Monday, May 20, 2013

Lot's of work to do in Lovell. I love it here!!!

Soo......I love it here in Lovell. I knew as soon as I got here that this was truly the area that our Heavenly Father wants me to be in. :) I love the people here already. I think when you are in the right area in the right time, you just connect with the people that are there. So Sister Davis is awesome! When we met we both thought that we were the most fake rudest people, but then we started talking and learned that we actually have tons in common and the opportunity to have a really awesome powerful companionship. What have I learned from all this? I love everyone, and I should stop judging people all the time. Yes I have a lot to learn I know...
Anyway ha ha so Sister Davis's previous companion went home for health reasons, so for an entire transfer basically they weren't able to go out and work. They kept collecting new referrals and people to go and see, but couldn't do anything about it. There is a lot of youth out here who are excited to go out and to be missionaries and get involved in missionary work. Except the missionaries here couldn't really do anything to help out at all because they were too sick. Sister Davis spent most of her time at home studying for the entire last transfer (which was her first transfer out.) So needless to say when I got here there was a few months worth of work to do and to accomplish in a short period of time. So we had like 50+ referrals to contact this week it was nuts!
So work started as soon as I got here which is new because usually we take the rest of the night to unpack...but not here. So we went out and met a lot of less actives and we to teach some investigators and stuff. The next day the real work began. We had tons of lessons lined up. We visited tons of our investigators and visited a few referrals and it was a really good productive day. The next day some of our appointments canceled and we just said a prayer to help us to get to see the people that we are really mean to see that day. We went and there was a member who was praying that we would come and visit her that day to answer some questions that she had. It just so happened that we were looking for a referral and we were able to knock on her door and meet with her because we were tracting the apartment building. We got to go in and to teach her and answer her questions. We were walking down the street and just felt really inspired to go and visit one of our newly reactivated members. We stopped by, and her daughter Keylmynie was there and we were able to go and to teach her and add her to our investigator pool. :) We did some service the next day and just helped restore a house, I was ripping out carpet painting vacumming up all of the dust and dirt that you could possibly imagine and hauling boards for like 5 hours. We were pretty darn exhausted. We had dinner with one of our Bishops that night and we were able to present a really awesome idea that we had. :) Ready for it.....We are going to do what we call extended splits! :D We are each going to take a young woman for 2 nights and 2 days and they are going to live with us and we are going to treat them as our companions and they will live missionary schedule and learn what it will really be like! :D We presented it to him and got it cleared through the mission president and so now we are going to be able to do it. There are still a few kinks that we need to work out, but I am really excited! This is going to be a wonderful way to get the youth involved in the work here and excited about missionary work in general.Yay I am soo excited! :D
On Saturday we decided that it was going to be our day to contact referrals and so we called the young women and we went on splits. We split up the wards, I took 1st and 2nd wards and Sister Davis took 4th and 5th wards and we just divided and conquered. We were able to contact 17 referrals through out the entire day! :) I have never gotten that much work done in an entire week let alone one day! :) I am really excited about going out with the young women it will help the entire town come closer together and with missionary work....I am just excited to see the miracles that flow from it.
So in total we were able to add 5 new investigators to our teaching pool, and contact 25+ referrals this week. :) Except that we got like 57 referrals to replace the ones that we contacted, but hey it is just more work for us to do to help further the work and get members involved. We taught like 30 lessons this week as well! :D I absolutely love Lovell! I really truly know that this is where the Lord wants me to be and I really think I will be here for the next few months at least 2 transfers! :D I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
I love you all soo much! I can't wait to get letters from you all! I hope you have a great week! LOVES! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe <3 

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