Monday, June 24, 2013

Official Verdict....Staying in Lovell as a Trainer

So I am officially staying here in Lovell! :) I am getting 4th and 5th wards (which I love!) and I am going to I don't know who my new companion will be I won't meet her till probably Wednesday night/Thursday morning. But I am excited it will be awesome! Our district is also getting split too, so we will have 2 districts in our zone instead of just 1 and the other Sisters who have been in 3rd ward are keeping 3rd, and my 2nd ward and loosing their other 3 wards. :) Sister Davis is heading up to Plains and Thompson falls and she is going to be there with an older missionary! :) Thinks are gret, and I am excited for the next coming weeks! :) LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH (still). LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

LAST WEEK OF TRANSFERS!!!!! Lovell, Wyoming

So, this last week was crazy. Sister Davis was still sick so we for the first part of the week. We have been in touch with the medical coordinator trying to see if we can go to the doctor because we have to get it cleared. The coordinator got it cleared, but still didn't really want to let her go. Finally we were both crying in frustration because she really just needed to go so badly because it was seriously affecting the work. So she finally told us that we could go on Friday. We went and we were able to get her checked up, and it turns out that she has tons of allergies that she didn't know about. They are still running tests, but they are able to get things rolling to find out everything. She has cut out a lot of the things that they told her to, and she is feeling a lot better so now we can go out and work all day instead of spending most of the time at home. Which is awesome. This next week I might ask if I can go to an ear doctor, they have been really bothering me. Not that I really think that it will really do much, but maybe they can give me some actual real medication that can maybe help. They are really hurting right now especially my left one...I got your oils though and have been puting it on, it helps for about the first hour until it wears off so I am thinking it will run out. Anyway, thanks soo much for the oils, they are awesome! :)
So I have told you about Chris, and how awesome he is. He invited his Brother to take the discussions with us, and his brother agreed. Then on Thursday he completed the stop smoking program, and he wanted to throw a party so he invited a bunch of his friends and us, and we watched 17 miracles. He invited his friend Sam, and he was asking all sorts of questions, and then he came to church yesterday! :) Chris is such an amazing missionary already! :) It makes me really happy! Oh and he called us last night and told us that he was able to meet with the bishop and get his temple recommend! :) He is going to the temple on Tuesday!!!! :) YAY!!! :) So basically he is awesome and it makes me really happy!
So we went to meet with one of our old investigators  Max (who I had never met) we took the guitar and the violin and we went over and we sang to him. He felt the spirit so much that he just cried! we answered some questions and then invited him to church. He told us that we were just to cute and that God has a  really great sense of humor because he can't say no to the Sisters. Ha ha so he told us that he would try as hard as he could to come to church. He got caught up and couldn't come, and then sent us the cutest message where he cried and told us that he was so sorry and that he loved us so much and that whenever he talks to us that he feels the spirit. He makes me so happy too.
I just love being in Lovell! Today is transfer day...the day our area gets split...and I don't know what is happening because we haven't been told yet. So I don't know if I will be in Lovell this next week, but I will hopefully hop on the email and write you and let you know what is up when I know. But nobody knows yet and it is driving me crazy! Anyway I hope I stay in Lovell for a couple more transfers with the people I love so much!
I love you all so much! Thanks for everything and all the packages and everything! I am just so happy here and I absolutely love being a missionary! :) I love the Lord and I love the scriptures and I love the beautiful people I serve with and around...LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
I also love you all so much! I hope you have a fantastic week and I hope you can recognize how merciful the Lord is everyday! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Find a Wyoming quarter now. Conversation with Makayla, mom and Malynne.

Makayla:  Malynne, are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep I am still here. :) What did you think of my letter?

Makayla:  Awesome. Remember the promise about the Montana Quater I gave you before you left?

Malynne:  Yeah I read it in your letter that you said that you found one! I am so excited to have it! :) Hey, you should find a Wyoming quarter now! :)

Makayla:  I forgot to tell you that when we went to Sister Letalu's house to meet her, there was this HUGE board made out of old fence pieces, and it had the outline of the State of Montana and in beautiful writing it said: Montana Billings Mission; so I took a picture of it with my cell phone, and now it's my screen saver so I CONSTANTLY THINK OF YOU! I thought about you a lot but then when it became my phone backround, every time I pick up my phone to text dad or my friends or something, I think of you!

Malynne:  I forgot to tell you that when we went to Sister Letalu's house to meet her, there was this HUGE board made out of old fence pieces, and it had the outline of the State of Montana and in beautiful writing it said: Montana Billings Mission; so I took a picture of it with my cell phone, and now it's my screen saver so I CONSTANTLY THINK OF YOU! I thought about you a lot but then when it became my phone backround, every time I pick up my phone to text dad or my friends or something, I think of you!

Makayla:  I don't want to say goodbye!

Malynne:  I said goobye last time! Ha ha! 

Mom:  Malynne I am on my way home.  Stay on for a few min.

Malynne:  I will stay on as long as I can. :) 

Mom:  Malynne,
I woke up this morning and thought "I have not written to Malynne, I need to do that".  Then the day began and I forgot.  I am sorry. Summer is crazy!!!!  When school is in I can come home, have a couple of hours to do what I need to do and that was when I would write to you.  I am sorry!!!!  Please do not feel forgotton!  I think of you all the time!

Malynne:  No it is okay! I got letters this week and I figured that everything was crazy! Don't worry!

Mom:  I know you need to go soon, but I want to know how you are doing?  Tell me about YOU, not the mission, not what you do, tell me about YOU!

Malynne:   This week was hard, my companion was sick. I had an amazing spiritual experience with Elder Arnold in Billings, then my high crashed and it was hard. I was really homesick and just not very happy. Then we worked hard and I didn't feel like I really accomplished anything. I decided to read the old testament and then after that read the new testament and then the doctrine & covanants just so I can be well versed. The old testament is hard and it is nice when I can take a break and read the Book of Mormon. I am really happy out here! :) Just some days are really really taxing and emotionally and physically exhausting and it makes me miss normal life at home when I could just sleep when I needed to or listen to music to help me relax or stuff like that. But then I am so happy I have time set aside to study the scriptures and to learn more about Heavenly Father. Missionaries walk a tight rope and if you fall to one side or the other it can not be good for you. Basically I just really miss you a lot and wish I could talk to you.

Mom:  So I am still waiting to hear about YOU!!!

Malynne:   Ha ha I told you about me! :) What all do you want to know... my favorite color is still yellow. I still love guacomole. I still miss listening to my music especially Ed Sheeran. I still interpretive dance around our apartment like a crazy person to Motab. I still love the Lord. I still love being a missionary. Ha ha 

Mom:  We will pray for Kayla's mom to accept her wishes to be baptized.  Are you eating well?  Are you healthy?  I will look up the doterra oils for you ears, stay there, I will let you know if anything you have will work.  Do you like the do terra oils?

Malynne:  es we are eating very well! :) We basically only eat fruit and vegetables. We get meat at dinner and stuff and the members feed us really well. :) I am healthy except for my ears being stupid right now. And yes I love the doterra oils I have been eaten alive by misquitos this week like seriously have like 30 misquito bites on my feet and I don't even want to count the ones on my legs. I need to use more heavy duty bug spray, if you are sending a package out soon that would be awesome! Ha ha :P I use the lavender for the bites though and it makes them stop itching and it's nice because my body itches super bad! :P

Mom:  Did I send you melaluca?  it says:  Never put oils directly into the ear canal.  Apply 1-2 drops on surface of the ear and behind the ear on the mastoid bone.  apply 1 drop of oil to small cotton ball and place over opening to ear canal (do not press into the ear canal).  Place 1 drop on a cotton swab, and swab around the ear canal.

Malynne:  Nope, I don't have Melaluca!!!  :)

Sent Malynne some pictures of Ben Judd, a missionary from our home ward.

Mom:  Thought you might want to see these too.

Malynne;  Oh Ben I love him! :)

Mom:  I am going to the do terra office today and picking up an oil called terra shield.  It is a bug spray type oil (I will learn how to use it and tell you, but in the mean time I will see about getting some good bug spray for you to use.  Stop eating milk and milk products.  Remember how it helped your ears when you stopped?  Good girl for using the Lavendar!!!!  Tell me when you need more!

Malynne:  Okay! :) I will let you know! And I don't eat milk products because my companion is dairy free and I don't really drink milk, just mostly peppermint water...because it tastes good. so yeah like I really don't have milk very often like once a week when we get free chocolate. Okay, well we gotta head out and finish our laundry and get some lunch. I love you very much mom! I will talk to you next week! LOVES!

Slow Week - Lovell, WY

So, this week was kind of slow. Sister Davis was really sick and so we spent most of our time at home so that she could sleep and rest. I spent a lot of time by myself just studying. It is hard as a missionary to not go out and work because you think to yourself, "Who could I be teaching right now?" But then you feel bad because your companion is sick and you don't want to make them more sick. So there is just this weird balance that you have to find so you can A-keep your companion healthy and B-not go stark raving mad. But she is feeling better now so I hope that she doesn't get sick again.
Best part of this week...going to Billings! :) We had a mission tour so the east half of the mission met in Billings to have this huge meeting. Elder Arnold was there from the quorum of the 70. He is amazing! Seriously the best meeting I have ever been to in my life, and I have been to a lot of meetings! He talked about having the spirit and about how we can increase the spirit in our lives. He was an amazing speaker and he really kept everyone on their toes because he would just all of a sudden have the A.P's shove a microphone in your face and make you answer. :) Ha ha it was such a great meeting! We also had burgers for lunch...I love burgers! I wish we ate more of them...I am hungry. Can you tell? :) There was a really big storm and all of the lights went out and we continued the meeting in the dark. It is crazy how people can take anything and turn it into analogies. He took the lights going out to teach us and it was such an amazing powerful statement and it really helped me through this week. He said "Darkness will come. But don't give up. The light will come after the darkness. You will only make it to the light if you don't give up." It was so amazing because here we are like in complete darkness trying to procede with our meeting. We couldn't read our scriptures it was so dark, we couldn't stand up and move because we were nervous about running into things. We just were really lost in the darkness. But we knew where Elder Arnold was, we knew where our companions were, and we just had to listen through the darkness. It was an amazing meeting!
So we came back to Lovell from Billings (after hitting walmart of course...I never thought I could love walmart as much as I do. Walking into a walmart store is like walking into Narnia!) Anyway so we came back from Billings and my ears have been killing ever since. There is this constant ache in either one ear or the other. Thankfully not both at the same time, just one or the other. But I am waiting for them to depressurize and it is killing me! If there is anything that helps with ears hurting...please send it because I just can't handle it anymore.
The lady that we live with got sent to the hospital, she hasn't been feeling very well and she got dehydrated and they decided to keep her over night to help her feel better. Sister Davis and I kept trying to go up and see her, but we couldn't because of all of our appointments or because Sister Davis was super sick, and just one thing or another kept us away. But it ended up being a blessing because we were able to go up yesterday when another woman in our wards had been hospitalized and we got to sing to Sister Averett (who we live with) and then the other lady right down the hall, and it was good for everyone especially the people who worked at the hospital because they asked us to come and sing to them. So we did and they all cried and said they felt the spirit. I am so glad that the Lord has blessed me with my music, and that he has given me a companion who he has also blessed that way, because we have seen miracles come from music.
Speaking of music there is a woman in one of the wards who was giving away a guitar. So I called our district leaders and they gave me permission to go and get it. So I went and picked up this sweet guitar and an awesom thick case and I am able to take it with us when we go and sing to people. It has already brought amazing blessings to have it and we are excited to learn more hymns (since we only know I am a child of God right now). Then the next day someone heard that I play the violin and wanted to give me a violin to keep while I am here in Lovell. So we went and picked it up and we were able to play to her and then play for a couple of other people a little later on. We have been asked to sing in all of our wards and then a couple of wards we don't cover, but we have permission to perform there too. I only get to keep the guitar and violin until I get transferred, but I feel so blessed to have them right now. Sister Davis played the violin when she was younger, but hasn't played in a while so she is playing and remembering and I am helping her. We have also been given another guitar so that we can practice together. We generally have an hour before bed after planning and updating area books and we just have been practicing either the violin or the guitar for that hour every night. :) I love having Sister Davis as my companion and I love being able to have music with us! It makes me soo happy! :) I will have to send you a picture sometime soon of the two of us on our bikes ha ha! One of us has the guitar balanced so we can ride and hold it at the same time, and the other has the violin. We feel like we are in the sound of music! Froiline Erbe & Davis out to bring music to the world! Ha ha!
We got a call from a less active member who just had a change of heart and wants to come back to church. He wasn't even someone we were focusing on but we were excited to go and to teach him. We taught him the stop smoking program and he has completely stopped smoking and done everything that we have asked him to do. He also has been reading the book of mormon everyday and comes to church again. His ultimate goal is to go on a mission. He wants to be able to go through the temple and go on a mission in a year! :) He is getting ordained to the office of a preist in a couple of weeks since he has been working with his bishop. He asked that we come and see that happen. He actually goes to the singles ward in Powell, but he lives in Lovell so we get to teach him and the other sisters in Powell check up. But yeah we have permission to go down to Powell that day and see him ordained! I am so proud of him it is so exciting to see him change and come to Christ!
We also have been working with Kayla who I told you about earlier. She told us that she was reading a little bit of the book of mormon and we were thinking like 3rd chapter in Nephi maybe. NO! She opens the book to Jacob and was like "Sorry I didn't read very much." Oh my stars! She read a ton! Ha ha she is so funny! We were able to talk to her about Christ and about the plan of salvation. Then at the end of the lesson we asked if she would like to be baptized and she said "I have actually been thinking about it. Could I be baptized on July 24th?" Um...yes you can! Oh my goodness it was so cool I have never met somebody like her who wants to be baptized so bad. The only thing we are worried about is how her mom is going to take it when she asks about getting baptized because she has to have permission and she and her mom have not been getting along so great. But hey I think it will work out! :)
Well that is basically my entire week. I love you all very much!!!! thanks for being there for me and stuff! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. hey could you send me more stamps if you get a chance? Thanks! LOVES!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hair Secrets - Conversation with Malynne, mom and Makayla

Mom:  Malynne, are you on? Kenna says you are!

Malynne:  yeah I'm on ha ha I wrote like a novell long email to Courtney so I am trying to catch up. she is having a hard time! She needs lots of love and encouragement!!!!!

Mom:  Oh daughter, are you there?

Malynne:  yes mom, I am here! I was replying to your girls weekend email! :)

Mom:  Just read it.  Nothing like being reprimended by my daughter!!!! :)  What about your hair?

Malynne:  Any time mom! :) Ha ha! My hair looks soo good! Sister Davis is the bomb and we started working on getting our hair healthy. I finally caved and bought prenatal vitamins (even though i feel like it is weird for a missionary to have those...) But I have been taking them, and my hair is finally curling properly and growing, and is soft and shiny again. :) I am excited about it!!

Mom:  BIG smile on my face!!!!

Malynne:  Ha ha soo glad! That is how I am feeling too! :) Seriously I have some sweet things to share with everyone when I come home to help their hair especially Makenna and Makayla! :) 

Mom:  What can we do to help Courtney?  Give me her email address please!

Malynne:  Send her a letter or something that will help her and encourage her. I will send you the email she sent to me so that you can know how to help her. :) 
Malynne sends mom the letter from Courtney

That's okay that you didn't send it! I've been really preoccupied. The rules here are kind of crazy. Like, we have to run outside 20 minutes every single day, if we even touch the beach we get sent home (which is fine by me, because I don't really need to go to the beach), we have to keep our shoes on when we do any planning or studying, stuff like that. So when I thought that President Baker was going to be a little strict, I was right.
We do these things called zone goals, and the one we started for this next month is called Date night with Barbie and Kent. And if we meet our weekly goals, we're on team kent, and we get to throw things at team barbie. And if we don't make our goals, we're on team barbie and we have to run for our lives. haha. Crazy, right?
We're doing something called white-washing (I don't know if that's what they call it in your mission), and it means that me and my companion are brand new to the area. So that's really, really hard. But I just need to work really hard.
This has been the hardest week of my entire life. We got to the mission home at 9:30 am Wednesday morning, and all I wanted to do was get right back on the plane and go home. I got to talk to my mom and dad and brothers, but I still just didn't want to be here.
We got assigned our temporary companions for the day after a little while, and then we were kicked out and had to go to work... I still didn't want to be there.
I was seriously not okay. All i wanted to do was cry. I got assigned to 2 companions and they were companions at the MTC and had already been companions for a transfer, so they were really close, and I felt really just weird. And when we were tracting, I wanted to kill myself. It was horrible.
So that night I think its easy to say that I didn't even realise I had fallen asleep until I woke up and my companions were praying... oops! And its a mission rule that we have to run 20 minutes every morning but sunday, so we got up and ran, and I still wanted to leave. And we got ready and I had it set in my mind that I was going to leave this place and never look back. I was going to have my interview with president baker, look him in the eye and say "I don't care what you say, I am going home."
But when we got to the mission office, I couldn't say it. I just asked him if it was going to get easier. And then he switched our companionship. Because our temporary companionships were temporary. Unless he felt like we were okay together. Which is crazy, because it was only my companionship and another that got changed. haha.
It was better the next day. I didn't feel as horrible, and same with the next day.
I keep having a little bit of those feelings right now, but I think its just because I'm worried. Did I mention that my companion and I are both new to the area? Yeah, that's also scary...
We'll figure something out, I know. But I have to work really hard to be able to do this. And If I want to love my mission, I have to work really hard.

Malynne, I love you. and I love you!
I have the picture you gave me on my nightstand, and I see it every night. I hope you are doing well. and I'm so excited for you and your TWENTY investigators! How cool is that! Have fun and I love you, love you, love you!!!!

Mom:  Malynne, I will write to Courtney later today.  I hope that things get better for her. I am so glad that you are happy and doing well.  I only put $20 in your account on the 1st.  Sorry, but we were very short on cash.  I will get all $50 in your account on Friday.  Do you need anything?  I can only talk for another minute or two, I need to get back to work (working from home).

Malynne:  that's okay. :) I need some better shoes. All my shoes are kind of flimsy and falling apart. I am going to Billings on Thursday for the mission tour and we might be able to stop at a store there or something and I can look at shoes. I will let you know next week if I am in dire need ha ha :) Thanks for writing Courtney! She really needs some help as you read. :) I love you soo much! have fun at work! :)

Mom:  Do you want basic flat shoes?  Can you wear sandals in the summer?  Size?  10?  Love you!!!

Malynne:  We can't wear sandals, and yeah I need sturdy flat shoes like a tan color that goes with everything, and I would love it if they had good arch support because of walking & riding everywhere. and yes a size 10 :)

Makayla:  FINALLY!!! IT'S MY TURN!! (Makayla)

Malynne:  Hey sup little Siztah!? :) 

Makayla:  At girls camp, I confessed in front of Bishop and Stake President that I've never spoken in church before, and now the Sunday after Father's day, I am.

Malynne:  Why would you do something like that? :) You better send me a copy of your talk! :0  Ha ha :) How did I know? :) How are you? How was girlscamp?  Did you have fun? Did you learn a lot about the gospel? Did your testimony grow?

Makayla responded, but conversation was lost.

Malynne:  I gotta go, so send me a letter and write it to me! Please!!!!! :) I love you very much! LOVES!

Amazing Week. - Lovell, Wyoming

HEY!!! :)
This week was absolutely amazing! We did our extended splits. (I took a young women as a companion and Sister Davis took a companion for 2 nights and 2 days.) We split our area so I covered 2 wards and Sister Davis covered 2 and we just divided and conquered! :) We had a challenge to contact all of our referrals this week. Well we contacted 72 referrals and got 63 more to contact this next coming week! I seriously can't believe how fast the work is progressing. But you know what I realized...I realized that missionaries can't do it. Honestly like I am only here for a month or 2 I mean however long I am here and then I am gone. We need members to help. Seriously think about it, if people went above and beyond their callings. If they went and visited all the widows and the people that are sick, If they invited non-members over for family home evenings or over for dinners, or if they went and visited a less active member and shared gospel topics with them...what would this world, and this work be like? If everyone stepped up? Gah! I seriously just would love to see it happen. Also people are scared of being a missionary..."perfect love casteth out all fear." Moroni said that. If we love God perfectly, if we love the people we serve perfectly, we won't be afraid of sharing the gospel anymore! :) Anyway...I am done ranting ha ha.

So I took the biggest ward with the most referrals and the smallest ward with the least referrals. Sister Madison Tippetts was my companion from Friday night to Saturday night and we just contacted referrals. then on Saturday it was our turn for the bikes. We had a member drive us out to rd. 18 which is probably a good 10 or so miles away from town. We just road our bikes all over that road and tried every house and then we went down the high way and did it again on rd. 16, 15, and 14. But then we still had a good 61/2 miles to go so we decided to just ride down the highway. Okay if you want to see funny tan lines, wait until I come home next summer! :) I have some pretty funny ones! They were burn lines until this morning ha ha! It was an awesome day. I hope we ride bikes more...even though my butt is bruised. Ha ha ! :) It felt good to ride that long and get so much accomplished.

I honestly truly love being a missionary with my whole soul. I never thought I would be this happy, or could love a perfect stranger this deeply. The gospel is true! I know it! I love it! and I love the chance that I have every day to go out and to share it with others! :) I love you all soo much, and pray for you every night! Be safe! I love you all!!! :) LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Girls Weekend

Dear Malynne,
I am working with Mindy this summer and I need to get to work.  I wanted to make sure and tell you a little about our girls weekend. First off, let me say how very thankful I am for my knowledge of the gospel.  A number of things happened in talking with Corene that solidified this thankfulness.  She had to answer David's question of why does God let bad things happen to good people.  She did not have an answer.  She told him that God does not let bad things happen, they just happen.  SOOOOO....thankful to know that we will be given trials and that this is the reason we are here on earth, to learn through our trials.
Girls weekend was good, nothing out of the ordinary except Makenna got to come....but.....Makenna sat and read 2 books the entire time, did not socialize or really interact.  I seriously wondered if bringing her was a good thing, but I am glad she came.
Kira and I had our little tiffs.....everything I said I wanted she wanted and when there was only one of a certain thing she would get mad at me if I would not let her have it.  BUT.....overall it was good.
How is your hair?  Please let it grow!  Your hair is beautiful and it is very attractive (to men).  Please let it grow!!!
Loved getting those pictures of you!
Miss you and can't wait to take you to girls weekend next year!
Love you,

Malynne:  Mom....Okay observation about girls weekend. Kira is your baby Sister. Ha ha you always got mad at me when I would be like "Why does she always have to do everything I do?!!!" You would always say "Because she is your sister and she looks up to you." Same deal with Kira. She might be a grown up, but she is still your younger sister and she still looks up to you a ton! So take it as a compliment! :) She loves you and wants to be like you that is why she wants everything that you want! Ha ha you are so silly mom! :) I feel bad Makenna didn't socialize, but it was probably good that she came with you and was able to just hang out with a girls weekend. It sounds like she needs things like that right now. I am also really blessed to have the gospel. I know it is true and it makes me happy. Mom I honestly don't know if I have ever been this happy before in my life. 6:30 Am...I will gladly jump out of bed. I will gladly ride my bikes 10 or so miles a day. I will gladly let huge dogs chase me down the street, and people slam the door in my face. I am learning what it truly means to be happy. Like completely happy where all bad things could happen, but you are so happy to the core and it just doesn't matter what happens or what is going to happen. :) I just love this gospel and we are so blessed to have it and be able to apply it every day in our lives! God allows 'bad' things to happen because he is refining us. you know what is only bad if you make it. God wants us to be happy and has given us the tools to be happy. Just hold tight to him!!! :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Conversation with Makayla regarding girls camp.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there?

Makayla:  It's me, Makayla, mom is not here.

Malynne:  Is the pool up this year?

Makayla:  We're going to put it up next weekend. Girls camp is this week. So is girls weekend and mom and Kenna are both going to that. SO anyway, that is when we will all be here and then we can put up the pool. Dad got me a new bike yesterday!

Malynne:  Sweet is is pretty snazzy? 

Makayla:  It's not one of those cheap wal-mart bikes. It is from the bike barn, and it has a thingy on the front so i can stick a waterbottle in it. Snazzy is a good way to describe it. It is like a turqoise blue, and the seat is big, compared to the wal-mart seats, which makes the ride nice and comfortable. Something I've never seen on a bike was white tires, and guess what... IT HAS WHITE TIRES!

Malynne:   WHITE WALL TIRES LIKE ON CARS!!! :D  Sweet! How does it ride?
Mom:  Malynne, i am working with Mindy, at vinyl industries this summer.  Not tons, just here and there.  We meet Sister Letalu and she was going to come over this morning so you could chat.  How long vdo you have?  Should i call her and tell her you are online?

Malynne:  I have about an hour! :) That is good that you are going to be busy this summer! :0

Mom:  Where are you e-mailing us from? Is it like a library or one of the member's computers? I am curious about that right now.

Malynne:  I am at the library right now. I am wearing a yellow shirt and a blue skirt with tan shoes. My companion is sitting next to me. She is wearing a blue shirt and a pink skirt. :)

Makayla:  YAY!  Do you love her!? :) Oh yeah!!! :Your companion is Sister Davis, right?

Malynne:  Yep Sister Emma Davis. :)

Makayla:  Sister Letalu is sooooooooo cool!!! :-)  She was like the best ever! She totally sat and talked with us for about two hours! Guess what?

Malynne:  What?!

Makayla:   In front of Sister Letalu's house, there is a HUGE board with the outline of Montana and it says "Montana Billings Mission" and I took a picture, and now it's my phone screen saver!!!

Malynne:  Ha ha sweet :) I love it!


Malynne:  Sweet! I love her! :) She is awesome! Guess what! Sister Davis is awesome with hair and she has been a miracle worker with mine. When we bleached it it lost a lot of its curl pattern, but now the curl is back completely! :) It looks and feels great! She is awesome!

Makayla:  Sister Abbot doesn't get to come to girls camp with us! :'( 

Mom:  Why not?

Makayla:  She has to get surgery this week and when why asked her where and why she said "My insides" so we were all upset that she wouldn't get to come with us. The beehives were all upset that night.

Malynne:  I am sorry! But hey, girlscamp will be great anyways! 

Makayla:  Yep. Dad gets to come for the first two days. XD I am so excited for that, at least!

Malynne:  Why is dad coming?

Makayla:  Extra priesthood.

Malynne:  SWEET! That will be so fun! 

Makayla:  I have to go baby-sitting for Julia now. I love you SOOO much!! More letters are going to be sent this week! Love you tons!!! <3 <3 <3 Be safe!!!!

Malynne:  Love you too bye!

Fastest week of my life......

This week...was fast. I seriously like don't even remember a lot of what happened. We were working so hard we were up at 6 every morning (30 minutes before we have to get up) and we were out of the house by 7 or 8 every day. We worked until about 10:30 every night and went to bed around 11:15, 11:30ish every night. We were with investigators all the time and barely had time to eat. We ran from lesson to lesson to lesson and it was just nuts! When I got here to Lovell the Sister right before me told me "Good luck I don't think you are going to find any work here." we have over 20 investigators and over 40 less active families that we are working with. One of them is taking a temple prep class and being prepared to be sealed in the temple with their family. We have seen so much progress and so many miracles! There is not any work? No, there is work everywhere you go, are you willing to work hard enough to find work? It has been a great week. :)
I don't know if you heard, but there were tornado warnings all over the state of Wyoming on Monday. We don't watch TV so we had no idea. The second counselor in the mission presidency wanted to take us out to lunch in Cody with his family and then to Walmart so we could go shopping. We were driving to Cody and he got a call from President Mecham and was told about the warning. We were driving into Cody where there were Tornado warnings. Needless to say the tornado missed Cody by about 50 miles and we got to go and have lunch and go to walmart :) YAY!  I never thought I could love Walmart as much as I do being a missionary. :P However we spent all day in Cody and came back and went straight to work. We didn't even get a P-day because we were answering phone calls and setting up appointments like every 20 minutes and talking to everyone and running errands. It was not the most relaxing P-day and we didn't even get hardly any of our laundry done. We had to stay up pretty late finishing that up.
Tuesday we had district meeting and then we went on exchanges. I went back to Burlington for a couple of days with Sister Wood (my previous companion & area.) I got to see all of the people in Burlington. I got to go and teach one of my investigators and it ended up being a really great lesson. I saw Jesse and his wife Faith he was the baptism that I had when I was in Burlington. I got to see how they were doing and it was great! :) We went to this cub scout meeting on Wednesday night because one of our investigators was there. There was a little boy named William who was talking to Sister Wood and I. He told us that he had just eaten some blue and green jello then he said "Guess what it tasted like." We were like " berry and green apple." then he was like " tasted like magic." HA HA we were laughing soo hard! It was good to go back to Burlington for a few days but I was incredibly happy to return to Lovell again.
Thursday I got sick...I am pretty sure it is just allergies though. I have a stuffy nose and my throat is sore and I cough a lot. Allergy season is hitting pretty hard up here so I wouldn't be surprised. Plus I was well enough to go out and to work all week with no fever or anything. So I am pretty sure it is just allergies. I am planning on getting some allergy medication today when we run to the store. :) Even though I wasn't feeling so great we ran from appointment to appointment to appointment all day. We taught about 8 lessons that day and that isn't including the hour we took for dinner, and the hour we spent singing tracting. (We sing like a million times a day! It is sweet!) Yeah we went to bed super late that night.
Friday again we were running from appointment to appointment. We were so crazy that we completely forgot about an apointment and had to reschedule for later next week. Life as a missionary never slows down. On Friday we were able to get a 2 new investigators and set up times to come back and teach them the plan of salvation next week. :) There are a lot of really exciting things happening in Lovell!
So Saturday we again went on splits with the Laurels and got to contact a bunch of referrals. Then we had an appointment with one of our harder investigators. We go to his house once a week and he likes to talk about how mean God is. He says that God doesn't love us because we sin and he is coming to the world to destroy the world. He doesn't believe that He has any sort of empathy for mankind. He believes in Jesus Christ though he just doesn't seem to understand that it is through Jesus Christ that we can be spiritually healed and that we can become clean. It gets frustrating and after being there for a little while is just makes our spirits hurt. I dont' like him talking about my Heavenly Father like that. And neither does Sister Davis! So we were teaching on Saturday night and he kept talking like that and we just couldn't say anything. Then all of a sudden Sister Davis was like "I NEED YOU TO STOP!" Seriously the spirit took over and she rebuked him with the words of God. I have never heard anything like it. Once she was done we just carried one with our lesson like it hadn't even happened. Sister Davis doesn't remember what she said. I remember more than she does but I don't remember everything, I just remember that it was soo powerful!
Yesterday was our crazy day at church. We spent the whole day there again. While we were there we were told that they are bringing in 2 more sets of missionaries to the Lovell Stake. Which means that we have to choose 2 of our 4 wards to give to the new Elders. How are we going to choose something like that? How do you decide which people to give up? It's like choosing children...Or as close as I know to choosing children. Ha ha. But seriously! We have about a week to choose which people and investigators will need us most and then we give the rest of them away to the Elders. I just hate making decisions like this...but at the same time I am glad that we get to make the decision because there are definitely people that we know that we need to keep. So yeah it is going to be hard, but we will be close so we can keep tabs on all of our investigators. which is nice.
Well the church is true. I know the Heavenly Father loves us and that he doesn't like us talking about him in a negative way. :) I have seen so many miracles and met so many people and I just absolutely love it here! I hope I get to stay here for a few more months! I love you all! Thanks for the letters this week they made me feel loads better about life! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe