apointment and had to reschedule for later next week. Life as a missionary never slows down. On Friday we were able to get a 2 new investigators and set up times to come back and teach them the plan of salvation next week. :) There are a lot of really exciting things happening in Lovell!
So Saturday we again went on splits with the Laurels and got to contact a bunch of referrals. Then we had an appointment with one of our harder investigators. We go to his house once a week and he likes to talk about how mean God is. He says that God doesn't love us because we sin and he is coming to the world to destroy the world. He doesn't believe that He has any sort of empathy for mankind. He believes in Jesus Christ though he just doesn't seem to understand that it is through Jesus Christ that we can be spiritually healed and that we can become clean. It gets frustrating and after being there for a little while is just makes our spirits hurt. I dont' like him talking about my Heavenly Father like that. And neither does Sister Davis! So we were teaching on Saturday night and he kept talking like that and we just couldn't say anything. Then all of a sudden Sister Davis was like "I NEED YOU TO STOP!" Seriously the spirit took over and she rebuked him with the words of God. I have never heard anything like it. Once she was done we just carried one with our lesson like it hadn't even happened. Sister Davis doesn't remember what she said. I remember more than she does but I don't remember everything, I just remember that it was soo powerful!
Yesterday was our crazy day at church. We spent the whole day there again. While we were there we were told that they are bringing in 2 more sets of missionaries to the Lovell Stake. Which means that we have to choose 2 of our 4 wards to give to the new Elders. How are we going to choose something like that? How do you decide which people to give up? It's like choosing children...Or as close as I know to choosing children. Ha ha. But seriously! We have about a week to choose which people and investigators will need us most and then we give the rest of them away to the Elders. I just hate making decisions like this...but at the same time I am glad that we get to make the decision because there are definitely people that we know that we need to keep. So yeah it is going to be hard, but we will be close so we can keep tabs on all of our investigators. which is nice.
Well the church is true. I know the Heavenly Father loves us and that he doesn't like us talking about him in a negative way. :) I have seen so many miracles and met so many people and I just absolutely love it here! I hope I get to stay here for a few more months! I love you all! Thanks for the letters this week they made me feel loads better about life! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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