Monday, June 10, 2013

Amazing Week. - Lovell, Wyoming

HEY!!! :)
This week was absolutely amazing! We did our extended splits. (I took a young women as a companion and Sister Davis took a companion for 2 nights and 2 days.) We split our area so I covered 2 wards and Sister Davis covered 2 and we just divided and conquered! :) We had a challenge to contact all of our referrals this week. Well we contacted 72 referrals and got 63 more to contact this next coming week! I seriously can't believe how fast the work is progressing. But you know what I realized...I realized that missionaries can't do it. Honestly like I am only here for a month or 2 I mean however long I am here and then I am gone. We need members to help. Seriously think about it, if people went above and beyond their callings. If they went and visited all the widows and the people that are sick, If they invited non-members over for family home evenings or over for dinners, or if they went and visited a less active member and shared gospel topics with them...what would this world, and this work be like? If everyone stepped up? Gah! I seriously just would love to see it happen. Also people are scared of being a missionary..."perfect love casteth out all fear." Moroni said that. If we love God perfectly, if we love the people we serve perfectly, we won't be afraid of sharing the gospel anymore! :) Anyway...I am done ranting ha ha.

So I took the biggest ward with the most referrals and the smallest ward with the least referrals. Sister Madison Tippetts was my companion from Friday night to Saturday night and we just contacted referrals. then on Saturday it was our turn for the bikes. We had a member drive us out to rd. 18 which is probably a good 10 or so miles away from town. We just road our bikes all over that road and tried every house and then we went down the high way and did it again on rd. 16, 15, and 14. But then we still had a good 61/2 miles to go so we decided to just ride down the highway. Okay if you want to see funny tan lines, wait until I come home next summer! :) I have some pretty funny ones! They were burn lines until this morning ha ha! It was an awesome day. I hope we ride bikes more...even though my butt is bruised. Ha ha ! :) It felt good to ride that long and get so much accomplished.

I honestly truly love being a missionary with my whole soul. I never thought I would be this happy, or could love a perfect stranger this deeply. The gospel is true! I know it! I love it! and I love the chance that I have every day to go out and to share it with others! :) I love you all soo much, and pray for you every night! Be safe! I love you all!!! :) LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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