Monday, June 3, 2013

Conversation with Makayla regarding girls camp.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there?

Makayla:  It's me, Makayla, mom is not here.

Malynne:  Is the pool up this year?

Makayla:  We're going to put it up next weekend. Girls camp is this week. So is girls weekend and mom and Kenna are both going to that. SO anyway, that is when we will all be here and then we can put up the pool. Dad got me a new bike yesterday!

Malynne:  Sweet is is pretty snazzy? 

Makayla:  It's not one of those cheap wal-mart bikes. It is from the bike barn, and it has a thingy on the front so i can stick a waterbottle in it. Snazzy is a good way to describe it. It is like a turqoise blue, and the seat is big, compared to the wal-mart seats, which makes the ride nice and comfortable. Something I've never seen on a bike was white tires, and guess what... IT HAS WHITE TIRES!

Malynne:   WHITE WALL TIRES LIKE ON CARS!!! :D  Sweet! How does it ride?
Mom:  Malynne, i am working with Mindy, at vinyl industries this summer.  Not tons, just here and there.  We meet Sister Letalu and she was going to come over this morning so you could chat.  How long vdo you have?  Should i call her and tell her you are online?

Malynne:  I have about an hour! :) That is good that you are going to be busy this summer! :0

Mom:  Where are you e-mailing us from? Is it like a library or one of the member's computers? I am curious about that right now.

Malynne:  I am at the library right now. I am wearing a yellow shirt and a blue skirt with tan shoes. My companion is sitting next to me. She is wearing a blue shirt and a pink skirt. :)

Makayla:  YAY!  Do you love her!? :) Oh yeah!!! :Your companion is Sister Davis, right?

Malynne:  Yep Sister Emma Davis. :)

Makayla:  Sister Letalu is sooooooooo cool!!! :-)  She was like the best ever! She totally sat and talked with us for about two hours! Guess what?

Malynne:  What?!

Makayla:   In front of Sister Letalu's house, there is a HUGE board with the outline of Montana and it says "Montana Billings Mission" and I took a picture, and now it's my phone screen saver!!!

Malynne:  Ha ha sweet :) I love it!


Malynne:  Sweet! I love her! :) She is awesome! Guess what! Sister Davis is awesome with hair and she has been a miracle worker with mine. When we bleached it it lost a lot of its curl pattern, but now the curl is back completely! :) It looks and feels great! She is awesome!

Makayla:  Sister Abbot doesn't get to come to girls camp with us! :'( 

Mom:  Why not?

Makayla:  She has to get surgery this week and when why asked her where and why she said "My insides" so we were all upset that she wouldn't get to come with us. The beehives were all upset that night.

Malynne:  I am sorry! But hey, girlscamp will be great anyways! 

Makayla:  Yep. Dad gets to come for the first two days. XD I am so excited for that, at least!

Malynne:  Why is dad coming?

Makayla:  Extra priesthood.

Malynne:  SWEET! That will be so fun! 

Makayla:  I have to go baby-sitting for Julia now. I love you SOOO much!! More letters are going to be sent this week! Love you tons!!! <3 <3 <3 Be safe!!!!

Malynne:  Love you too bye!

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